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Dossier de presse - Communiqué de presse - Doggy Bathroom: Anytime, On Their Own - Doggy Bathroom

Dossier de presse | no. 3904-01

Doggy Bathroom: Anytime, On Their Own

Montréal, Canada

Doggy Bathroom

The only indoor potty solution for small breeds including males who lift their leg.

Montréal, Canada, 24-01-2019 - 

The Doggy Bathroom, which is being launched by Canadian designer Alain Courchesne, is the only indoor potty solution that efficiently works for small dogs and is stylish enough to blend seamlessly with any decor. The Montreal-based startup recently launched pre-sales on Kickstarter after its much anticipated reveal at SuperZoo Expo in Las Vegas in June 2018, and since then has been garnering worldwide attention. 

Courchesne, with the help of his 3-year-old Italian Greyhound @Sterling514, paired up to create an innovative solution for male dogs who lift their leg: integrate a vertical pee pad. Although the Doggy Bathroom was designed with males in mind, female dogs can call the Doggy Bathroom their own too. The Doggy Bathroom also creates independence between owners and their pets. 

The Doggy Bathroom is an elegant rectangular plastic enclosure that holds pee pads horizontally and vertically so that a small dog (20lb. or less) can fully extend his leg in order to pee and/or eliminate solid waste. This product is designed to be indoors but can also be placed outdoors in a covered area. The Doggy Bathroom can be used as a potty-training device, as a seasonal solution for small breeds who cannot withstand the cold winters, or as a permanent solution for senior dogs who can’t make it outside in time. It’s also ideal for travel and hotels or cottages.

The closed environment is comfortable and makes dogs feel safe and secure, all while offering visual privacy for pet owners.

“We are very excited to share our own little brainchild in hopes of reaching dog owners who are as passionate about animals as we are,” said owner Alain Courchesne. “Our goal is to encourage dog ownership because we believe a well-balanced life includes man's best friend.”

Made entirely of 100% antibacterial plastic, the patent-pending Doggy Bathroom and its accessories will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting January 24th until March 14th. The Doggy Bathroom will also offer subscription packages to have the biodegradable pee pads delivered directly on a monthly basis.

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Doggy Bathroom
Crédit vidéo : ©Mélanie Busière
Dossier de presse | 3904-01 - Communiqué de presse | Doggy Bathroom: Anytime, On Their Own - Doggy Bathroom - Produit - Crédit photo : ©Mélanie Bussière
Crédit photo : ©Mélanie Bussière

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Dossier de presse | 3904-01 - Communiqué de presse | Doggy Bathroom: Anytime, On Their Own - Doggy Bathroom - Produit - Crédit photo : ©Mélanie Bussière<br>
Crédit photo : ©Mélanie Bussière

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