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Press kit - Press release - Jean-Sébastien Bourdages, new Associate and Design Director at Lemay - Lemay

Jean-Sébastien Bourdages, new Associate and Design Director at Lemay

Montréal, Canada


Montréal, Canada, 2015-07-06 -

Lemay is proud to welcome Jean-Sébastien Bourdages as a new Associate and Design Director of Lemay.  


M. Bourdages brings to the team nearly fifteen years of experience in architecture and interior design, mostly in retail and institutional. In 2006, he joined B+H architects in Asia, becoming a principal associate in 2010. Seven years later, he was asked by B+H to open a new office in Hong Kong, where he became design director for Asia.


With an ongoing concern for sustainability, Jean-Sébastien participated in several award-winning projects on the international scene: flagship stores, schools, health centres, airports, offices, etc... He contributed to the development of several emerging markets from Macau to Dubaï, via Singapore. His main accomplishments include notable projects such as the flagship stores of Sephora and Paul&Shark, respectively located on the famous Nanjing Road in Shanghai and on Canton Road in Hong Kong, as well as the Ordos airport in Inner Mongolia and the Sandhill Plaza tower in Shanghai.


A firm advocate of integrated design practice, Jean-Sébastien joins the multidisciplinary team of Lemay to contribute his international expertise in retail. Collaborating directly with clients and directing design teams, he will also contribute to the firm’s international business development.

About Lemay

Founded in 1957 as an architectural firm, Lemay is one of Canada’s leading integrated environmental design firms, combining architecture, urban design, interior design, landscape architecture, structural engineering and branding into a multidisciplinary and synergetic offer. In order to better service its clients, Lemay expanded its talent pool in 2014 by integrating three entities from Toronto’s IBI Group: DAA, Cardinal Hardy Architectes and Martin Marcotte/Architectes. Now well established in Canada, China, Algeria, Costa Rica and in the Caribbean, Lemay brings together nearly 500 professionals who offer their creativity to support their clients’ business strategies.

Recognized by Deloitte as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, Lemay is also a leader among integrated design firms. Lemay—one of Canada's most-awarded firms—creates distinctive projects of all scales and complexities. In recent years, Lemay has been the driving force behind several landmark projects that have garnered attention here and abroad, most notably the New City of El-Menia in Algeria, the STM Stinson transport centre, the Mount Stephen Hotel Complex, the Astral Head Office and the Belli Centre. 

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Press kit | 865-13 - Press release | Jean-Sébastien Bourdages, new Associate and Design Director at Lemay - Lemay - Commercial Architecture - Jean-Sébastien Bourdages, Associate and Design Director at Lemay - Photo credit: Tim Moldenhauer 
Jean-Sébastien Bourdages, Associate and Design Director at Lemay
Photo credit: Tim Moldenhauer 
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