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Press kit - Press release - H to make U.S. debut at ICFF New York 2014 - H Furniture Ltd.

H to make U.S. debut at ICFF New York 2014

New York, United States

H Furniture Ltd.

London, United Kingdom, 2014-05-06 -

H will proudly be exhibiting for the first time at ICFF New York, from May 17 to 20.The company will be presenting new additions to the existing Brick, Corner and Leather Collections and unveiling the Loom Collection, a distinctive seating range inspired by a manual belt-making loom, typical to the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Come say hello to us at booth 1862.

H conceives and creates meaningful pieces for discerning clients. London based, but with Mexican origins and a global outlook, we embrace contrasts and celebrate differences, bringing together beautifully crafted collections that get better with time and make people’s lives richer.

H believes in progress with purpose. We explore new possibilities and methods; consider history to forge a better future; and create compelling juxtapositions. Everything we do, we do with love and care. The details drive us — from design and materials sourcing, to manufacturing and finishing. For us, quality is paramount and we strive for it without compromise.

H launched its first three collections designed by Hierve, at IMM Cologne Furniture Fair this past January.

Loom Collection

The Loom Collection has a very specific inspiration, a manual belt-making loom typical from the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. This seating range reinterprets the logic of the simple loom beams and the vertical journey of each thread, playing with the idea of independent threads coming together to create a woven surface. The strong polyester cord offers infinite possibilities, as each thread can be specified in a different colour. The collection is available for indoor or outdoor use.

Corner Collection

The Corner Collection plays with classic geometry, taking the perfect 45° angle as its conceptual starting point. The corner edges of a deceptively simple, painted table top and painted rectangular sideboard are carefully cut away at 45° to reveal naked wood and create contrast and visual interest. Continuing the mathematical motif, the table’s legs and the side of the tabletop are inclined at precisely 22.5°. The collection is available in 4 different kinds of solid wood and in eleven different colours.

Leather Collection

The defining piece in the Leather Collection is a hybrid dining chair and comfy lounge chair. Constructed from solid wood and natural leather, the collection is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design and design classics as the Barcelona chair. Repeated strips of leather on the sides and vertical wooden uprights on the back of the backrest, create a sense of visual rhythm and musicality, while the proportions and profile remain reassuringly classic. The collection is available in 4 different kinds of solid wood and a wide variety of natural leathers.

Brick Collection

This intriguing collection celebrates a humble, universal building medium, juxtaposing it with beautifully crafted wood. With a 28mm thickness top of up to 3 meters in length, the asymmetric Brick table employs cutting-edge wood technology, and can be fully dismantled for transport. The Brick bench features soft leather cushioning, while the Brick sideboard comes with or without drawers. The collection is available in 4 different kinds of solid wood and a wide variety of natural clay bricks.

Meet the team and learn about the company and its collections at ICFF, New York, 17-20 May 2014, booth no. 1862.

Photo Credit: Peter Guenzel

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