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Newsroom - Press release - Architecture School - STARH
A v2com exclusive

Architecture School



Varna, Bulgaria, 2017-12-14 -

The road to knowledge and enlightenment is tough, meandering and full of obstacles. The aim of the project is to create a metaphor of this process, with its zigzag floor plans, as well as the inclined roof, resembling the difficulties one embraces while walking this road.

The building is functionally divided throughout its height. The first floor is more public-oriented, with the airy entrance foyer, th...

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Newsroom - Press release - Prinzi - Cotignola, Staricco, Tobler 



Cotignola, Staricco, Tobler 

Montevideo, Uruguay, 2017-12-13

An office between warehouses

Montevideo, Uruguay, 2017-12-13 -

The office functions as an element that connects and structures the compound of warehouses and sheds that are property of Prinzi S.A.

The project was commissioned by a firm engaged in the import and export of products for the meat packing industry, which wanted to relocate its offices to its distribution center set in the traditional “La Comercial” neighborhood of Montevideo, Uruguay. Thi...

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Newsroom - Press release - Mortuary Chapel for the Soriano-Manzanet Family - Vegas&Mileto

Mortuary Chapel for the Soriano-Manzanet Family



València, Spain, 2017-12-12
València, Spain, 2017-12-12 -

This vault was designed by architects Fernando Vegas and Camilla Mileto and executed by Salvador Gomis under the supervision of Salvador Tomás. It was created as a tribute both to the region’s rich ceramic-making tradition and to the characteristic tile vault technique, historically widespread throughout the East of Spain.

This technique was disseminated by Valencian architect Rafael Guastavino...

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Newsroom - Press release - Headfoneshop - Batay-Csorba Architects



Batay-Csorba Architects

Toronto, Canada, 2017-12-12
Toronto, Canada, 2017-12-12 -

Headfoneshop is a 300 sq ft  retail fit out for high-end headphones, earphones, amps and audio accessories. Located on the main floor of a 42-story mixed use tower with direct subway access to Toronto’s Yonge and Sheppard station.


The owner, a passionate audio expert, challenges the typical retail store experience of focusing solely on the product and efficiency of the transaction for max...

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Newsroom - Press release - The New Larose Guyon Studio - Larose Guyon
A v2com exclusive

The New Larose Guyon Studio


Larose Guyon

Verchères, Canada, 2017-12-12

An exclusive tour of Larose Guyon’s magical and poetic world of lighting design

Verchères, Canada, 2017-12-12 -

The new Larose Guyon studio in Verchères, a picturesque village on the banks of the St. Lawrence River near Montreal, has a special energy. A look inside the new space – a place to create, a place to live.


The studio

Tucked away in a quiet village neighbourhood, the Larose Guyon lighting design studio includes a machining and assembly shop, a kitchen big enough for the whole team and a playroom for visit...