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Newsroom - Press release - The CCA Presents "Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City". - Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

The CCA Presents "Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City".


Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

Montréal, Canada, 2017-10-23
Montréal, Canada, 2017-10-23 -

Until 4 March 2018, the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) presents Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City, an exhibition curated by Phyllis Lambert that reveals her deep attachment to Greystone buildings. This interest gave rise to a vast research project initiated more than forty years ago. It is an in-depth study of the history of these buildings from the 17th to the beginning of the 20...

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Newsroom - Press release - Designer Troy Smith Embodies the Spirit of Autotelic Art - Troy Smith Designs
A v2com exclusive

Designer Troy Smith Embodies the Spirit of Autotelic Art


Troy Smith Designs

Toronto, Canada, 2017-10-23

Troy Smith Designs Look Book 2017

Toronto, Canada, 2017-10-23 -

Colourful, eclectic, a modern day Renaissance man. Many descriptors have been attributed to the man and his work. However, like every piece in his creative collections, Canadian artist and designer Troy Smith is one-of-a-kind. The work of the self-taught visionary is bold, unique and edgy, drawing inspiration from his own life experiences and surroundings to create timeless statement pieces that feature...

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Newsroom - Press release - Body Factory - BFDO Architects
A v2com exclusive

Body Factory


BFDO Architects

Brooklyn, United States, 2017-10-23
Brooklyn, United States, 2017-10-23 -

A dramatically-lit, eye-catching retail space for  Dermalogica, an award-winning skincare line, leads to a series of closed, private therapy rooms in back. The retail space is a tall faceted enclosure of triangular panels surfaced in troweled concrete, visible to passers-by through storefront windows. The panels are illuminated indirectly by LED tape lights in the gaps between them. Floors are polished co...

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Newsroom - Press release - The Caveman - Tiago do Vale Architects
A v2com exclusive

The Caveman


Tiago do Vale Architects

Braga, Portugal, 2017-10-23

A Tribute to Materiality

Braga, Portugal, 2017-10-23 -

Having as a starting point a shoe store built in the late ’90s, this new commercial space—which targets a very specific (and demanding) market with a wide range of products—required a project designed to have great flexibility in the presentation of the products, generate a space with a strong, recognizable and repeatable image, while achieving it at a very low cost.

The pre-existent dryw...

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Newsroom - Press release - Microsoft House - DEGW/Lombardini22

Microsoft House



Milano, Italy, 2017-10-23

DEGW has created a mix of "100% made-in-Italy" interior spaces for Microsoft inside Herzog & de Meuron’s iconic building, all designed in accordance with the firm’s corporate values: openness, visibility, flexibility, energy, dynamism and innovation.

Milano, Italy, 2017-10-23 -

DEGW’s project is part of a process Microsoft Italia has been undertaking for years in the name of a “New World of Work”, an approach to the dynamics of work that involves greater staff flexibility in terms of smart working and the use of functional and technologically innovative spaces to maximise cooperation. Well-being and the reconciling of personal and professional requirements are the linchpin around...