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Become a v2com affiliated agent
Type of offer: Affiliated agent
Remuneration: Commission
Workplace: Candidate’s country of residence
Territory: Candidate’s country of residence and network

Sector: International distribution of design, architecture, and lifestyle press kits to the media.
Participate in v2com’s growth
Due to the constantly expanding success of v2com and in the interest of broadening our client base, increasing our international range, and drawing a greater number of media outlets, it is now essential to have affiliated agents around the world. Receiving support and a solid foundation from the head office, the affiliated agent will increase the company’s reach by using a local approach in interaction with their clients and in relation with their network of contacts.
Job description
Using promotional material supplied by v2com, the affiliated agent makes use of their professional network and solicits their existing clients as well as reaching out to new clients with the purpose of selling v2com’s distribution services. Compensated in the form of sales commissions, the agent will be free to integrate these new duties into their current activities.
Description of duties
  • Present and sell the various distribution packages
  • Gather the information necessary for billing purposes
  • Obtain and verify the material needed to prepare the press kit
  • Assist the client in building their press kit
  • Follow up with the client following distribution
Requirements and skills sought
  • Experience in one of the following sectors: public relations, sales, marketing, communications, design, architecture and lifestyle
  • Excellent mastery of the mother tongue, both written and spoken; knowledge of other languages an asset
  • Good mastery of English and/or French to be able to communicate with head office on a regular basis
  • Outgoing and dynamic
  • Well organised and independent
  • Knowledge of and interest in architecture, design and lifestyle
About Us
v2com is the first international newswire specializing in the distribution of design, architecture and lifestyle press kits to the media. Acting as intermediary, v2com is committed to offering efficient distribution services for companies to increase their visibility and a customised tool for the media to create their articles.

v2com has one of the largest international networks of specialized media and of design, architecture and lifestyle professionals. We ensure a constant update of information in addition to meeting the ever-growing demand of new media.
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