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Press kit - Press release - Three international artists are joining the success of a new art gallery category - The Print Atelier

Three international artists are joining the success of a new art gallery category

Montreal, Canada

The Print Atelier

Montreal, Canada, 2013-05-05 - Only six months after launching a virtual gallery THEPRINTATELIER.COM, its commissioner and creator Maude Arsenault is thrilled to welcome three new brilliants artists into her community. THE PRINT ATELIER is a reflection of its founder. It’s a collective that brings together international renowned photographers. The group’s expansion promises to perpetuate the enthusiasm of collectors and art lovers front across the globe. This unique concept created by this Quebecois photographer has generated a yet to be seen passion.

“We now have 12 artists with different roots, artists with different sensibilities, but who all have a remarkable and unique creative force. As well, several other photographers will come on board in the course of the next few months.”

This is how Maude Arsenault describes the power of her collective: the gathering of strong aestheticism that is also incredibly unique and captivating. New to THE PRINT ATELIER: Hector Adalid, Victor Vargas Villafuerte and Maxime Brouillet. All three will now offer their works to THE PRINT ATELIER, the online art gallery that guarantees to remain an attraction of choice for collectors, art lovers, interior designers and decorating experts.


Catching the photography bug while visiting Amsterdam, this Mexican native sharpened his talent behind the lens in the New York fashion world. A graduate of Anthropology, the adoptive New Yorker has had an impressive debut seeing his works published across Europe and the United-State. His clients include ELLE Germany and the Esprit brand, and he also conducted a television collaboration with the celebrity Victoria Secret angel model Karolina Kurkova.

Today Hector Adalid, however, is returning to his roots. After having produced a series of images concentrating on the Rarumuri region of Mexico region – which has become an integral part of the permanent collection of the
National Anthropology and History Museum of Mexico – he continues to document landscapes and the peoples of his native land. Now at THE PRINT ATERLIER, Hector Adalid presents touching, contrasting landscapes that are filled with sincerity and couldn’t belong to a foreigner.


Following a specialization in finance at university and after five years as an actuary, the Mexican drastically re-oriented his career when he moved to Montreal in 2008 to study photography at Dawson. Although his training is unconventional for a photographer, it has served him well. Villafuerte possesses a highly intellectual approach and a rare aesthetic that sets him apart from his colleagues at THE PRINT ATELIER.

Always intrigued by monsters and by the dual relationship of fascination/repulsion that humans have toward them, his work explores the obscure side of existence. His Téralogie series, composed of 11 images that are numerically manipulated, updates modern society’s conception of monsters. Whereas Murmullos (“murmures” in Spanish) is a series of seven auto-portraits created with the help of a commercial scanner and where the coulour was subsequently numerically altered. Questioning the duality of the human psyche, Victor Vargas Villafuerte reiterates his unique approach and aesthetic that is at once disturbing and fascinating.

For more information, visit the artist’s web www.vvvphoto.com.


Maxime Brouillet brings to THE PRINT ATELIER works that are naturally fresh where temporality becomes aestheticism. A graduate of a bi-disciplinary program in cinema and photography from Concordia University, his twofold artistic learning has instilled in him with a particular interest in the temporality of the fixed image. As well, Brouillet continues to be immersed in the seventh art by producing videos serving as portraits for artists for the dance company Tangente; and creating short films exploring the human corporeality human.

For more information, visit the artist’s web site www.maximebrouillet.com


Through its simple, intelligent and democratic approach, THE PRINT ATELIER redefines the online purchase of visual arts. It offers its visitors a plethora of exclusive and limited edition contemporary works that also bring about and confront all sensitivities. THE PRINT ATERLIER invites users to an intimate virtual visit where the discovery and purchase of art photos becomes an enriching and accessible experience.

THE PRINT ATERLIER offers unique and singular works. It allows professional photographers to move away from their conventional framework in order to reveal and offer a privileged and authentic vision of their artistic sensibilities. Whether it be the poetic sensuality of the works by MAUDE ARSENAULT; clichés inspired by arts scenes from JULIE ARTACHO; an enticing sensuality like only RICHARD BERNARDIN can capture; concern for the subject by NICOLAS SISTO; focused realism in DANIEL SHIPP’s portraits; melancholic atmospheres created by OUMAYAMA B. TANFOUS; environmental ambiguities emerging from the creations of ROBIN CERUTTI; savage formalism d’ANDERSSON; muses and abused streets cherished by LE PIGEON; all these visions come together at THE PRINT ATERLIER, showcasing beauty that is ready to be discovered and loved.

In short, the online gallery offers a new practical and agreeable venue to be used by seasoned art lovers and collectors. While surfing theprintaterlier.com, visitors can consult a presentation and an explanation page on each photographer. The site permits to choose an impression starting only at 64$, all depending on the size chosen. All the works available at the gallery are carefully selected by the artist and approved by its owner and commissioner Maude Arsenault.


Created in 2012 by photographer Maude Arsenault, whose goal it is to shoot models and the world’s most popular locations, THE PRINT ATELIER is an online art gallery, which aims to promote artistic photographs. It’s also a guide to a new generation of collectors, helping them with their purchases by having them discover contemporary works that are accessible, intelligent and talked about. Bringing together the works from a group of artists that come from different backgrounds, THE PRINT ATERLIER constituted an ambitious project and was a real dream for its creator. Today it has become a real virtual treasure box, as well as a point of convergence for collectors, artistic directors, patrons and decision makers; a phenomenon undoubtedly changing the traditional art galleries.

“The PRINT ATERLIER’s mission is to put the public in contact with the world of photography and to give them access to unreleased works while also promoting the incredible scope of printed work,” explains Maude Arsenault, owner and commissioner of THE PRINT ATERLIER. The works offered at the gallery theprintaterlier.com are signed by the renowned photographers, are offered in limited edition and can be purchased on line.

Maude Arsenault
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