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Press kit - Press release - Céline Wright’s lightings - Inhoma Design

Céline Wright’s lightings

Montreal, Canada

Inhoma Design

Montreal, Canada, 2014-03-10 - Lighting to enhance any architectural project - Any construction or renovation project is a new adventure for its creator and future inhabitants. Everything must be thought through and studied, including the art of lighting, which mustn’t be left to chance. Lighting is what gives a project its fifth dimension. Choosing a light with character can determine a place’s vocation, or give an original touch which will turn it into a unique space.

A cloud of suspended paper to soften a modern ambiance, wings held by a marble block, an egg nesting in a contemporary interior.

The founders of Inhoma Design are admirers of ancestral techniques and noble materials; therefore their mission is to offer architects and interior designers the opportunity to integrate with elegance unique and poetical lighting, as shown in their selection.

By importing craftsman/designer Céline Wright to North America, they share this taste for traditional techniques transcended into contemporary works. Working with Japanese paper gives remarkable organic shap es to modern architecture.
An elegant and timeless luxury.

Céline Wright - « handmade in France »

Céline Wright’s creations find their origins in reviewed and corrected ancestral techniques using natural and non-polluting materials. The fabrication of a light requires different types of highly technical operations.
From a simple pencil stroke which defines the lines of the object, Céline Wright sculpts a shape that she wishes to be « unique and lively ». Like a sculptor, she creates a volume thanks to specific materials, which will then turn into a shape.

In the manner of a couturier who works with fabric, Céline “listens” to the paper and brings back to former glory what she believes to be a “forgotten material” in our industrial society.

The Japanese paper, called Washi, embodies many virtues which are little-known in Western countries: tear-proof, unbreakable, flexible, delicate and functional, its high resistance hides behind its apparent fragility, which could easily compete with other materials.

« Being able to associate craftsmanship and design »; Céline Wright considers that craftsmen actively contribute to decorating and design. She also notes that in Oriental countries, craftsmen are designers who use natural materials to create decorative and functional objects through sophisticated fabrication techniques.
Recognized in the world of design for her environmental and sustainable values, she claims an artisanal approach to her creations and her mindset.

About Inhoma Design

Inhoma Design is a French importer based in Quebec with a showroom in Montreal, and specializing in high-end and limited edition pieces of furniture and decorating accessories, combining traditional techniques and contemporary creativity.

Over ten years ago, Marie-Laure Laurent opened her first interior decoration boutique in the French Alps and quickly became a reference in mountain chalet decorating. In Quebec, Marie-Laure and her husband Julien now cater for interior designers as well as non-professionals who are looking for unique objects with eye-catching personality.

« We choose atypical creators and craftsmen whose personal story respects the material and who have a taste for independent creation. Contrary to standardized objects, our collections have a soul which occupies the space instead of only decorating it”, Marie-Laure Laurent explains.

Thanks to their fabrication techniques and creative approach, the majority of their suppliers are able to tailor their products. Inhoma Design is a privileged representative for demanding designers.

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