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Press kit - Press release - Launch of LUA and its website - Agricultural Urbanism Lab

Launch of LUA and its website

Paris, France

Agricultural Urbanism Lab

Paris, France, 2012-04-25 - After more than six years of research in the urban agriculture field, the Agricultural Urbanism Lab was created in 2012 by SOA Architectes, Le Sommer Environnement and the Bureau d'Etudes de Gally. Other experts working on various aspects of the same theme from different perspectives have joined them.

LUA is a non-profit-making organisation, whose goal is to create and develop an inter-disciplinary platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills in the urban agriculture field, with the task of:

• Contributing to the capitalisation and sharing of knowledge on urban farms and agriculture,
• Treating architecture as a framework for federative experimentation in the development of agriculture in the urban environment,
• Developing relations between professionals in the construction, urban planning, eco-technology and environmental and biological fields to develop synergies,
• Formalising the existence of a “Vertical Farm and Urban Agriculture” standard of excellence by bringing together the actors involved
• Developing research, innovation and experimentation,
• Promoting urban agriculture and vertical farms on a local, national and international level.

The Agricultural Urbanism Laboratory is a collaborative platform encouraging contributions and free expression from experts, laymen and the general public on www.lua-paris.com

Principles of responsible action
Promoting urban and peri-urban agriculture whose aims are:
• To protect human health (farmers, inhabitants and consumers),
• To encourage biodiversity in the broadest sense (flora, fauna, land and water),
• To reduce its environmental impact and promote a sustainable, long-term, social and economic

A shared strategic vision
• Participating in the development and implementation of a communal development strategy focussed on vertical agriculture and more broadly on agricultural urbanism and the relationship between the natural, architectural and urban environment.
• Taking into account the territorial dimension of such an approach, particularly in terms of local employment, the promotion of locality-based agriculture, the structuring of production channels and, more broadly, the evolution towards a more living city.

A platform of expertise and knowledge
• Anticipating and analysing urban agriculture’s stakes and potential for development from a think tank standpoint.
• Organising cooperation by capitalising on acquired experience and sharing technical solutions, sustainable procedures and conception standards developed by pioneering projects.
• Developing a strategic and prospective overview on an international level. Identifying the actors with the communal aim of developing an international network.

An innovative approach
• Identifying priority issues via key concepts and the resolution of conception problems, in order to
define research aims leading to programmes developed in collaboration with public and private actors.
• Organising multi-disciplinary approaches and competencies by combining architecture, urbanism,
environmental and plant engineering, local development and the construction industry.
Facilitating the transition from experimentation to construction.

A vital informative role
• Accompanying the implementation of change with an ambitious communication policy and debates.
• Communicating and publicising the latest research developments.
• Taking the debate to elected representatives, the academic world, elected authorities and the
general public.
• Developing a critical mass of activities and achieving international recognition.

• Jean-Christophe AGUAS – in charge of development - Le Sommer Environnement / Secretary
• Xavier LAUREAU – managing director - Les Fermes de Gally / Vice-chairman
• Michel LE SOMMER - environmental engineer - Le Sommer Environnement / Vice-chairman
• Jean-Claude REY – inventor of the Courtirey bacs de culture / Administrator
• Brigitte RICCI – project director - Ville de Paris / Administrator
• Augustin ROSENSTIEHL – associate architect - SOA Architectes / Chairman
• Pierre SARTOUX - associate architect - SOA Architectes / Treasurer
• Raphaële YON-ARAUD – managing director - Greenopie / Administrator

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