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v2com, the international newswire specializing in the distribution of design, architecture and lifestyle press kits to the media
Who we are
v2com, an international newswire
v2com, a Canadian company
v2com, a multidisciplinary team
Our story.
Our mission.
v2com was founded in 2008 by Pierre Bélanger, Julie Payette and their team to facilitate the discovery of design news and offer a quick and efficient affordable tool for the media, at very affordable costs for the clients.

Pierre Bélanger, artistic director and architectural technologist, and Julie Payette, international media relations specialist in design, cumulate respectively more than twenty years of experience in creating marketing tools for design and architecture professionals and promoting their projects and products.

In order to alleviate the distribution process of press kits including high-resolution images to the media, give them access to a ready-for-publication design news platform and fill a newswire gap in our fields, Pierre Bélanger conceived v2com, the first international newswire specializing in design, architecture and lifestyle.

For the last six years, the team has used this tool for its own press relations and for clients who are looking to promote their news without press relations. Today, due to v2com's growing reputation and the marked media popularity for this unique platform, the team has decided to devote themselves entirely to the development of this service worldwide.

Julie Payette dedicated her whole career to promoting architecture and design talents around the world. With vigour, enthusiasm and the support from her communications team, she is now focused on developing v2com and expand its media and professional network as well as increase its internationality. Pierre Bélanger is responsible for v2com's technical development: he analyses, creates and innovates. He sees to it that the platform runs smoothly and continuously invests in research and development to ensure top quality service.

Already considered a key reference for thousands of media and professionals around the world, v2com continues to grow consistently and is dedicated to always offering you a service tailored to your needs, in response to social and technological evolutions.
Our values
A company’s values make it possible to understand the organization’s true identity, beyond history and statistics. Values are complementary to our mission and objectives, and are reflected in the way each team member acts every day, as well as in our decision making.

Here are our three core values.
Building a better world
Respect, Responsability, Environment, Humanity, Equity, Creativity, Innovation

We believe that design and architecture are noble, useful areas of expertise that can help improve people’s quality of life while protecting our planet. Sustainable development and respect for the environment are core personal and professional concerns for every member of our team. We wish to contribute in building a better world and we want to support any individual, company or organization sharing the same goal.

Every project or product that distinguishes itself in a significant way through its sustainable, environment-friendly character will receive a 10% discount on a distribution package. This offer is permanent.

We are also proud to support, through several partnerships, humanitarian causes, non-profit organizations and foundations working toward a sustainable future. We invite environmental organizations connected to the architecture and design fields to approach us with partnership proposals.
Emotion, beyond the tangible
Emotion, Sensibility, Inspiration, Passion, Enthusiasm, Positive Energy

Do emotion and work mix? At v2com, we certainly do! The team members all have tremendous enthusiasm for their work, and a deep passion for the design, architecture and lifestyle fields.

We are always on the lookout for projects that excite us, whether through a cultural diversity element, poetic lighting, the textures of the materials used, magical imagery, innovation or originality, so that we can share our excitement and inspiration with media around the world. We also have a real emotional investment in our clients’ promotional impact, the relevance of their news and the usefulness of our newswire for journalists. That is why we are exploring new avenues, developing new tools and always seeking to improve the quality of our media network.
the most beautiful colour of all
Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Transparency, Communication, Freedom of Expression

Loyalty and integrity are fundamental to the way v2com does business. We invest in honest, transparent communication among colleagues and with our clients, media and partners. We support freedom of expression, the sharing of opinions and the negotiation of ideas in an open, trusting environment.

Giving clients the respect and transparency they deserve leads to solid relationships, consistently high quality work and the best possible results.
Pierre Bélanger Partner and Co-Founder | Chief Innovation Officer
Julie Payette Partner and Co-Founder | Business Development & Public Relations
Pénélope Fortin Public Relations & Communications
Anke Schneider Public Relations & Communications
Pieter Valk v2com Agent | Netherlands
Alexandra Novo v2com Agent | Portugal
Angie Zootherapist