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Cuisines Steam

Steam Montreal design

Montreal, Canada, 20-10-2014 -

At Cuisines Steam, ingenuity and craftsmanship are always at the helm of the design process. Each tailor-made kitchen stems from a desire to fully respect the individual context and continually push design limits in order to achieve a seamless integration into the home.


“With every kitchen that we manufacture, we strive to offer the highest caliber of design as well as the best quality materials and detailing. We are constantly

searching for new technologies and materials in order to create the most unique and the most functional environments for our clients.”


This kitchen is no exception. Every detail was researched and thought through in order to offer a functional and tidy space with a dash of excitement and surprise. The folding and sliding door mechanism offers up a hidden counter to store and use small

appliances. The interior of this section is finished in wood veneer in order to create a contrast with the light-colored exterior. In so doing, this section emanates a warm and welcoming feeling when it is open and offers up a dual life to the otherwise sleek



The materials in this kitchen have been chosen for their durability, nobility and originality. The metal fabric used on the pantry doors, for example, is removable to allow for quick cleaning and was chosen for its rustic yet industrial appeal. A mix of

wood, lacquer, metal and glass work together to create a soft palette that is ultimately elegant and polished.


“We toyed with the idea of blocks when designing this kitchen. Each zone is individually configured with its own metal base and can be installed as desired. They

act as a independent pieces yet they work together to assemble the larger puzzle.”

The butcher block ties in this idea as it fits precisely on the edge of the island and visually anchors it in place. The backsplash behind the stovetop is enclosed within a metal frame, much like a painting. In this way, it becomes highlighted and visually links the fan with the cabinets so the cooking zone is read as a whole.


« It is the small details that make great kitchens »


Driven by its motto, Cuisines Steam has been steadily sustaining its remarkable quality since 2000. Their custom made kitchens are carfelly handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans with a honed sense of precision and detail. Designers, woodworkers

and installers unite, and through their respective specialities and talents offer a product that reprensents the creativity and effervescence of Montreal. Backed by a strong sense of tradition and craftsmanship, Cuisines Steam’s main intention is to

respectully promote each kitchen’s place as the heart of the home.


Localisation : Montréal

Responsable du projet : Brigitte Boulanger

Superficie du projet : 173 sq. ft.

Date finalisation du projet :Autumn 2014

Photographe : Mario Dubreuil

Contact média : Brigitte Boulanger


Pinterest.com/ cuisinesteam


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