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v2com, the international newswire specializing in the distribution of design, architecture and lifestyle press kits to the media
A complementary tool
When you combine distribution of your clients’ press kits on v2com, with your press relations or communications campaigns, you will significantly increase their media coverage to generate the greatest possible returns.
A source for the media
Journalists can take advantage of free and secure access to easily and quickly download press material to create their articles. You can control media access to press kits by using the publication restriction or embargo options.
An international network
With more than 55,000 contacts and 5,500 publications, v2com has one of the largest international networks of journalists and professionals in design.
Receive automatic alerts each time materials are downloaded, including contact information for the journalist, allowing you to do a personal follow-up.
— I have used v2com on a couple of occasions now and found the service and the team extremely helpful. Uploading material to v2com is very easy and there is always someone on hand to help with any questions. v2com has a very comprehensive list of international journalists that has not only led to great coverage but also to new relationships between Caro Communications and different publications. I would definitely recommend v2com to any other communications agency.
Jordan Lewis, Press Officer
Caro Communications
United Kingdom
Control releases with v2com’s publication restriction and embargo options.
Why use v2com?
  • Join a network of more than 55,000 journalists and design professionals and more than 5,500 specialized publications.

  • Benefit from the convergence effect of different news items on a single platform that draws numerous new journalists every day.

  • Take your effectiveness to the next level by obtaining fast and easy results that enhance those of your own operations.

  • Control releases with v2com’s publication restriction and embargo options.

  • Receive instant notifications of journalists' publishing interests with automated alerts for each download including the journalist's contact information.

  • Benefit from having your news sent only to a list of targeted media based on areas of interest.

  • Use the v2com platform to send the press kit, attractively laid out, to your own contacts. Your contacts remain confidential, for your exclusive use. 

  • Receive additional visibility through our newsletter, sent to 55,000 journalists and professionals, and through our social media presence.

  • Profit from powerful v2com indexing on different search engines.

  • Take advantage of cross-promotion with multi-distribution packages combined with reservation of online advertising space.
— v2com is a hugely valuable resource for showcasing new creative studios and firms around the globe. As the Editor of Azure magazine, I am always searching for the latest innovations in architectural and design, and v2com has become one of my top go-to sites for sourcing new projects.
Catherine Osborne, Azure Magazine
Azure Magazine
In addition to high visibility on v2com, benefit from distribution of your news via our targeted e-mailings to the media, our newsletter, and our social networks.
— Collaborating with v2com has been essential in helping us spread our clients’ message within a very impressive database of international editors. I recommend v2com to all my clients, as an external and efficient support to our communications efforts and find these connections valuable in increasing exposure for our clients’ projects.
Elizabeth Encinas, PR and Owner
Monforte Creative
United Kingdom