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Press kit - Press release - molo at Maison & Objet 2011, Paris - Molo design

molo at Maison & Objet 2011, Paris

Vancouver, Canada

Molo design

New colours for softwall + softblock · indigo kraft paper + pale yellow translucent textile

Vancouver, Canada, 2011-08-21 - As part of molo’s continuing exploration of space making, new colours are being prepared that have been specifically chosen to enhance the qualities of light, transmitted, reflected and absorbed by softwall + softblock for each of the two materials they are available in.

Indigo has been selected as an exploratory colour for kraft paper softwall + softblock. The colour was chosen because the material is opaque and the light absorbing properties of indigo enhance this quality, creating a rich texture. The pigment is applied through a dying process, which results in subtle variation of surface colour and interesting qualities of absorbed and reflected light at different angles. Different parts of the wall appear lighter or darker depending on the position in relation to the viewer.

Pale yellow has been selected to be applied to textile softwall + softblock. The colour allows the material to retain its translucency while enhancing the quality of light transmitting from behind or within the softwall. This shade of yellow is not a literal representation of sunlight but somehow evokes the feeling of sunlight on a cheerful summer day. Variation of luminance results from the shape and nature of the wall. The colour is printed directly on the textile as acrylic ink, with a transparency that draws attention to the delicate pattern of the material’s fibres. textile softwall + softblock are now available in any pantone colour (minimum order and lead time) in M1 rated Tyvek.

softwall + softblock is an innovative and award winning modular system of flexible walls, building blocks, seating and lighting designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo. Opening softwall is a delightful and surprising experience as the honeycomb paper or textile structure expands to create a completely freestanding, flexible wall, hundreds of times longer than its compressed form. The efficiency of the structure allows for a very small amount of material to create a large, lightweight wall, an elegant and sustainable solution for flexible space making. All materials used by molo are 100% recyclable.

softwall + softblock is a modular system whereby the elements of various heights, materials and colours all connect to one another, simply and seamlessly, with concealed magnets to create an infinite number of spatial configurations or continuous lengths, stretching as far as your imagination. softwall + softblock also provides a medium for shaping the acoustics and light of a space. The cellular structure and vertical pleats that run the course of an expanded wall serve to dampen sound, while translucent, luminous or opaque versions of softwall + softblock sculpt the ambient light of a space.

Fire ratings
- M1 / B1/ NFPA 701, available for kraft paper softwall + softblock and softseating
- M1 / Class A, available for textile softwall + softblock, softseating, cloud + urchin softlight

Each softwall + softblock element is flexible in length, opening to a maximum 4.5 meter (15’) long. When compressed for storage they are less than 50mm (2”) thick and can be hung on a stainless steel wall hook provided. softwall + softblock modular system includes a variety of standard and custom heights up to 3.05m (10’) tall.

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Press kit | 850-01 - Press release | molo at Maison & Objet 2011, Paris - Molo design - Product - Photo credit: molo design
Photo credit: molo design
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