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Press kit - Press release - New products inspired by nature and textures - Ceragres

New products inspired by nature and textures

Montreal, Canada


Montreal, Canada, 2013-07-07 - Tiles are no stranger to the trends phenomenon. From year to year, colors, finishes and textures continually evolve and transform. This year at Ceragres, tiles imitate wood and concrete, display the texture of stone and feature various patterns and reliefs.


Caroline Lemay, Designer at Ceragres, notices two important trends in the tile world: ''One of them is getting back to basics, raw textures and natural materials such as wood, slate and stone. Colors are soft, understated and feature sandy tones of greige, beige, taupe and warm greys in several undertones.''

Among these products, we find tiles that reflect wood species. The ECOLLECTION, GREENWOOD, WOOD 2 and FRAGRANCE series cover this complete range of exclusive products with colors and textures reminiscent of wood, so much so that the product is mistaken for wood! And all these features are combined with the durability of porcelain. Let’s also not forget tiles that replicate the variations and irregularities of natural stone.

The FRAGRANCE series is offered in three colours of glazed porcelain in a 9”x36” format. It recreates a cross-section of wood to a dazzling effect, and its wood-like texture fits in perfectly with both contemporary and rustic styles.

The new IN-ESSENCE series will be launched this summer. An authentic product on the market, this rectified porcelain combines concrete, stone and wood finishes. This series is available in the following formats: 12"x24", 24"x24" and 32"x32" in two colors for the stone and concrete finishes, and 6"x48" and 8"x48" for the weathered and petrified wood finishes as well as a combination of wood and stone.

Available in three colours, this glazed porcelain recreates the natural look and veining of stone.


More trends with textured tiles. Here, elegance and warmth are enhanced with meticulously created textures, patterns and relief. There is plenty of choice along with several colours and finishes.

VANITY – Dress up your space with sophisticated elegance with this 24’’ x 24’’ porcelain tile.

MONTENAPOLEONE – Give your space some character with this chic and audacious 24’’ x 24’’ Italian porcelain tile rich in textures. New product coming this summer.

TONE – This wall tile with minimalist style will give your rooms a clean look while retaining a certain cachet, owing to its fluid and smooth texture.

9975, blvd Saint-Laurent


3268 Hawthorne route

275, av Saint-Sacrement, local 145

170 Tycos Drive

A team of expert professionals provides guidance, tips and advice in all four locations.


For over 20 years, Ceragres has imported and distributed ceramic tile, porcelain tile, slate, stone, quartz, mosaics, as well as cut-to-size stone slabs for countertops in Quebec. Recently established in Ontario, we offer professional and personalized technical services to consumers, architects, designers and trade professionals. Ceragres products are featured at our 4 Boutique Workspaces in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto and are also distributed through our network of over 250 retailers across Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, more than 60 of which are Ceragres Tile Shop partners. Our diversified product offering now includes: solutions for cut-to-size products, specialized pool systems and ventilated cladding projects.
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Press kit | 846-09 - Press release | New products inspired by nature and textures - Ceragres - Product - FOSSIL STONE - Photo credit: Céragrès
Photo credit: Céragrès
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9.0 x 12.0
Press kit | 846-09 - Press release | New products inspired by nature and textures - Ceragres - Product - MONTENAPOLEONE - Photo credit: Céragrès
Photo credit: Céragrès
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12.0 x 9.0
Press kit | 846-09 - Press release | New products inspired by nature and textures - Ceragres - Product - TONE  - Photo credit: Céragrès
Photo credit: Céragrès
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