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Dossier de presse - Communiqué de presse - NEEZO Studios Releases State-of-the-Art Architectural Animation for The WestGate Luxury Condominiums in Alabama - NEEZO Studios

Dossier de presse | no. 3301-01

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NEEZO Studios Releases State-of-the-Art Architectural Animation for The WestGate Luxury Condominiums in Alabama

Tuscaloosa, États-Unis

NEEZO Studios

The Canadian studio was nominated in early 2018 to develop a highly-detailed showcase of the pre-construction condominium against a backdrop of Tuscaloosa football pride

Toronto, Canada, 19-06-2018 - 

NEEZO Studios, a leading creative studio and architectural visualization firm, today unveiled the exclusive rendering animation for The WestGate Luxury Condominiums, located directly beside Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. The studio was selected for the project among North American contenders based on their recognized ability to create technically-advanced 3D animations from the earliest concept to final production, while using an exceptional design aesthetic to tell the unique story behind the new residential development.


From scripting and storyboarding, camera angles and colouration, and lighting the interior and exterior shots, NEEZO Studios was given complete creative liberty over the WestGate animation. Nearly every frame of the sequence is produced in 3D animation. Wide shots are layered with location-based drone footage to showcase the vastness of the landscape and the grandeur of the stadium.


“The WestGate project was a distinct opportunity to flex our studio’s creative and storytelling muscles while using the best of current 3D technology to produce a finished product that accurately captures the true essence of the building and the neighbourhood for prospective buyers,” said Marvin Maalouf, Founder and CEO, NEEZO Studios.


Using advanced 3D architectural rendering techniques to recreate the building based on plans provided by the developer, viewers are taken through a series of units from angles above and below, including a sweeping fully-furnished view across the 5,000 square foot rooftop terrace. In each shot with a visible external window, areas of the stadium property can be seen clearly, further emphasizing the true proximity to the game-day action.


"Neezo empowered us to tell the story of WestGate in a way that directly connects with our buyers," said Pete Farris, Director of Marketing for WestGate. "Every aspect, from the music selection, the pace, and the imagery builds excitement and anticipation for the building as we start construction. We are delivering an all-new tailgating experience to Alabama Football fans, and NEEZO's expertise reflects that vision in every part of the animation." 


The property is developed by Spectrum Capital. The animation and renderings by NEEZO Studios will be used as part of the sales package for WestGate. View the full WestGate animation here:


About NEEZO Studios

NEEZO Studios is an award-winning creative studio and architectural visualization firm specializing in 3D animation, virtual reality, and interactive content for film studios and television, real estate, retail and automotive clients. Through the latest innovations in 3D art and technology, paired with our storytelling and aesthetic strengths, we create end-to-end digital solutions.


Our extensive suite of services includes conceptualization and storyboarding, advanced 3D animation and photorealistic renderings, visual effects, motion graphics, multimedia presentations, product visualization, detailed architectural scale models, virtual and augmented reality, interactive kiosks and real-time interactive applications.


Called upon by some of the world’s most discerning clients in architecture, real estate, retail, automotive, advertising and film and TV production, our studio has built an award-winning portfolio that spans the globe.


Founded in 2005 and based in Mississauga, Ontario, nestled between Toronto  Pearson  International   Airport  and  downtown  Toronto, NEEZO Studios houses one of the industry’s most expansive rendering farms and employs a fearless staff of 40+ passionate innovators, ensuring we honour our commitment to produce our projects in-house. For more information, visit or follow and Twitter/Instagram @NeezoStudios. 

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Crédit vidéo : NEEZO Studios
Dossier de presse | 3301-01 - Communiqué de presse | NEEZO Studios Releases State-of-the-Art Architectural Animation for The WestGate Luxury Condominiums in Alabama - NEEZO Studios - Design multimédia - Crédit photo : NEEZO Studios
Crédit photo : NEEZO Studios

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