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Press kit - Press release - Jake Dyson products now available in Canada - BNT Studio

Jake Dyson products now available in Canada

Montreal, Canada

BNT Studio

Montreal, Canada, 2014-02-20 - Jake Dyson Products is proud to announce BNT Studio as the official Canadian distributor for its CSYS product range. JDP continues to grow in North America and on a world-wide basis and is pleased to have BNT as providers of solutions for the Canadian retailer, interior design and architectural lighting markets.

The founders of BNT immediately fell in love with the CSYS range – “its simplicity yet innovative technology appealed to us and will do to our contacts, retailers and specifiers. It’s such a versatile product. A truly ingenious design.”

The JDP CSYS range comprises of task and floor lights, which are environmentally conscious, dimmable LED lights that marry breakthrough technology with innovative design offering precise light direction through three axes of mechanical movement. These highly engineered lighting products provide strong, flawless, warm light and are energy efficient (five times more so than a halogen bulb) at only 8W requiring no replacement bulbs.

The new lighting range features an inventive application of heat pipe technology (developed for satellites and found in microprocessors for computers), which ensures sustainable, quality LED performance for over 160,000 hours of continual use, which equates to approximately 37+ years, at 12 hours use per day. This technology also maintains the brightness and color rendition of the LED chips.

Contact us for inquiries about the products or to become a dealer:
Emilie Bailey / www.bntstudio.com / emilie@bntstudio.com

Notes to Editors:
Jake Dyson was chosen by design expert, Rossana Orlandi, as one of the top new international designers and the CSYS range was featured as part of her showcase at Spazio Orlandi during Salone di Mobile (9-14 April 2013).

The CSYS TALL and CSYS TASK lights were selected by renowned architect Jean Nouvel for his ‘Office for Living’ project, commissioned by Salone organizers, Cosmit, and unveiled at Salone di Mobile in April 2013.

The CSYS will be included in the Permanent Collection of The Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum (New York) and has just been confirmed as part of the Permanent Collection of the Brooklyn Museum (New York).

Sunday Times’ 100 must-haves for the stylish home (November 2013) stated: “Jake Dyson’s CSYS LED TASK lamp is the most distinctive new desk light since the mid-20th Century… [it’s] the 21st century answer to the Anglepoise”.

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