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Press kit - Press release - Quai 417 shop invite Zïlon - Quai 417

Quai 417 shop invite Zïlon

Montreal, Canada

Quai 417

Montreal, Canada, 2013-12-10 - It is in the context of the event Shopping en Fête - Vieux-Montréal which will take place Saturday, December 14th 2013, the Quai 417 shop unveil the stunning works by Montreal artist renowned Zïlon.

The store

In the heart of Old Montreal, Quai 417 is the multi-label ready to wear and accessories store for men and women. Lines from Quebecois designers hang side by side with a hand-picked, exclusive selection from international designers in a unloading dock-like decor. As the seasons and collections come and go, video directors, sculptors and other contemporary artists will be invited to use the space. Quai 417 is a unique project that will transcend the frontiers of fashion.

The artist – Zïlon

Dark alleys were the first to be marked with Zïlon's poetic signature. Dubbed "The Back Street Cocteau", he was one of Montreal's key figures during the 80's punk and underground movement. A time bubbling with creative fervor and experimentation, characterized by the transmutation of diciplines and the rejection of established standards, Zïlon undoubtedly left an artistic impression; not only in the visual arts, but also in music and the performing arts. For over 30 years, his ability to continually reinvent himself and his exceptional versatility has established him a major international artist who has transcended generations. With over fifty exhibitions to his credit, his work has been displayed in many major cities around the world, including New York, Paris, and London.

Multidisciplinary, marginal, and in a class of his own, this artist never fails to impress. His message is authentic, raw, and hard. Zïlon's boldness, edge, and lust for life pack a wallop. Popular, in the noblest sense of the word; he cannot be classified. His work draws upon lonliness and suffering—emotions each and everyone of us have experienced—but also conveys hope and the burning desire to be loved.

A man of action, Zïlon is committed to helping HIV/AIDS and children's charities and has created many works of art for their profit.

Work of art

Real ''portable Artist'' as he qualifies himself, Zïlon love the ephemeral works
outside gallery which is also become over the years, his trademark and his business card. Made without sketch as usual, this urban signature was made by listening to the music of David Bowie. Starting with the left eye of the face, the history of this improvised mural was created as a comic without words. The artists even allowed himself an erotic touch in the dressing room.

417 rue Saint-Pierre, Vieux-Montréal

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