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Press kit - Press release - Imago guitares - Jean-Sebastien Poncet, designer, plasticien

Imago guitares

Saint-Étienne, France

Jean-Sebastien Poncet, designer, plasticien

Saint-Étienne, France, 2012-04-10 - Born in country, I've been really impressed by simple and rustic forms, tools and landscapes produced by peasants labour. In my work, economy or poverty means poetry. Imago guitares is a woodturned guitars and ukulele maker. This project deals with architecture and construction of stringed instruments. I've designed it by de-constructing guitar in three functional ensemble : strings tension, acoustic resonance and prehension.

model Ô is based on the principle of one turned bowl acting in pressure like a speaker. A conductor-neck cross the body between top and bowl to free it off from strings' longitudinal tension. The wood-molded stripes allows player to carry the instrument. The showed model is a local wood, oil finished prototype. I consider it as a step in a work in progress. Other evolutions should come in 2012 or 2013. 
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Press kit | 956-01 - Press release | Imago guitares - Jean-Sebastien Poncet, designer, plasticien - Product - Photo credit: Jean-Sebastien Poncet
Photo credit: Jean-Sebastien Poncet
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