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v2com directory Business

2019-03-20 | Spain

Ura Window Display

JA! Studio

2019-03-20 | Canada

FX Studio Design is Becoming Clairoux


2019-02-13 | Canada

Informa Toronto

Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

2019-02-05 | Canada

ENTICY, a new boutique condo project in downtown Montreal

Claridge-Omnia Technologies-Geiger Huot

2018-12-11 | Canada

Micro-City for Creatives

By LumiGroup and Imperatori Design

2018-12-11 | Canada

Innovation and Experience Joins GMAD

GMAD - Groupe Marchand Architecture Design

2018-11-08 | Canada

Michel Lauzon to Lead Ædifica


2018-09-04 | Netherlands

Vescom Brand Introduction in the US


2018-07-30 | Spain

A New Web Platform on Architecture and Design Launched


2018-07-13 | Canada

EVOQ’s Ottawa Office Continues its Growth

EVOQ Architecture

2018-06-29 | Canada

v2com Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

v2com newswire

2018-06-22 | Canada

NEUF Architect(e)s Deepens its Foundations 

NEUF architect(e)s

2018-05-18 | United States

San Francisco Design Week 2018: Start Here

San Francisco Design Week

2018-03-23 | Canada

Three New Partners at Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2018-03-08 | Tunisia

Sarah Mag Toumi Rural Agora for Bir Sallah (El Hencha), Tunisia

Philippe Barriere Collective Tn (PB+Co)

2018-03-05 | United States

265 West 45th Street

RB Systems

2018-02-12 | United Arab Emirates

METAFORM Architects Opens Subsidiary in Dubai

Metaform architects

2018-02-08 | United Arab Emirates

1/JBR: Minimalist Opulence


2018-02-07 | Canada

EDA Will Become Architecture Without Borders Quebec

Architectes de l'urgence et de la coopération

2018-02-02 | Canada

National Bank’s Dynamic New Workspace

VAD Designers d'espaces

2018-01-23 | Canada

Slack Toronto Office

Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

2018-01-22 | Canada

Members of Dan Hanganu’s Team Join EVOQ Architecture

EVOQ Architecture

2018-01-07 | United States

Introducing the World’s First LiFi Lamp: MyLiFi®

Global LiFi Tech Inc.

2017-12-28 | United States

InfoTech Office Building at Celebration Pointe

CUPKOVIC architecture, llc

2017-12-13 | Uruguay


Cotignola, Staricco, Tobler

2017-12-04 | Canada


Atelier Barda architecture

2017-11-21 | Turkey

Ankara Office Tower

Anmahian Winton Architects

2017-11-15 | Austria

ORBI Tower

Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH

2017-11-08 | Canada

Standing in the Middle of the Field

Maurice Martel architecte

2017-10-31 |

Business As [Un]usual


2017-10-31 | United States

Anthem Technology Center Enhances Innovation Hub Tech Square in Atlanta

John Portman & Associates

2017-10-25 | Canada

The World Design Summit (WDS): A Memorable Meeting with a Positive Future Impact

World Design Summit Organization (WDSO)

2017-10-23 | Italy

Microsoft House


2017-10-23 | Romania

Stefan cel Mare Building 

Lauster & Radu Arhitecti

2017-10-16 | Canada

World Design Summit: A Unique and Dynamic Gathering on Change Through Design

World Design Summit Organization

2017-10-10 | United States

HGA San Francisco Unveils RealPage Headquarters 

HGASan Francisco

2017-07-26 | United States

GRAY Awards Final Call for Entries

GRAY Magazine

2017-06-27 | United Kingdom

ioLight Portable High Resolution Microscope

Cambridge Industrial Design

2017-05-22 | United States

Charlotte NC’s Newest Office Tower Opens For Business

John Portman & Associates

2017-05-01 | Australia

Corrs Chambers Westgarth


2017-03-03 | Canada

The Standard Café

Jean de Lessard, Designers Créatifs

2017-02-02 | United States

The Architecture MasterPrize Announced the Firm of the Year Award

Architecture MasterPrize

2017-01-30 | Canada

Three New Associates at MENKÈS SHOONER DAGENAIS LETOURNEUX Architectes

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2017-01-16 | Canada

Italbec Launches Its New Website


2016-11-29 | United States

Minneapolis Claims The First Modern Mass Timber Office Building in the U.S.


2016-10-27 | Taiwan

H&M Taiwan office - Courtyard 

J.C. Architecture

2016-10-24 | Portugal

The Three Cusps Chalet

Tiago do Vale Architects

2016-10-05 | Canada

Major Works From the Quartier des spectacles Exhibited Abroad 

Quartier des spectacles Partnership

2016-09-19 | Canada

Crew Offices and Café

Henri Cleinge, architect

2016-09-09 | France

Les Saisons

Arte Charpentier Architectes

2016-09-09 | United Kingdom

Grand Opening of the Cosentino City London


2016-09-05 | France

Ibis Styles & Pullman hotels in Roissypôle 

Arte Charpentier Architectes

2016-08-04 | United Arab Emirates

Global Grad Show Announces 2016 Exhibition

Dubai Design Week

2016-07-27 | Canada

IDS Vancouver Announces Tom Dixon as Keynote Speaker for Trade Day

Interior Design Show Vancouver (IDS Vancouver)

2016-07-12 | France

Eole on the Evergreen campus

Arte Charpentier Architectes

2016-07-08 | France

Evergreen campus reception pavilion

Arte Charpentier Architectes

2016-07-06 | Germany

World Architecture Festival announces 2016 Awards shortlist

World Architecture Festival (WAF)

2016-07-05 | Canada

A major asset for Sid Lee Architecture

Sid Lee Architecture

2016-07-03 | Spain

FAD Awards Winners 2016

FAD - Fostering Arts and Design

2016-07-01 | Switzerland

Incredible performance

Helvetica Brands SA - SWIZA

2016-05-20 | Spain

2016 ADI Awards Finalists 

ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design)

2016-05-09 | United Kingdom

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Clerkenwell Design Week

2016-04-27 | Italy

memobottle | A'Design Award Gold Winner


2016-04-25 | Canada

Henriquez Partners Architects Wins a Prestigious Architizer A+Award

Henriquez Partners Architects

2016-04-24 | Italy

A’ Design Awards 2016 Winners Announced

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-04-22 | Canada

New Fashion Museum in Montreal

Musée de la mode

2016-04-14 | Canada

Architect & Landscape Architect Faber Cayouette Joins A2DESIGN Team

A2DESIGN Concepteurs stratégiques

2016-04-04 | United Kingdom

Zaha Hadid 1950­-2016

Zaha Hadid Architects

2016-03-31 | Canada

Le Montréal du futur® 2016 biennale exhibition 

Le Montréal du futur

2016-03-24 | United Arab Emirates

Design Days Dubai Completes It Fifth And Most Successful Edition To-Date 

Design Days Dubai

2016-03-23 | Canada

FGMDA Incorporates to Become EVOQ


2016-02-22 | Canada

la Shed

la SHED architecture

2016-02-15 | Canada

Lambert et Fils + Coop Établi: Uniting Two Forces

Lambert et Fils + Coop Établi

2016-02-04 | Canada

Univers Nuface

ADHOC Architects

2016-02-01 | Canada

Ten years of Humà

Humà design + architecture

2016-01-18 | Canada

Tone|s| of a protean space

Jean de Lessard, Designers Créatifs

2016-01-18 | Canada

Sixteen Must-See Features at the Interior Design Show  

Interior Design Show (IDS)

2016-01-18 | France

Euravenir Tower


2016-01-04 | Italy

World Design Rankings

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-01-04 | Italy

International Call for Design Nominations

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-12-21 | Netherlands

'Room On The Roof' by i29 interior architects

i29 | interior architects

2015-12-21 | Turkey

Yazgan Design wins the 'Innovative Use of Color Award' at WAF 2015

Yazgan Design Architecture

2015-12-07 | United States

Pen Uno: The Most Minimal Pen


2015-12-04 | Singapore

Kki Sweets and The Little Dröm Store: Drawing Diagrammatic Parallels


2015-11-18 | Canada

Le 1650, a modern facility, bold in design with a unique signature style

A2DESIGN Concepteurs stratégiques

2015-11-13 | Singapore

World Architecture Festival 2015 – Day Two Winners Announced

World Architecture Festival (WAF)

2015-11-05 | Netherlands

Tribes inspiring workplaces

Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.

2015-10-19 | Canada

Launch of the new Faubourg 1792 project

Bromont Real Estate

2015-10-13 | Canada

JURA store opens in Quebec city


2015-10-12 | Canada

Purity of concrete


2015-09-25 | Canada

Artopex opens a showroom in Quebec City


2015-09-18 | United Kingdom

The 2015 SBID Awards finalists revealed

SBID - The Society of British & International Design

2015-09-08 | Canada

Saul-Bellow Library

Chevalier Morales Architectes

2015-09-03 | Italy

Call for entries to the International A' Design Award & Competition 2016

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-09-03 | United Arab Emirates

Introducing a world-first: 'Global Grad Show' at Dubai Design Week 

Dubai Design Week

2015-08-27 | France

A light like a sky


2015-08-26 | Canada

Ceragres acquires Montréal-Les-Bains


2015-08-17 | Austria

The first urban compact bike 

VELLO bike

2015-08-15 | Canada

JURA news

Les importations EDIKA inc.

2015-08-15 | Canada

LELIT news

Les importations EDIKA inc.

2015-08-10 | China

Shenzhen tower design unveiled

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

2015-08-05 | Canada

Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all

v2com newswire

2015-07-13 | Switzerland

Reusable Nespresso® capsule shippable in a letter


2015-06-11 | United States

Coffee Bar Revitalizes Area

jones | haydu

2015-06-08 | Canada

v2com shows its true colours!

v2com newswire

2015-06-08 | Canada

Reinventing a walk on the bottom of the sea

Jean de Lessard, Designers Créatifs

2015-05-26 | Portugal

The best of Portugal


2015-05-20 | Canada


Loud+Clear, the design market

2015-05-14 | United Kingdom

Discover smart designs for international business at May Design Series

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-05-11 | Canada

DESIGN SHOW : Seminars and VIP Evening

Agence PID

2015-05-08 | Canada

Second episode of Batimag!


2015-05-06 | United Kingdom

Jo Malone announced as keynote speaker at May Design Series

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-04-23 | Canada

New STGM Architects head office

STGM Architects

2015-04-02 | United Kingdom

May Design Series 2015: Show Preview

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-04-02 | Canada

A new paradigm for products made in Quebec

Skerpa Design

2015-03-19 | Canada

Alcoa Canada unveils design contest project winners!

Alcoa Canada Groupe Produits primaires

2015-03-03 | Canada

The Architect of conceptual audacy


2015-02-09 | Canada

Introducing 6 new artists at l’Éloi


2015-02-05 | Germany

Munich – the design metropolis

bayern design GmbH

2015-02-03 | United Kingdom

May Design Series returns to London for 2015

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-01-28 | Hong Kong

Business of Design Week 2014

Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC)

2015-01-26 | Canada

Meet Eric Jourdan, Industrial designer


2015-01-15 | Canada

What not to miss at IDS15 January 22-25, 2015

Interior Design Show (IDS)

2015-01-15 | Canada

Alcoa Canada unveils design contest project finalists

Alcoa Canada Primary Products Group

2015-01-12 | United States

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Designs an Iconic Tower for Downtown Sacramento

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

2014-12-15 | Canada

HEC Project 2014 Edition

Faculté d'aménagement de l'Université de Montréal

2014-12-15 | Canada


Philippe Dubuc

2014-11-20 | Poland

Foundation for Polish Science Headquarters

FAAB Architektura

2014-11-17 | Canada

Julia Gersovitz receives the Harley J. McKee Award

Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet et associés architectes (FGMDA)

2014-06-18 | Canada

A new glass envelope for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel


2014-05-13 | Canada

Via Capitale – Vitrine Éco

L. McComber

2014-03-06 | Canada

An essential architectural policy in Quebec

Mission Design

2013-12-04 | Canada

L’AAPQ  welcome a new general manager

L'Association des architectes paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ)

2013-03-10 | Canada

SieMatic comes to Quebec!


2012-10-23 | Canada

Boffi comes to Montreal!


2012-07-11 | Canada

WZMH Architects, The First Fifty Years - Celebration

WZMH Architects

2010-05-16 | Canada

Grand Masquerade Ball 2012

La Fondation immobilière de Montréal pour les jeunes (FIMJ)