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Press kit - Press release - Ruedi Baur And Pedro Ortiz Added to the List of Personalities That Will Come Together in Montreal in October 2017 - World Design Summit Organization (WDSO)
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Ruedi Baur And Pedro Ortiz Added to the List of Personalities That Will Come Together in Montreal in October 2017

Montréal, Canada

World Design Summit Organization (WDSO)

Two more major speakers announced for the World Design Summit

Montréal, Canada, 2017-01-30 -

The World Design Summit Organization is proud to announce two more keynote speakers, internationally-recognized figures who will be sharing their groundbreaking ideas during this highly-awaited event.


This great gathering, which will bring thousands of people from everywhere on the planet to Montréal, from October 16 to 25, 2017, will allow participants to hear such luminaries as:


Ruedi Baur

Ruedi Baur has been developing a transdisciplinary approach since the 1980s, as an author, teacher, and as part of his groundbreaking projects on identity, wayfinding and the representation of institutions and territories, notably with his firm Intégral Ruedi Baur, in Paris and Zurich. A graphic designer by trade, he has been teaching all over the world, from Paris to Beijing and Québec City, Argentina, Brazil and Geneva, and is the author of numerous books. His work includes identity and wayfinding projects for many international organizations like New York’s New School, Paris’ Centre Pompidou, the Cologne-Bonn Airport and the future Greater Paris Métro.


Pedro Ortiz

While working on urban development plans for the city of Madrid, in the 1990s, Pedro Ortiz developed an integrated vision of sustainable development for metropolitan areas, one of humanity’s great challenges as major urban areas are growing at a breathtaking speed, all around the world. A senior urban planner with the World Bank, he also consults for organizations like the United Nations, the European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank. He recently published The Art of Shaping the Metropolis.


Baur and Ortiz are joining Alejandro Aravena, Belinda Tato and Jan Gehl on the list of keynote speakers for the event. The full program of the event is also taking shape rapidly, thanks in part to some 335 proposals for content received from 40 countries.


About the Summit

The World Design Summit – Montréal 2017 is an unprecedented international gathering of diverse disciplines with a common focus: how design can shape the future. Montréal will host design professionals, government and business leaders, industry representatives, media and NGOs from around the world. For 10 days, attendees will come together to transcend silos, foster cooperation and enhance professional development. More than a mere celebration of design, the Summit will demonstrate the tremendous power of design to create viable solutions to global social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.


To find out more about the Summit, go to www.worlddesignsummit.com, and register for our newsletter to find out all the details.

Photo credit: Palais de congrès de Montréal

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Press kit | 2181-04 - Press release | Ruedi Baur And Pedro Ortiz Added to the List of Personalities That Will Come Together in Montreal in October 2017 - World Design Summit Organization (WDSO) - Event + Exhibition - Pedro Ortiz - Photo credit: World Design Summit Organization (WDSO)
Pedro Ortiz
Photo credit: World Design Summit Organization (WDSO)
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