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Press kit - Press release - The International Garden Festival Presents Tiny Taxonomy at Chelsea Fringe in London - International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

The International Garden Festival Presents  Tiny Taxonomy at Chelsea Fringe in London

London, United Kingdom

International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

Grand-Métis, Canada, 2014-05-14 -

The International Garden Festival is pleased to participate in the 3rd edition of the Chelsea Fringe Festival in London with the Tiny Taxonomy by landscape architect Rosetta Sarah Elkin garden, May 16 to May 31. The garden will be installed at Belgrave Square Garden, one of the most important historic squares in London, in the heart of Belgravia. Tiny Taxonomy was originally created for the 2010 edition of the International Garden Festival held every year at Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens in Métis, Québec. A new version was exhibited at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum during the summer of 2013.

Tiny Taxonomy classifies plants through shared and common traits, derived from an evolution towards feature miniaturization. Each of the plants on display is selected for its foliage size, ranging from dwarf cushions and compact mounds to succulent rosettes and or grassy fronds. Taxonomically useful features include a mat-like form to resist wind or frost, and proportionately large flowers to encourage pollination. These traits generate a taxonomy, which is best understood through closer consideration. Each plant, rock, artifact and specimen has been collected by the designer, and is on generous loan from London’s Highgate Cemetery. 

About Rosetta Elkin

Rosetta Sarah Elkin is a Canadian landscape architect and lecturer at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Elkin’s work emphasizes the use of live matter and planting as design medium, highlighting scalar applications.

About the International Garden Festival 

The International Garden Festival (www.jardinsmetis.com/english/festival/edition) is the première garden festival in North America. Founded in 2000, the Festival will hold its 15th edition during the summer of 2014. The Festival is held every year at Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens, a historic garden on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in eastern Québec. Built on the grounds of Lord Mount Stephen’s fishing camp by his niece, Elsie Reford, the gardens are celebrated the 50th anniversary of their opening to the public in 2012. The Festival has featured over 150 gardens created by more than 500 designers from 14 countries and attracted more than 1 million visitors. In addition to exhibiting 25 conceptual gardens on the festival site at each edition, the Festival also presents extra-mural gardens in select venues in Canada and around the world. The Festival presented the iconic Blue Stick Garden by Claude Cormier at Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset in 2004 and Floating Forest by NIPpaysage as part of the inaugural edition of the Chelsea Fringe in 2012. 

About the Chelsea Fringe

Chelsea Fringe (www.chelseafringe.com) is a festival of flowers, gardens and gardening across London. It is a new festival for everyone who’s interested in gardens and gardening. With its emphasis on participation (most events are free), the Fringe is also about pushing the boundaries. The 2014 Chelsea Fringe will run for three weeks at a host of different venues and settings across London from May 17 to June 8. It will feature a wonderful mixture of public spectacles, horticultural happenings and community celebrations. 

About Grosvenor and Belgrave Square

Grosvenor is a privately owned property group active in some of the world’s most dynamic cities. Its extensive holdings in Belgravia and Mayfair include Belgrave Square, one of London’s largest and most historic squares. Belgrave Square was laid out in 1826. The corners of the square are on the points of the compass. The development was a success from the start, probably helped by George IV's decision to convert nearby Buckingham House into a palace for his residence. Today the Square is home to private homes and embassy residences. At the centre of the square is a private garden featuring historic plantings. 

Partners and Collaborators in the Presentation of Tiny Taxonomy at Chelsea Fringe

This installation has been made possible by Grosvenor. Plants have been provided by the Highgate Cemetary. Tiny Taxonomy is presented by the International Garden Festival with assistance from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts and the collaboration of the Quebec Government Office in London, Destination Québec, the Canadian Tourism Commission and Chelsea Fringe. 

Public Viewing

Tiny Taxonomy will be open for public viewing on Friday, May 16 (2 to 5 pm), Sunday, May 18 (1 to 5 pm), May 19 to May 23 (12 noon to 2 pm), May 24 (1 to 5 pm) and May 31 (1 to 5 pm).

Source : 

Alexander Reford 

Director, Jardins de Métis – Reford Gardens 

Festival international de jardins – International Garden Festival


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Press kit | 837-06 - Press release | The International Garden Festival Presents Tiny Taxonomy at Chelsea Fringe in London - International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens - Event + Exhibition - 

Sylvain Legris - Photo credit: 

Sylvain Legris
Sylvain Legris
Photo credit: Sylvain Legris
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