The v2com team:
a labour of love

Meet a team with a passion for architecture and design. We are all dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients, media and partners.

Pierre Bélanger Partner and Co-Founder | Chief Innovation Officer

Pierre Bélanger

Partner and Co-Founder | Chief Innovation Officer

An analyst, creator and innovator, Pierre is responsible for v2com’s business development, drawing upon an extensive multi-disciplinary background in architecture, photography, graphic and industrial design. His strong analytical faculties and insatiable curiosity drive his quest to identify the latest trends and technological advancements, while investing in research and development to ensure that v2com delivers the highest quality service, via a platform that runs smoothly and continuously.

Pierre likes: Wine, his Triple Black BMW, ‘Ruby on Rails’ and vegetables...but just a little bit.

Languages spoken: French, English

Julie Payette Partner and Co-Founder | Business Development

Julie Payette

Partner and Co-Founder | Business Development

Julie has dedicated her entire 30-year career to promoting architecture, design projects and products around the world. As an international media relations specialist in design, she has developed an important network of journalists in architecture, design and lifestyle. With an impressive track record behind her, Julie remains focused on the highest standards of design and is determined to lead v2com in its relentless pursuit of quality projects and the most promising young talent internationally.

Julie likes: Her dog and running mate, Angie, motorcycle trips, Japanese butoh dance, yoga and vegetables…a lot.

Languages spoken: English, French

Pénélope Fortin Public Relations & Communications

Pénélope Fortin

Public Relations & Communications

Since earning a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Université de Montréal in 2008, Pénélope has pursued her lifelong passion for design and architecture through her work behind the scenes of the industry. She began her career in event production, working as a project manager for design trade shows and design awards/competitions. Pénélope joined the v2com team in 2013, infusing creativity, meticulous attention to detail and infectious enthusiasm into her role as head of media relations and communications.

Pénélope likes: spectacular landscapes, cultural diversity, pineapple and champagne, laughing out loud.

Languages spoken: English, French

Meridalba Muñoz Bravo  Business Development, Hispanic Market

Meridalba Muñoz Bravo 

Business Development, Hispanic Market

An architect with a doctorate in the theory and history of architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Meridalba has worked as both an architect and as a professor of the history of architecture for more than 30 years. Her sensitivity to the specificities of Latin American countries and her passion for buildings and cities, both individually and as articulated, meaningful wholes, inspired her to focus her research in this area. She has published extensively on the topic, highlighting the particular values and undeniable, and rather controversial, modern identity of Venezuelan and Latin American architecture. She has served as a juror for art exhibitions and as an editor for architecture and history magazines.

As well as appreciating architecture, Meridalba enjoys spending time with friends and is particularly fond of well-paired wines and cheeses.

Languages spoken: French, Spanish

Emadou Payette-Brisson Project Coordinator & Media Relations Assistant

Emadou Payette-Brisson

Project Coordinator & Media Relations Assistant

Emadou studied communications and interior design. Inspired by her fascination with creative projects of every kind, she began a deep exploration of residential and commercial interior design and the creation of high-end custom furniture. As a publicist for the world’s finest publications and the world’s most beautiful projects, Emadou sees v2com as a perfect marriage of communications and design. She is always in tune with developments in new media, and works to keep v2com growing on social media while seeking out new projects to promote.

Emadou likes: Scandinavia, yoga, countryside and culinary discoveries.

Languages spoken: English, French

Louna Payette-Brisson Development and Production Assistant

Louna Payette-Brisson

Development and Production Assistant

Aware of everything that happens at v2com, Louna is the office’s eyes and ears, and even its voice of reason. She also watches, just as conscientiously, over the agency’s identity. Her wide-ranging interests led her to take a minor in environmental geography at the Université de Montréal as she studied psychology and marketing; she has also received intensive training in Web ergonomics. Methodical and perfectionist, Louna makes sure that every element is in place to ensure the success of the agency’s mandates. She keeps up to date on new international projects and produces press reviews and analyses of associated media spin-offs. Louna isn’t satisfied with just a good result. She’s logical and competitive, and she aims for excellence. Development of the v2com newswire is now her bailiwick: she finds ideas and develops tools to facilitate comprehension and use of the site.

Louna likes: pasta, motorcycles, hiking, and animals.

Languages spoken: English, French

Pieter Valk v2com Agent | Netherlands

Pieter Valk

v2com Agent | Netherlands

After studying art and design in Amsterdam and Milan, Pieter worked in publishing and TV (MTV, Endemol, CBS) in both the Netherlands and the UK. He started in PR in 2004 working on various high end lifestyle accounts. In 2008 he started his own company PVPR and since worked for a wide range of clients within the lifestyle, cultural and design industry. Since 2012 Pieter also works as an Interior Designer and blogger under the name Studio Columbo.

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French, German

Alexandra Novo v2com Agent | Portugal

Alexandra Novo

v2com Agent | Portugal

After studying marketing management in Porto, her path crossed with journalism in 2003 when she joined PM Media Corporate as editor in chief of House Traders magazine. Specialized in new creative languages, trends and content related to design, interiors, architecture, art & lifestyle, she became editor of Attitude Interior Design in 2006. CEO and founder of WONDER, today she works with recognized companies offering them a new way to communicate their brands.

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Xavi Rabell

v2com Agent | Spain

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Feng Gao v2com Agent | Hong Kong

Feng Gao

v2com Agent | Hong Kong

After studying of Landscape Architecture in the University of Sheffield and granted a PhD degree, Feng works over 10 years in crossing field of professional media and design industry. She combines wide-ranging and deep major knowledge, insights and PR techniques into daily work, accumulating rich resources in both media and design enterprises. Experienced as English editor in LAF Magazine, Turenscape, and PR/Brand Managers in Atelier Dreisetil, Ecoland Design and Planning Corporate, Feng starts her company based in Hongkong since 2017. As the co-founder of CUIBrand, she devotes to developing it as a link platform with multiple channels and resources in a global perspective.

Languages spoken: English, Chinese

Yu Long v2com Agent | Beijing, China

Yu Long

v2com Agent | Beijing, China

Majoring in Marketing and Brand Strategy, Yu is certificated with the qualification of Business Strategist and Marketing Manager. He focuses on Chinese media field, and had worked for Chinese Venture, Boss Style magazines. Since 2012, he works as the director of New House magazine Beijing Office and meanwhile creates web portals and electronic media such as Real Estate Design Network, Tongren Monthly News, etc. As the founder of CUIBrand, he is responsible for the general business development strategy and cooperation issues in the Chinese market.

Languages spoken: Chinese

Angie Zootherapist



Whether it’s running, cycling, or driving, Angie enthusiastically accompanies her masters to the office, in order to ... sleep, cuddle, play with her toy, sometimes bark at the mail carrier, and ... sleep again. Her simple presence calms and motivates the people around her, thus increasing their efficiency.

Angie likes: vegan food, pebbles, playing in the yard and saying morning grace

Languages spoken: French