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Press kit - Press release - Ipad Stand - OOOMS

Ipad Stand

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2012-06-19 -

Like many people, we at OOOMS enjoy using Apple products. While using the iPad, we noticed it would be very convenient to be able to place the iPad on different angles, without having to hold it. Being designers we couldn’t resist of making a stand ourselves.

This is what we came up with;
Our iPad stand is an adjustable wooden stand which you can use at your desk, in the kitchen, on the couch, etc.
It can pop-up into a versatile tablet stand that supports both portrait and landscape viewing modes on 4 different angles. Tiny magnets make sure the stand stays nicely folded when you transport it in your suitcase or bag.
Our iPad stand also works for iPads with a cover, other tablets and even books!

Description: iPad stand, Meranti wood (FSC Certified)
Dimensions: 18,5 x 18,5 x 1 cm / 7,3 x 7,3 x 0,4 inch 

What does OOOMS do
OOOMS designs products, small or big, for ourselves and commissioned by others. We focus on high quality and originality. Our products are bought by resellers and end-consumers. We also provide special tailored designs for all companies. Feel free to contact us if you think our creativity could contribute in any way to your upcoming projects. We’d love to hear from you!
We arrange workshops and lectures for companies and schools around the world. If you want to inspire your employees or students, we can arrange workshops about various creative themes for any number of days, based on
your needs. We guarantee it will be fun, energy boosting and educative in many ways. Some of our clients are:Adidas, De Bijenkorf, The Cooper Hewitt NY, Design Museum London, Element, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, MoMA, Moss.

Who is OOOMS
Studio OOOMS is run by Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout.
Guido Ooms (’74) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000.
After working as a freelance designer at different companies he started his own studio. Next to running the studio he also teaches design at the School of Arts in Utrecht.
Karin van Lieshout (’74) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2001. She has a degree in teaching (BIK, professional artist in class) and worked in various designcollectives before she joined forces with Guido.
As a team, they fuel one another’s creativity with wit and humour.
Both designers have their own qualities, each contributing to a part of studio OOOMS. Guido’s enthousiasm and playful approach towards almost everything makes sure that the studio has enough new ideas coming in. Karin’s down-to-earth attitude makes sure that the good ideas become reality.

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Media contact
  • Guido Ooms, Creative Director
  • info@oooms.nl
  • 31 (0) 40 29 38 326