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Press kit - Press release - Gepetto: Simple, never plain - Gepetto
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Gepetto: Simple, never plain

Boucherville, Canada


Boucherville, Canada, 2016-12-21 -

Gepetto is a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-end contemporary kitchens. The showroom, located in the heart of the workshop of the company, has gotten a makeover.


It is possible to visit Gepetto’s workshop by appointment and discover the all-new kitchen on display. The team wanted to not exhibit an infinite number of kitchens, possibilities and styles in an impersonal space, but rather to present a coherent space, on a human scale, unifying Gepetto’s personality and expertise. The challenge was to expose a single kitchen, tucked in a 90 square foot space on the mezzanine, which would faithfully represent the values and business philosophy.


"It is a kitchen in our image, fully designed according to the fundamental principles of Gepetto: simplicity, rigour and functionality," confides Hubert Taschereau, founder of Gepetto. "We want to show our clients transparently, who we are and what we can accomplish."


Gepetto is a team of cabinetmakers and artisans from Quebec who have a thorough knowledge of the wood. The grain and how and where the wood is cut have a huge impact on the final product, regardless of the variety of wood. It is for this reason that the veneers are custom made, thus offering a greater control over the finished product. Different species of native or exotic wood are used, such as the pecan, walnut, and oak, solid or veneered.


Along with the client, individual, designer, architect, or general contractor, kitchens and built-in furniture of Gepetto are entirely custom made in Quebec, and in the interests of sustainable development.


A fully assumed minimalist style, the achievements of Gepetto rely on several principles from design to realization such as the attention to detail, the formal simplicity, functionality and ergonomics.

Gepetto: "Simple, never plain".


To visit Gepetto’s showroom, please make an appointment by contacting: hubert@gepetto.ca
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