The first architecture and design newswire. The industry’s biggest media network. 25 years of international media relations experience.

v2com is the world’s first international newswire specializing in architecture and design. It is an intermediary between design professionals and the media. v2com is a tool for professionals that delivers increased media impact for their projects, while providing journalists a reliable source of information for their articles.

v2com boasts the world’s largest network of specialized media, with more than 6,150 publications. The network is updated continuously, with new journalists and editors added every day.

The v2com team has more than 25 years of experience in architecture, design and lifestyle, as well as in communications and public relations.

The origins of v2com

The v2com newswire was founded in 2008 by Pierre Bélanger, an art director and architectural technologist, and Julie Payette, a specialist in international media relations for the architecture and design industry.

Their goal was to facilitate the discovery of design news and create a fast, efficient tool for the media, at an affordable cost for clients. The transition from paper to digital press kits was inevitable, but at the time there was no tool to meet the unique requirements of architects and designers. v2com filled that niche, becoming the industry’s first specialized newswire. It has since become the international standard.

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Our values

Building a better world

Creativity. Innovation. Environment. Humanity

We believe architecture and design are noble, useful disciplines that help improve people’s quality of life while protecting our planet. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are core personal and professional concerns for us. v2com’s ambition is to help build a better world, and support individuals, companies and organizations sharing that goal.

Each project or product that stands out significantly for its sustainable and environment-friendly qualities is eligible for a 10% discount on any distribution package, at all times.

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Emotion, beyond the mundane

Sensitivity. Inspiration. Passion. Enthusiasm.

Do work and emotions mix? At v2com, they definitely do! Our team members share boundless enthusiasm for their work and a deep passion for architecture and design.

We are always on the lookout for projects that appeal to us. Cultural diversity, the poetry of light, textures and materials, the magic of images, innovation and originality: our strong feelings and inspirations shine through in our work with the media, while we remain focused on producing the best possible impact for our clients.

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The most beautiful colour: transparency

Integrity. Loyalty. Honesty. Transparency.

Loyalty and integrity are fundamental values for v2com. We invest in honest, transparent communications with our clients, media, partners and colleagues. We are for freedom of expression, the sharing of opinions and the discussion of ideas, all in a trusting and open atmosphere.

Being frank and transparent with clients allows us to build strong relationships, do top-quality work and deliver the best possible results.

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