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Press kit - Press release - The M1 - Bluetooth speaker - Nepsu

Press Kit | no. 1131-01

The M1 - Bluetooth speaker

Montreal, Canada


Montreal, Canada, 2014-04-08 -  The M1, a Bluetooth speaker designed by the young Montreal company Nepsu, redefines the standards of the audio industry with its minimalistic and highly functional design. This first product of Nepsu has several innovative features , including a tetrahedral shape providing both better sound quality and ease of integration at home . This design also allows to position the speaker carefully into the corner of a room.

The corner positioning allows the M1 to use the adjacent walls as acoustic panels, significantly boosting the rich sound it produces while pointing it toward the middle of the room. It also makes possible a discrete integration of the product to its environment while taking advantage of untapped space. Although it can be discreet, the M1 fully reveals its sleek and sophisticated design when placed on a flat surface.

The facade of machined aluminum M1 confirms its affiliation with technological products of high-fidelity. The entire speaker has been designed so that every detail has its visual and functional utility in accordance with the design philosophy of the company.

On the technical side, the M1 is proudly equipped with the latest Bluetooth (v4.0). The speaker offers 40W of audio codecs thanks to high-end aptX(R), AAC, MP3 and SBC high transmission quality. The combination of Bluetooth technology to a standard audio 3.5mm plug makes the M1 compatible with all audio devices. Listening in stereo is also possible through a simple connection between two M1 speakers.

Founded in Montréal in 2013, Nepsu is in the line of companies focusing on the user experience by putting forward the sensory and emotional aspects related to the product. The company aims to create home automation products in order to democratize home automation to " capture comfort " linked to the evolution of technology.

Data Sheet

Official name of the project: M1
Location: Montréal
Designers: Jonathan Villeneuve
Project Manager: Julien Tupula Kalomba
Technical expert: Hugo Lauzon B. Eng., Julien Tupula Kalomba B. Eng., Atanas Grozdanov B. Eng. (in progress)
Contractors: 17 different contractors
Budget: 200 000$ of development
Materials: Aluminum & plastic resin
Dimensions (Length x width x height): 10 cm x 24 cm x 30.5 cm
Launch date: Pre-order in late april 2014
Photographer: Atanas Grodzanov

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Press kit | 1131-01 - Press release | The M1 - Bluetooth speaker - Nepsu - Product - Photo credit: Atanas Grodzanov
Photo credit: Atanas Grodzanov

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