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Press kit - Press release - Penson design a Lively and Flexible Space for Octopus - Penson

Penson design a Lively and Flexible Space for Octopus

London, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom, 2016-01-18 -

Design mavens and cultural game changers Penson have been quietly delivering high profile projects across the globe: from handing over a culture changing global design standard for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover to delivering cutting edge interior for world’s 5th tallest building in central Seoul. Penson have returned all guns blazing delivering for not one but two London based companies this time.

Located on the 6th and 7th floor of 33 Holborn St. in London, Octopus Investments and Lightsource went through a full office makeover that has put the life back into working days. Penson have created yet another office that people will actually look forward to going to work in. 

In order to give the project a common identity Penson jointly created the guidelines for a balanced and harmonious space. Given creative control of two floors Penson had to make sure to create a line of visual continuity running through whilst giving each floor a distinct style and artistic theme with authentic features specific to Octopus and Lightsource.

Walk out on the 6th floor and you will find an area dedicated to sea world, with one mysterious creature in particular - octopus. Reoccurring theme of its arms in manifestations and other décor elements add a stamp of Penson authenticity as well as reinforces Octopus’ brand image without being too exuberant. Walk out of the lift on the 7th floor and you’ll enter a jungle-like green and luscious space. The living wall behind the reception desk of Lightsource fantastically blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. With many different types of plants Penson ensured that key elements of Lightsource ethos, such as sustainability and appreciation of nature, were visibly noticed as soon as you walk in. 

As a workspace that thrives on welcoming clients in, Octopus and Lightsource needed a lively, flexible and entertaining space that would drive socializing and financial collaboration. Octopus and Lightsource wanted their clients to pop in if passing by, so the HQ is very much a home from home for everyone. Penson have based their design around a welcoming and unique working environment that would ooze character and kept everything running smoothly in busy communal areas. 

To ease communication and promote flexible working Penson have designed a number of informal meeting areas with a coffee bar and a Pick‘N’Mix stand at the heart of the client hub where clients and partners can meet for a quick chat over a cup of tea or grab a few fizzy cola bottles to get themselves through the last hour of the day.

There are many facilities and hideaways, with booths for 1-2-1 meets or the padded rooms for a private conversation. The HQ is shrewdly designed to make the most of the office space and in doing so enhances functionality. A mixture of circular and rectangular desks optimizes floor space and helps people bond by removing the ‘chained to my desk’ feeling and allowing them to perform with flying colours at their best speed and efficiency

The HQ is not fussy, clutter or gimmicky. It’s clean, crisp and modest. It’s yet another example of how cultural game changers Penson can bring a strong sense of ‘people skills’ into financial sector.

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