Dossier de presse no. 685-10

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Dossier de presse - Communiqué de presse - A Shock wave will pass by CEA - Cooperation and Emergency Architects

Dossier de presse | no. 685-10

A Shock wave will pass by CEA

Montréal, Canada

Cooperation and Emergency Architects


Montréal, Canada, 15-11-2012 -  We invite you to our Christmas 2012 fundraiser night, a cocktail dinner with entertainment for the benefit of Cooperation and Emergency Architects, on December 4th of this year at 5:30 pm at the Cabaret du Mile-End. Come and celebrate with us the Governor General’s Medal for our Kitcisakik Project which reminds us that the most fundamental aspect of architecture is to transform and enhance human life and thus, help us to pursue our support to the native communities of Quebec and our actions in Haiti.

During the evening, you will taste the delicate flavors of Crudessence, a cuisine which makes us discover the alive food in all its magnificence; a healthy choice which contributes to the greater welfare of the planet. We shall later vibrate on the waves of Stefie Shock and his accompanist Amélie Mandeville.

Be part of the fun, come in large numbers, share your ideals, meet the actors of Cooperation and Emergency Architects and exchange on the new projects of CEA, in Haiti (schools, orphanage, professionals' training, etc.), in Quebec and elsewhere.
Invite your friends and therefore, contribute to support CEA and the great causes of this World.

Tuesday December 4, 2012 at 5:30 P.M.
Cabaret du Mile-End
(A Solidarity Coop),
5240, du Parc
- Welcome cocktail
- Dinner cocktail from Crudessence
- Tête-à-tête Stefie Shock show with Amélie Mandeville accompanist
- Networking activity
- Door prizes

Price :
Non-member - $150
Regular Member - $125
Student/Intern/Volunteer Member - $75
Show only - $40

A receipt will be emited for the donation portion of your contribution

By your tickets on line or fill in the form via our Web site.

To build a better World !

- 30 -

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