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v2com directory Multimedia Design

2019-05-27 | United States

San Francisco Design Week
Debuts "CommUNITY"
Exhibit and Silent Auction

San Francisco Design Week

2019-05-27 | United States

San Francisco Design Week 2019

San Francisco Design Week / AIGA SF

2019-04-25 | United States

SACO Wins the 2019 Sapphire Award

SACO Technologies Inc.

2018-12-11 | Canada

Micro-City for Creatives

By LumiGroup and Imperatori Design

2018-11-19 | Netherlands

Worlds of Wonder

Tinker imagineers

2018-07-30 | Spain

A New Web Platform on Architecture and Design Launched


2018-06-14 | United States

Core77 Design Awards Announce Their 2018 Honorees

Core77 Design Awards

2018-06-07 | United States

San Francisco Design Week
First Annual Awards Debut

San Francisco Design Week

2018-04-25 | Canada

Shadow Play

Lucion Media

2018-03-20 | United Kingdom

Topshop Splash!


2017-10-18 |

Architecture-Led Production for a Private Event

Designlab Experience

2017-09-21 | Canada

Unveiling of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite 

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Sid Lee Architecture and MASSIVart

2017-09-21 | United States

Alaska Exhibition

GSM Project

2017-09-13 | Switzerland

Kossmann.dejong Designs New Permanent Exhibition for the Swiss Museum of Communication

Kossmann.dejong, exhibition architects

2017-07-13 | Denmark

TIRPITZ, a 'Hidden Museum' on Danish West Coast

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group and Tinker imagineers

2017-06-29 | Canada

Nedap Transforms Libraries with Intelligent Shelves

Nedap Library Solutions

2017-05-24 | United States

Smart Surround by Denon: The HEOS AVR


2017-05-08 | United States



2017-03-02 | Canada

Holodomor Mobile Classroom

Forge Media + Design

2016-12-02 | Canada

Zazz Boutique: An Iridescent Salon


2016-11-14 | Canada

Toronto Design Offsite Festival Releases 2017 Festival Programming

Toronto Design Offsite Festival

2016-10-31 | United States

Bernie Taupin: Antiphona Opens in New York

Waterhouse & Dodd Fine Art

2016-10-21 | Canada

Announcing DX Intersection: DISPATCH

Design Exchange, Canada's Design Museum

2016-10-19 | United Arab Emirates

Dubai Design Week 2016 Announces 'Iconic City: Cairo Now! City Incomplete' 

Dubai Design Week

2016-10-13 | Canada

International design competition for the creation of worksite information modules

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2016-08-19 | United States

9th Annual International Design Awards Winners Announced 

International Design Awards

2016-08-04 | United Arab Emirates

Global Grad Show Announces 2016 Exhibition

Dubai Design Week

2016-07-05 | Canada

A major asset for Sid Lee Architecture

Sid Lee Architecture

2016-07-01 | Switzerland

Dutch design for Nestlé’s open house in Switzerland

Tinker imagineers

2016-06-12 | France

The AccorHotels Arena

DVVD architecture, design and engineering agency

2016-06-12 | Canada

The CCA presents Archaeology of the Digital: Complexity and Convention

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

2016-05-26 | Spain

FADfest. The Barcelona Festival of All Design 

FAD - Fostering Arts and Design

2016-05-13 | Spain

FAD to Architecture and Interior Design Awards Finalists 2016

FAD - Fostering Arts and Design

2016-05-09 | United Kingdom

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Clerkenwell Design Week

2016-04-24 | Italy

A’ Design Awards 2016 Winners Announced

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-04-18 | Canada

Laurent & Clark Development Unveiled

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2016-01-04 | Italy

World Design Rankings

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-01-04 | Italy

International Call for Design Nominations

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-12-17 | Canada

Luminothérapie in the Quartier des spectacles

Quartier des spectacles Partnership

2015-12-15 | Canada

Winter-Spring 2016 programming at the UQAM Centre de Design

Centre de design de l'UQAM

2015-09-18 | Canada

« Ville de Montréal » launches the 8th edition of Phyllis Lambert Grant

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2015-09-03 | Italy

Call for entries to the International A' Design Award & Competition 2016

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-09-03 | United Arab Emirates

Introducing a world-first: 'Global Grad Show' at Dubai Design Week 

Dubai Design Week

2015-08-31 | Canada

Shenzhen Design Award For Young Talents - Call for projects

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2015-08-05 | Canada

Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all

v2com newswire

2015-06-29 | Canada

'Vivre et concevoir avec la neige au Québec'

Maison de l'architecture du Québec

2015-06-08 | Canada

v2com shows its true colours!

v2com newswire

2015-05-14 | United Kingdom

Discover smart designs for international business at May Design Series

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-04-09 | United Kingdom

The SBID International Design Awards 2015 now open

The Society of British and International Design

2015-03-23 | Canada

Design Month in Graz, Austria
Montréal, guest of honour

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2015-03-04 | United States

Paradigms in Computing

eVolo Press

2015-02-09 | Canada

Introducing 6 new artists at l’Éloi


2015-02-05 | Germany

Munich – the design metropolis

bayern design GmbH

2015-01-15 | Canada

What not to miss at IDS15 January 22-25, 2015

Interior Design Show (IDS)

2015-01-12 | Canada

Scenography Requiem(s) King Lear

Mazen Chamseddine Architect

2015-01-08 | Canada

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival is back for its fifth edition

Toronto Design Offsite Festival

2014-11-26 | Canada

Émilie F. Grenier, 2014 Recipient Phyllis Lambert Design Montreal Grant

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2014-10-16 | Canada

Luminothérapie Competition: And the winners for 2014-2015 are...

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2014-08-13 | Canada

Already more than 7000 encounters for Ex[pause]

Stéphanie Leduc and Manuel Baumann

2014-05-25 | Canada

Luminothérapie competition: Finalists announced

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2014-04-29 | Canada

ix immersion • experience
International Symposium on immersive creativity

Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)

2014-04-02 | Canada

Revival of the Casino de Montréal

Provencher_Roy + Associés | Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2014-03-03 | Canada


Art Souterrain

2014-02-16 | Canada

A Look Back on ART SOUTERRAIN’s Press Conference

Art Souterrain

2013-09-22 | Canada

Live Art-Multimedia-Interaction

La Fondation BBCM

2013-08-14 | Canada

Luminothérapie competition: finalists announced 

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2013-05-08 | Mexico

XYZ lights up Maya culture!

XYZ Technologie culturelle

2013-04-30 | Canada


Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)

2013-04-11 | Canada

Submit your artwork for the new edition of SAT Fest!

Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)

2013-01-24 | Canada

Saint-Laurent in motion

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2012-11-28 | Canada

RIDM 2012 lounge

La firme, Baillat Cardell & Fils et XYZ Technologie culturelle

2011-12-07 | Canada

Two new video-projection works

Quartier des spectacles partnership

2011-11-22 | Canada

2011 Winners National Design Exchange Awards

Design Exchange, Canada's Design Museum