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v2com, the international newswire specializing in the distribution of design, architecture and lifestyle press kits to the media
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Do you have a new project or product you would like to unveil? Do you have an event or some news you would like to share with the media?
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Take advantage of efficient and affordable distribution services to promote, in words and pictures, your achievements to the media. v2com has one of the largest international networks of specialized and general media.
They publish
Journalists publish their articles based on press materials available on v2com, considered to be a reliable source of quality information. The media take advantage of free and secure access to easily and quickly download your projects and news.
Client Sign in
— Thanks to v2com's professionalism and network of contacts, our projects acquired higher visibility across the web and have been published in magazines in Italy, Korea, Ecuador, etc. Moreover it’s a cool gang. Working with v2com is to connect with the world.
Charles Côté, Architect, Co-President & Co-Founder
MU Architecture
— v2com is a fully integrated platform capturing the latest innovative interiors, architectural gems and public interventions news. The resources provide vibrant images and rich descriptions, easing the process most web- and print-based editors go through on a daily basis. Cutting the middle-man out, v2com stays up-to-date.
Adrian Madlener, Web Editor
Frame Magazine
The Netherlands