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Press kit - Press release - The Screwdriver That Fights Cancer - Hofer Studio

The Screwdriver That Fights Cancer

Kitchener, Canada

Hofer Studio

The E1 Multi 8 screwdriver is a modern update to a familiar tool that helps raise cancer funds and maintain the modern home.

Kitchener, Canada, 2017-06-26 -

Hofer Studio, the design studio founded by Canadian industrial designer Joseph Hofer, has announced the recent launch of the E1 Multi 8 screwdriver in collaboration with the cause-innovation company, Grappleworks Ltd., for the Screw Cancer™ global cause campaign.

Screw Cancer, Give Hope

Screw Cancer™ has become a new and engaging way for people affected by cancer to support their local charities. The purchase of a well-designed and useful product generates funds in a co-profit business model, partnered with charity organizations.


Rather than to rebrand and remarket low-cost merchandise, Grappleworks Ltd. chose to collaborate with the internationally-awarded industrial designer, Joseph Hofer of Hofer Studio. The goal was to create modern updates to everyday classics, in this case, a screwdriver intended for maintaining the modern home.


Elevate The Everyday

The screwdriver is a universal tool in every home but is often kept tucked away in the basement or garage. The design strategy was to elevate this product for everyday use—inspiring people to keep it at hand, in a kitchen or office drawer.


With a clean, approachable form and obvious function, the E1 Multi 8 screwdriver is the go-to multi-tool for performing light tasks such as assembling furniture, replacing batteries in kids toys, and hanging artwork for non-handy users.


The body is shaped to fit hands large and small while keeping the 3 extra bits out of sight. Each of the 8 tips fit an everyday need and are stored under the magnetic end cap. The solid stainless steel collar securely locks the bit in use, while allowing for easy bit changes.


Made of high-grade materials for longevity and delivered in premium gift box packaging, the E1 Multi 8 screwdriver has become a perfect gift for cause-conscious cancer warriors, survivors, and supporters.  


Every Bit Counts

A significant portion of each sale of the Screw Cancer™ E1 Multi 8 screwdriver goes directly to local community charities to help fund critical care elements such as; chemotherapy and radiation treatments, education to aid in early diagnostics, and support for patients and their families when they need it most.


“The Screw Cancer™ screwdriver will be used for years and act as a reminder of the need to continue to raise awareness and funds for cancer support in the region.” —Tracey Bailey, President, and CEO of the Grand River Hospital Foundation, Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

About Hofer Studio

Hofer Studio is a Canadian design studio founded by internationally-awarded industrial designer Joseph Hofer. His focus has been the distilling of ideas into purpose-led products, leading to creative collaborations. The studio has recently been awarded the 2017 European Product Design Award (Platinum) for Pair Knife, a user-focused, 3D-printed knife set that addresses modern challenges of compact living.

About Grappleworks

Simon Fallows and Jeff MacIntyre, Canadian serial entrepreneurs and founding partners of Grappleworks™, wanted to leverage their professional experiences to give back to their communities with impact. Their approach was to build a cause-innovation company that paired exclusive product design with national, charity-partnered campaigns, such as Screw Cancer™.

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Press kit | 2431-01 - Press release | The Screwdriver That Fights Cancer - Hofer Studio - Product - Photo credit: Grappleworks Ltd.
Photo credit: Grappleworks Ltd.
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