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Press kit - Press release - Boffi comes to Montreal! - Boffi

Boffi comes to Montreal!

Montreal, Canada


Montreal, Canada, 2012-10-23 - Boffi, a world leader in high-end kitchens and bathrooms, as well as its most recent addition, storage systems, in 2010, announces the Montreal opening of Boffi Studio Montreal, its first mono-brand showroom in Canada.“It is the only space of this type devoted exclusively to showcasing the products of the internationally distributed company,” notes Giancarlo Bonaldi, co-owner of Boffi Studio Montreal.. “Boffi is renowned for its aesthetic research, quality manufacturing, and technical innovation, resulting in a unique design philosophy and trademark products.

The concept of the Boffi Studio network
With the success of Boffi’s expansion strategy over the last 20 years, the Italian company has propelled itself into the category of the best-represented manufacturer of kitchens, bathrooms, and storage systems in the industry, with more than 60 mono-brand stores located in 50 countries around the world. Boffi Studio showrooms are created with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the brand’s collections are displayed to best reflect the company’s philosophy.

Boffi Studio Montreal is located in a former warehouse near Montreal’s Little Italy neighbourhood. The industrial ambience has been preserved and enhanced by the conservation of the existing large bay windows and the concrete floors and ceilings. Boffi’s newest designs are featured in an open 3,400-square-foot space, encompassing three kitchens, two bathrooms, and a storage system, thereby allowing the beauty and innovation of its products to be displayed

Boffi Studio Montreal is also a design studio, where customers can see the existing concepts or can choose to have customized solutions prepared by the in-house interior designer according to their individual needs. One of Boffi’s core philosophies is the ability to offer custom-made products to its clients, so that any project can be adapted to their personal tastes and needs. This can be done through the modification of product dimensions, and material finishes and selection from among a plethora of accessories. “We have all the tools necessary and samples of materials and finishes on hand to allow our clients to visualize their choices,” confirms Charles Virone, co-owner of Boffi Studio Montreal.

Open to both the public and design professionals, Boffi Studio Montreal offers a full service turnkey design solution for individuals, as well as providing guidance to help designers and their clients create unique bathrooms, kitchens, or storage systems for their home.

Boffi: a tradition of excellence
Founded in 1934, Boffi has become synonymous with innovation and design in the areas of kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobe collections. From its inception, the company's reputation for excellence has been based on its original formula of combining creativity, craftsmanship, and technology. It is the only kitchen manufacturer that has been awarded the famous Compasso d’Oro Alla Carriera, for excellence in design, production, and research.

Today, the Italian company is considered the model of excellence both in Italy and throughout the world, not only for the quality of its products but for the originality of its exhibition spaces.

Boffi’s innovation in the area of showcasing its products in a unique and modern way is evident in both its studio spaces and its choice of exhibition locations. The decision to present its 1997 collection in the Church of Sao Paolo Converso, rather than in the Milano Furniture Fair, exemplifies this approach.

Boffi is known for its capacity to integrate modern production methods with artisanal traditions, enabling it to optimize the quality of its products. With creativity at the core of its philosophy, the company has enhanced its team with talented professionals from Japan, the United States, Italy, and the rest of Europe, adding an international flair to its designs.

In 2010, Boffi successfully completed the ISO 14001 certification process, thus confirming its corporate belief in the importance of sustainable development.

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