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Press kit - Press release - Wardrobe System - H

Wardrobe System



Mexico, 2011-07-18 -

This is a furniture system that takes as a starting point the traditional wardrobe and glass cabinet, and by mixing them together it comes up with a joyful and playful solution, that is yet practical, flexible and that addresses the contemporary needs for storing clothes.

The product was designed as a visually light, soft and transparent system, that provides a wide range of volumetric plays, color combinations, lighting effects and reflections, which enrich the visual experience of the interior space where it is found. 

The system consists of a series of modules and bases that can be mixed together to bring ongoing flexibility to the client. They can be configured as needed, depending on the storage needs, the space constraints and the financial possibilities of each client. 

The system has the following type of bases:
–Straight: both in short and long versions
–Basket: both in short and long versions

The system has the following categories of modules:
–Clean clothes: includes 4 modules, one for hanging clothes, one with shelves, one for hanging long clothes and one with drawers of 3 different kinds.
–Semi-clean clothes: includes 1 module, which allows the ventilation of clothes already used ny the client.
–Laundry: includes 1 module, which includes two laundry bags, one for color clothes and one for white clothes. These bags can be easily taken off the module and be taken to the laundry room.
–Accessories: included 2 modules, one for storing bags and purses and the other for shoes and boots. 

The system takes into consideration the criteria of sustainability by several means: 
–Materials: All the materials involved (solid wood, wood composite, paint, brass and glass) are considered to be sourced with the highest sustainability standards.
–Movability: The system is designed so that the users can move with the product from home to home, giving the product a larger span of life.
–Changeability: The system is designed to allow changes regarding its finishes, so the customers may change over time the color of the solid panels or the type of wood found on the frames, without disregarding the product and making a considerable new investment. 

It is worth mentioning that this product can cross the boundary of just storing clothes, and can become also a showcase for other domestic objects such as paintings, photographs, ceramics, etc. The system could also spain its possibilities and by minor adjustments on its measurements, it could include new modules for jewelry, books, electronic equipment, wine bottles, cigars, safe box, and even the storage of kids clothes. 

The applications of the system could go beyond the domestic place, and go into public buildings, hotels, retail projects and offices. 

The project is at a conceptual stage at the moment, and we are looking for companies that might be interested in developing it further and bring it into the market. 

Company: Hierve
Title of project: Wardrobe System
Design phase: 2009
Co-Workers: Partner (Alejandro Villarreal), Co-workers (Gabriela Rosas and Jesús Ramirez) 
Scale prototype: Absolute Model Makers
Computer visualization: Red Vertex
Client: in search of manufacturer
Photography: Nicola Tree 


Mexico Office
Guanajuato 131, Interior 402
Col. Roma Norte
Mexico City, Mexico, 06700
+52 55 52642890 

London Office
Studio 5, Southwark Studios
Fourth Floor, Unit 2
Rich House, 40 Crimscott Street
London, UK, SE1 5TE
+44 (0) 7545142879

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