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Dossier de presse - Communiqué de presse - The best of Portugal -

Dossier de presse | no. 1736-01

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The best of Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Portugal does it better

Porto, Portugal, 26-05-2015 - 

by-PT is a place for hedonists who appreciate local idiosyncrasies and believe that true luxury is in the authenticity inherent to culture and know-how of a nation.

by-PT is a new online platform that sells high quality products produced or created in Portugal, carefully selected by design, quality of manufacturing, honest production, durability. All of them reflecting the contemporary Portuguese culture.

Paula Resende, engineer, 35, Rosa Cantante, architect, 36, and Eliana Almeida, manager, 39 years old, got together to create the greatest international showcase of Portuguese products.

"Many years ago I had this idea and wanted to launch a project of this kind, because we have fabulous high quality Portuguese products that are not as well-known as they deserve", says Paula Resende.



by-PT values distinction, honesty and 'glocality' - thinks globally and acts locally. Its aim is to promote Portuguese expertise established over generations along with bold creativity as a way to inspire authentic experiences.


by-PT offers a diverse collection of articles organized by categories including homeware, fashion and accessories for men and women, stationary, gourmet and beauty products. From iconic brands to emerging talents, all products carry a single story full of Portuguese soul.

In few months, more than 50 brands joined the project.

"A lot of people tell us that this was what was missing: a way to get "out there", to make themselves known to the world," says Paula Resende. "And there are so many young artists, authors of magnificent pieces that are not known because they are just beginning and have no financial resources to invest in promotion”, Paula adds.

Among other brands by-PT represents the historical porcelain brand Vista Alegre; Ptah, a revolutionary line of natural cosmetics produced by the celebrity makeup artist Fábio Gomes; Guava shoes produced by Portuguese artisans and designed by Inês Caleiro, designer who worked with Jimmy Choo and was awarded by the London College of Fashion; Boca do Lobo, who has conquered the international market, positioning itself as an irreverent and seductive luxury brand, recently chosen to decorate the apartment of the protagonist in the movie '50 shades of Grey'.



We are demanding, cosmopolitan and passionate. We love to travel and we are curious about other cultures. We care about aesthetic details and high quality, we are inspired by timelessness, meaningful moments, and simple pleasures.

From Portugal to the world, by-PT created a style and designed a vision to celebrate memory and creativity.

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Dossier de presse | 1736-01 - Communiqué de presse | The best of Portugal - - Art de vivre - The Best of Portugal - Crédit photo : Wonder Storytellers
The Best of Portugal
Crédit photo : Wonder Storytellers

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