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Press kit - Press release - Illuminate the Red Light! Will you dare? - La Vitrine culturelle de Montréal

Press Kit | no. 1098-01

Illuminate the Red Light! Will you dare?

Montreal, Canada

La Vitrine culturelle de Montréal

On Thursday, October 24, at 7:30 pm

Montreal, Canada, 2013-10-21 -  La Vitrine is about to raise the curtain on 2-22’s facade, with new technological installations created by Moment Factory. On Thursday, October 24, at 7:30 pm, Montreal audiences will be invited to attend the official launch of this great illumination event, where a multidisciplinary show directed by Lorraine Pintal will be presented on the passageways of 3 of the building’s floors.

Located in the heart of Montreal’s old Red Light District, the illumination event of 2-22, a cultural flagship of the Entertainment District, aims at telling the story of the neighbourhood, and at bringing original locations back to life, while using lights and performance to pay tribute to the evolution of this true mythical area of Montreal's urban landscape.

To mark the official launch of this illumination project, La Vitrine and Moment Factory celebrate Red Light’s cultural identity by combining live performances with cutting edge light technology.

free outdoor show, presented on both facades of the building at the corner of Saint-Laurent and Ste-Catherine, will shine with the vitality of the city's cultural offer, by showcasing circus performances, dancing and singing, performed by Les 7 doigts de la main, O Vertigo, l’Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal et Maude Guérin, who will perform an excerpt from Chant de Sainte Carmen de la Main by Michel Tremblay.

"In addition to providing cutting edge multimedia platforms that promote our cultural scene and the technological look of our city center, 2-22’s passageways also offer the perfect performance venue and wonderful creations to the public," says Lorraine Pintal, director of 2-22’s illumination show and President of La Vitrine.

"With the introduction of the first multi-disciplinary show on 2-22’s exterior passageways, La Vitrine confirms its role as an active, animated, interactive and cultural spokesperson that is actively involved in the promotion of cultural activities in Quartier des spectacles and Montreal." Says Nadine Gelly, CEO of La Vitrine.

The setup of these new technological installations is part of Quartier des spectacles’ Luminous Pathway, which interprets the area’s visual identity through a unique urban experience.

The bold architecture of the building, designed by Aedifica in collaboration with Gilles Huot, inspired Moment Factory’s creative teams, who were determined to accentuate architectural features using multimedia: the entrance symbolizing the opening of a curtain will be showcased with light and colour. The three walkways separating each of the building’s floors will be transformed into video surfaces, presenting ambient and artistic content, as well as informative cultural programming.

For Dominic Audet, Partner and Co-founder of Moment Factory, "This new outdoor lighting represents the creative continuation of La Vitrine’s interior phase, whose interactive installations, including the cultural catalyst, were designed to symbolize the artistic and cultural energy of the metropolis. We want to pay tribute to the city’s artistic creativity and make the mythical corner of Saint-Laurent and Ste-Catherine vibrate, inside and out, with a unique and permanent digital envelope."

La Vitrine would like to thank the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, the City of Montreal and the Quartier des spectacles Partnership, for their vision and their generous support in the project.


La Vitrine is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and sales of all cultural activities. Along with its website, which features Greater Montreal’s most complete cultural calendar, a cultural blog and augmented reality mobile application, La Vitrine offers a one-stop shop of information and box-office for both discounted and regular priced tickets. Reputed as the foremost promoter of culture, La Vitrine offers visitors a genuine cultural journey in the heart of the city through technological installations designed by Moment Factory, a symbol of Montreal’s convergence of talent and creativity. 
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Press kit | 1098-01 - Press release | Illuminate the Red Light! Will you dare? - La Vitrine culturelle de Montréal - Event + Exhibition

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Press kit | 1098-01 - Press release | Illuminate the Red Light! Will you dare? - La Vitrine culturelle de Montréal - Event + Exhibition

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