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Press kit - Press release - EPS Armchair for adult and child - EPS di

EPS Armchair for adult and child

Buenos Aires, Argentina

EPS di

The inspiration for the project comes from both the location being close to the bay and from the needs of the program, a surreal space for design exhibitions. The Oct design museum focuses mainly on fashion shows, product design, and conceptual automotive shows. The goal was to create a space that is surreal to the subject matter but also transcendental in surrounding and feeling. The design of the interior relies on a continuous white curving surface that casts no shadows and has no depth.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012-05-30 -

The name EPS comes from Expandable PolyStyrene, also known as Styrofoam. This plastic material is very well known in the building industry for its insulating properties, but hardly used in the furniture industry. It is a very reliable material with excellent properties and advantages. It is very lightweight, easy to recycle, has very good bearing strength and elasticity, is resistant to aging and has good dimensional stability.

Because of the sustainability of EPS we have chosen it for the manufacturing of our products. In the case of our EPS Armchair we use up to 25% of recycled material from the scraps that result from the cutting process of the chair. Another reason why we use EPS is that the process is very quick.

For the upholstering process we line the seat and back of the armchair with recycled plywood, obtained from discarded materials from factories and pallets.

Another reason that makes the armchairs sustainable is that if the owner wants to change it or get rid of it, he can contact us and we buy it back (something like an exchange plan). In this way the material used in the old armchair is reused to build new ones.

We also specialize in all kinds of Industrial Design, with great experience in the use of a large variety of materials, besides expandable polystyrene, such as different kinds of wood, resin, metal and by-products.

To look after the environment we try to use as much sustainable and recyclable materials and those industrial processes that use less amount of energy. In this way we have built our EPS Armchair in two sizes: adult (85 cm high x 85 cm long x 54 cm wide) and child (43 cm high x 43 cm long x 32 cm wide). With all the qualities mentioned above and a low manufacturing cost it is a very functional and versatile piece of furniture. Armchairs can be joined together with hook and loop fasteners such as Velcro o any other fastening device to make a straight or circular sofa.

Other commercial assets are: very low weight, only 10 kg (upholstered) that makes it easy to handle and an important bearing strength, more than 250 kg for both sizes.

The upholstering fabric shown in the picture is printed sailcloth (KOMWARE), a sustainable fabric that doesn´t use chemical products in the printing process. For outdoors you can use any synthetic material such as Neoprene.

Official name of the product: EPS Armchair for Adults and child
Material: Expandable PolyStyrene
Treatment: Printed sailcloth
Colour: Any colour or Printed sailcloth
Size: Adult (85 cm high x 85 cm long x 54 cm wide) and Child (43 cm high x 43 cm long x 32 cm wide)
Details: For the upholstering process we line the seat and back of the armchair with recycled plywood, obtained from discarded materials from factories and pallets.
Designer or design team: EPS di (www.epsdi.com.ar)
Launch date: June 7th 2008
Usage: Chair, sofa, Armchair
Photographer: Andres Jacobi (www.andresjacobi.com.ar)

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