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Press kit - Press release - Adjusted to Growing Love, ISARA Fits Them All - SC Deneris Trade SRL

Adjusted to Growing Love, ISARA Fits Them All

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

SC Deneris Trade SRL

The adjustable ergonomic baby carrier that gives the perfect fit for your little one. Just right. Every time.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2017-05-19 -

Designed in 2013, ISARA is a pioneer in adjustable baby carriers. GOLD winner at the European Product Design Award 2017, and SILVER winner at the International Design Award, 2017, ISARA stands out as a multidimensional adjustable baby carrier with innovative features, making it suitable for wearing babies from infancy to toddlerhood, without an insert, only by adjusting the seat and the panel. The body of the carrier can be lowered or raised. The seat narrows as much as needed, getting the perfect fit and the anatomically correct froggy position of the baby.

The innovations of the ISARA carriers are much more important as they give the possibility of wearing small babies, without an insert.


Adjustable unique features – an innovative panel

The body of the carrier can be adjusted, lowered or raised, on both sides, or asymmetrically. When raised, it provides support for the child`s head, needed especially for small babies. If the baby falls asleep in the carrier, the panel can be extended for more support or privacy. Also, the adjustable panel makes it even easier to breastfeed, anywhere, anytime, only by manipulating the straps of the panel.

For toddlers, who might like to stay with their hands out of the carrier, both webbings can be adjusted to ensure a lower panel.


Adjustable unique features – an innovative seat

The seat adjusts millimetre by millimetre, always ensuring the froggy position. The knee to knee coverage for the baby can always be ensured by the innovative adjustment process of the seating, which involves opening the hook and the loop of the velcro situated on both lateral sides of the backside of the waist belt and sliding slowly towards the center of the waist belt, as much as necessary. Once adjusted, the seat of the carrier will be firmly fixed using high-quality velcro, in order to obtain the optimum position. The adjustments are durable, easy to make, and the result is the anatomically correct ”froggy” position of the baby and a comfortable, perfect fit.


Four ways of carrying – suitable for all tastes

Also, due to the multidimensional adjustability that is given by the innovative features, ISARA is suitable for front carry, with parallel or crossed shoulder straps, back carry and hip carry.


Comfort features – easy to manipulate and cozy from the first glance

ISARA includes a lot of features for comfort: no buckles touch the skin, padded shoulder straps, arm and leg paddings, adjustable and removable connection strap, adjustable and removable hood, organic fabrics, attention to details – possibility to roll up excess webbing and fix it with an elastic band.

Breastfeeding is simple and possible only by manipulating the straps of the panel. Anywhere. Anytime.

For the most comfortable position, the connection belt between the shoulder straps can be slid up and down the webbing to get the proper height. Closing the connection belt will prevent the straps from slipping.

Pulling the hood provides extra support for baby’s head when he is asleep in the carrier, ensuring discretion and a cozy place for a relaxing nap. The elastic bands that click into the clips positioned on the shoulder straps of the carriers permit a good, comfortable and right fixation, exactly where it is needed. The clips can be glided up and down for a more accurate fixation. When not needed, the hood can be detached completely.


Safety features – safe is better

An expression of love and devotion, ISARA assures the safety of the carriers. It is tested and certified according to both Safety Standards – EN13209-2:2014 and ASTM 2236 – 14.

For more safety, the carrier is provided with elastic safety bands in buckles’ area in case of accidental opening of the buckles and high-quality materials.

Ergonomic and safe, the carrier has been Hip-healthy certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


High-quality fabrics – GOTS certified organic cotton

It is not only about baby carriers, it is an expression of love. ISARA products are available in 3 types of fabrics: classic cotton, organic cotton, and pure organic cotton woven fabric. Both organic cotton fabrics are GOTS-certified, the most important certificate for social responsibility. This means that cotton is not treated with pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers and does not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde, making fabrics safe for babies.

ISARA Full Wrap Conversion is made in collaboration with Colimacon & Cie. The fabric is 100% pure organic cotton. Spun in Portugal, woven and ecologically dyed in France.


Babywearing essentials for blossoming moments

The accessories dot the i’s and cross the t’s in versatility in our products. ISARA winter cover with soft inner fleece and made out of the latest generation of softshell materials is available. The three layers of the outer fabric provide a waterproof, wind-resistant, and warming fabric. The high-quality fabrics allow the body to breathe while being warm at the same time. Partially detachable when entering a warmer place, it permits protecting the baby from overheating. The top of the cover is high enough to ensure good protection and warmth, even without a hood (hood available separately). ISARA winter cover also provides an adjusting system that helps in getting the best protection from the outdoor elements and a perfect, snuggle fit.

Our collection includes also matching Teething Pads for the baby carriers, designed to protect soft structured carrier straps from teething babies and toddlers, sticky or messy snacks, and provide something to occupy an older child while being worn. The ISARA Teething Pads are flexible enough that they can also be used to protect straps of a highchair, provide extra padding to stroller straps, and many other straps if necessary.

ISARA Toy carrier  is the perfect baby wearing accessory for toddlers to pamper themselves with high-quality educational toys

With 100% cotton, double-sided reversible prints, these child-sized carriers are an educational toy. Adjustable so that the child feels comfortable while playing with his new favorite accessory, it can be used for front, back and hip carry.

All the ISARA products can be washed in the washing machine, using a delicate program and a mild detergent at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius.

The company description

ISARA is the brand name for Deneris Trade SRL, a Romanian based company that produces baby carriers and accessories for baby carriers. It is a member of BCIA Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. All ISARA products are manufactured with care in Europe.

The data sheet

Name of the product: ISARA V3 Baby & Toddler Carrier

Name of the collection: V3 – third version

Colors options: ISARA V3 is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Full Wrap Conversions – made entirely of woven fabric –

-    UNI color: turquoise, raspberry, lime

-    Nature with hand embroidered motifs

-    Grey with threaded sparkles

Half Wrap Conversions –only the body of the carrier is made of woven fabric (inside out) - mix colors: purple and black, emerald and black, yellow and black

Patterns placed on black, pearl gray or blue cotton canvas:

-    Designs: Foxy, Funky Owls, Chic in Paris, Galaxy, Tropicana, Fanquisite, Love in Venice, Joy, Disco Dots

-    Hand embroidered Poppy, surrounded by traditional lace, placed on black organic canvas,

Uni colors cotton canvas: Manhattan

Dimensions: 2 sizes –  standard baby size (from 4 kg / 8.8 lbs up to 20 kg / 44lbs) and toddler size ( from 8 kg / 17 lbs up to 20 kg / 44 lbs), both adjustable

Baby size with a panel adjusted from 31 cm (12 inches) up to 45 cm (18 inches), and a seat adjusted from 26 cm (10 inches) to 38 cm (15 inch

Toddler size with a panel adjusted from 39 (15,5 inch) cm to 50 cm (20 inches), and a seat adjusted from 35 cm (14 inches) to 45 (18 inches).


ISARA was created after intense specialized briefings.

It was created by o dedicated mommy, that took part in the whole process of creation of the product, in order to take it to the maximum level of optimization so that the babies and parents needs are fully satisfied.

Wanting to create a complete product from all points of view, the development of the carrier began by doing one of the most prestigious schools Babywearing UK, School of Babywearing UK, using knowledge learned for product creation. She also studied and advanced course of German Babywearing school, Die Trageschule Dresden, pushed by the desire to gather the most powerful information and knowledge in order to offer ISARA`s clients everything that is best.

Her studies at the School of Babywearing helped her create an evolutionary carrier recognized for adjustability and versatility. Growing together, ISARA`s slogan captures exactly this; ISARA grows along with the baby, adjusting it according to his needs.


Uses: Wearing a baby right after it is born can make the transition to the new world seem easier, and all along with the closeness that babywearing provides, it comes with a lot of benefits regarding development, not only emotional but also physical. Studies have shown that babies that are worn are calmer and cry less, that they interact easier and have more self-confidence.
Besides the countless benefits that babywearing provides, the freedom that it gives the parent while having while having the baby close is priceless.


Designers: Monica Rodica OLARIU

Date of product launching: 2013

Suggested price: between 109 Euro / 129 US dollars – up to 229 Euro / 249 US dollars  (depending on size and fabric)

Photographer: Narcis Tarcea, IMAGIA FOTO (www.imagia.ro) 

- 30 -

Media contact
  • SC Deneris Trade SRL
  • Mara Simona Oltean, Brand Manager
  • mara@isara.ro
  • +0264702598
Press kit | 2453-01 - Press release | Adjusted to Growing Love, ISARA Fits Them All - SC Deneris Trade SRL - Product - Photo credit: www.imagia.ro
Photo credit: www.imagia.ro
Low-resolution image
Press kit | 2453-01 - Press release | Adjusted to Growing Love, ISARA Fits Them All - SC Deneris Trade SRL - Product - Photo credit: www.imagia.ro
Photo credit: www.imagia.ro
Low-resolution image