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Press kit - Press release - Art & Artefact - Cuisines Steam

Art & Artefact

Montréal, Canada

Cuisines Steam

An ode to travel memories

Montréal, Canada, 2015-12-04 -

A true ode to travels and souvenirs, this kitchen renovation began with a deep desire to inundate the space with memories of past, present and future adventures. The end result is a sleek, dynamic kitchen that is not only highly personalized but it tells the story of the unique objects that it houses.

« The direction of the project was very clear from the first meeting as the client expressed her desire to have a kitchen that didn’t look like a kitchen. A ‘non-kitchen kitchen’ to be exact. A large portion of our initial meeting was dedicated to discussing the personal stories behind the impressive quantity of sculptures, rocks, baskets and various artifacts that were acquired during extensive travels and are displayed throughout the client’s home.  It was crystal clear at that moment that those stories and memories are what the kitchen needed to reflect. Those special objects needed a space in order to come to life. » The result is a space with a full array of display opportunities; objects that can be moved and replaced on a whim. We discover a handpicked rock that pierces the shelf it lives on, a touch of whimsy with a U-shaped shelf so a special sculpture could have a highlighted home, as well as a series of metal-trimmed niches that feature specially chosen objects.  It is truly a museum-like space that is wrapped in the warmth of travel memories yet doesn’t compromise on functionality and purpose. 

In the center of it all, a table that continues outside, bringing nature in. The focal point of the space, it is topped with the same stone that is found on the floor and in the solid stone sink. Paired with the black and white of the cabinets, a harmonious relationship ensues and together the materials bring a hint of drama to the general aura of the kitchen.

« We worked very closely with the client in order to properly translate her vision into reality. We honed her inspiring ideas and brought them to life. This close relationship with our clients is a big part of our job and it is essential to creating a space that truly reflects their everyday lives. It is really a fascinating challenge to undertake. »

About Cuisines Steam

Founded in 2000 by two kitchen enthusiasts, Cuisines Steam is supported by an in-house team of professional interior and industrial designers, cabinetmakers and installers that master the many complexities of a kitchen project. Cuisines Steam offers a highly personalized and custom-made approach to kitchen design. As a result, each client’s ergonomic and aesthetic needs are discussed, evaluated and consequently translated into a tailor-made kitchen with specific storage solutions and exceptional attention to quality and detail.

“The kitchen truly is the heart of the home and it is our belief that it should reflect the uniqueness of every household”

-Cuisines Steam

Location : Montréal

Project manager : Patrizia Giacomini

Surface Area : 228 sq ft

Date of finished project : spring 2015

Photographer : Mario Dubreuil

Media contact : Brigitte Boulanger


www.facebook.com/pages/Cuisines-Steam/286167521468796 www.pinterest.com/cuisinesteam



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