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Press kit - Press release - Domison at the IIDEX show - Domison

Domison at the IIDEX show

Montreal, Canada


Presenting the commercial side of Domison

Montreal, Canada, 2011-12-06 - Domison showcased its commercial and contract division at the recent IIDEX show in Toronto earlier this fall. Known mostly for its modern and sleek residential furniture, Domison presented a few new designs primarily geared towards commercial applications.

“We’ve been doing a lot of contract projects over the past ten years” says My, co-founder of Domison. “Designers who are familiar with us know we can produce anything. If we can manufacture our own designs, we can certainly do so for designers. We’ve furnished airports, offices, restaurants, hotels, universities and retailers amongst other”

Domison’s most recent collaboration is a collection of lounge seating for the Cinema Parallele complex and the production of RITA’s installation at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the current Big Bang exhibition.

“Sometimes, designers or architects specify one of our designs. But most of the time, they bring us their own drawings and we just act as manufacturer” says Thien, co-founder of Domison. “Our strength is quality and durability. We are particularly competitive in upholstery (sofas, armchairs and benches). All our commercial furniture is manufactured in Montreal making it easy to customize each piece to suit each project.”

Domison’s long list of clients over the past years is a seal of reliability. While some projects involve a large quantity of furniture, in general they are quite small. Since the furniture is made locally, Domison is capable of producing even just one single custom piece. No project size is too small for the company. “We often produce custom sofas or sectionals for private residences. These projects require only one item but we’re happy to make it as our production logistic allows it” concludes My.

To request a full catalogue or to get quotes on specific design projects please contact Domison. The new collection is on display at both showrooms in Montreal and Toronto.

List of projects:

Aéroport de Montréal
Air Canada
Attraction Média
Biennale de Montréal
Canadian Fur Council
Communion restaurant
Concordia University
Crown Plaza Hotels
Dev. McGill
Edmundo Castillo
Europa Lofts
Films Séville
Fondation DHC/ART
Heenan Blaikie
Imperial Tobbaco
La Maison Simons
Le Montebello Condos
Les Cavistes
Meridien Hotels
Musée de Beaux Arts de Montréal
Park Hyatt
Power Corporation
Scandinave les bains
Scion Group
Société Générale
Solano Condos
St-Regis Hotels
Tapeo restaurant
Université de Montréal
Via Sauvagia
Wilson Loft

Domison Montreal
4117 Boul. St-Laurent
t. 514-563-1268

Domison Toronto
35 Jarvis Street
t. 416-203-2687

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