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Press kit - Press release - Brasseur de Montréal showcasesthe Bone Structure® construction system in Griffintown - BONE Structure | Simple Concept inc.

Brasseur de Montréal showcasesthe Bone Structure® construction system in Griffintown

Montreal, Canada

BONE Structure | Simple Concept inc.

Montreal, Canada, 2013-12-05 - With the inauguration of its new space, the restaurant-bar Brasseur de Montréal becomes the Montreal showcase for a commercial application of the BONE Structure® light steel construction system.

Using BONE Structure technology, part of Brasseur de Montréal’s outdoor terrace was closed in to expand the restaurant by 2,000 square feet, doubling its capacity with seating for 85 extra diners. “Our new space is superb,” notes Marc-André Gauvreau, vice-president and founder of Brasseur de Montréal, “with lots of light and an industrial feel that fits with the restaurant’s ambience. And it was all built in just two days, with no dust or waste!”

Making architecture creative
BONE Structure has developed and patented an international construction system that combines aesthetics, flexibility, efficiency, and respect for the environment. The light steel structure that forms the frame of Brasseur de Montréal’s new addition made it possible to create an original volume for the space, with two ceiling heights and no interior bearing columns.

“With this system, it’s very easy to create the volumes you want and vary them as needed,” explains Michelle Tremblay, vice-president and co-founder of BONE Structure. “BONE Structure allows for a 25-foot clear span and plentiful fenestration. We can therefore create open, light-filled spaces.”

The façade of the restaurant’s new dining room thus features very generous fenestration. The owners have left the galvanized steel beams showing to give the space an industrial style corresponding to the site’s identity.

An efficient, environmentally friendly system
The BONE Structure elements are assembled simply. Unlike traditional construction methods, the process is extremely rapid and clean. Moreover, during the expansion of Brasseur de Montréal, accomplished in record time, the restaurant was able to stay open and serve customers without interruption, as the elimination of traditional construction inconveniences (noise, dust, waste) makes BONE Structure an environmentally friendly and respectful construction system. Even the pallets used to transport the construction materials were recycled to embellish the restaurant’s interior décor. BONE Structure, which has specialized in home construction since its foundation, is now demonstrating its capacity to assemble commercial buildings, capitalizing on the numerous advantages that it offers (clean construction, volume and luminosity of spaces, rapidity of execution).

About BONE Structure
BONE Structure was created in 2005 from the desire of its founding president, Marc-André Bovet, to revolutionize traditional residential construction methods. He surrounded himself with experts (engineers, architects, industrial designers, interior designers, technologists, and urban planners) and listened to what his clients told him about their experiences. Then, he designed a system that eliminates the shortcomings of residential construction.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and energy efficient, the BONE Structure system gives free rein to clients’ and architects’ creativity by making it easy to form vast spaces with variable volumes and extraordinary fenestration. Thanks to its simplicity, the system offers clients great transparency and considerably reduces delivery times. BONE Structure is not a modular or prefabricated construction system, but a technology inspired by the automobile and aerospace industries.

BONE Structure has received a number of awards for innovation, architecture, and process, including the prestigious Dunamis Award for Innovation in 2013. In 2008, BONE Structure received the CONTECH Award for Technology – Innovative Product.

“Change the world of habitation, and change habitation all over the world”


About Brasseur de Montréal
Founded in 2008 by a couple Marc-André Gauvreau (brewer and beer expert) and Denise Mérineau (expert in finance and administration), Brasseur de Montréal is a microbrewery situated in Montreal’s old industrial neighbourhood of Griffintown. The company’s objective is to democratize microbrewery beer by producing high-quality beers with an accessible taste (without the alcohol content or bitterness of many microbrewery beers). It offers a dozen basic beers and several specialty beers that can be found in supermarkets and specialty stores. Brasseur de Montréal has received numerous awards for the quality of its products and it’s branding. Five of its beers are listed in the reference book Les 100 meilleures bières du Québec.

Brasseur de Montréal defines itself as a family business involved in its community and respectful of its environment. It has developed a university brewing platform and collaborates with l’ÉTS (neighbors) and the Polytechnique de Montréal. Having made major investments in research and development to devise new techniques for production of environmentally friendlier beer, it is one of the few companies of its type in Canada to have received carbon-neutral certification.

So that people could sample its products, the company opened a restaurant-bar adjacent to the microbrewery. Although its owners saw the new establishment as simply an adjunct to its core activity, the restaurant, offering high-quality but affordable traditional cuisine, grew spectacularly, and is increasingly attracting a business clientele. Given this success, Gauvreau and Mérineau decided to double the restaurant’s capacity by annexing part of its terrace. 

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Press kit | 1110-01 - Press release | Brasseur de Montréal showcasesthe Bone Structure® construction system in Griffintown - BONE Structure | Simple Concept inc. - Commercial Architecture - Denise Mérineau, Marc-André Gauvreau et Michelle Trembray - Photo credit: BONE Structure
Denise Mérineau, Marc-André Gauvreau et Michelle Trembray
Photo credit: BONE Structure
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