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Press kit - Press release - Three-times winner Mini-Studio - FRENTE arquitectura

Press Kit | no. 980-02

Press release only in English

Three-times winner Mini-Studio


FRENTE arquitectura

Mexico, 2013-07-16 -  Last June were celebrated in Toronto the AZ Awards for design excellence, where the project Mini-Studio designed by FRENTE arquitectura won not only the Jury’s Price but also the People’s Choice Award.

Back in 2012, this project was finalist at World Architecture Festival (WAF) celebrated at Singapore, and winner of Silver Medal at the Biennial of Mexican Architecture.

Due to its nature, the Mini-Studio has been awarded in different categories: At the WAF as “Office”; at the Biennial of Mexican Architecture as “Workshop”; and now at the AZ Awards as “Best Residential Interior”.

This project which has participated in different venues around the world will be present next fall in Rome, Italy, during the 1st Contemporary Mexican Architecture Exhibition.

Project Description

Limited to only 27sqm of footprint, this art workshop is nested in a small gap originally occupied by a storage-room, between 3 existing buildings.

With a careful control of perspective and using trapezoidal shapes, vanishing points are emphasized, achieving a dynamic and fluid space, which despite of its size, it feels very spacious.

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