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Press kit - Press release - Archello presents How It’s Made - Archello

Press Kit | no. 1169-02

Press release only in English

Archello presents How It’s Made

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015-01-26 - 

Archello presents How It's Made, showing how great buildings are made. Finally, architects and designers, who want to know how a great building is made, can find it at Archello’s How It’s Made concept describes how different parties are involved in a building project, ranging from the vision of the architect, engineers and contractors to specific products delivered by manufacturers. How It’s Made not only reveals the vision behind a building but it

also connects all parties involved, making Archello a rich source of content for architecture and



“Archello’s concept How It's Made is like the IMDB movie database for the architecture and design industry. How It’s Made positions Archello as the platform where all parties can demonstrate their contribution to a building project.” comments Martijn Postmus, CEO, Archello


The revolutionary idea of How It’s Made will change the way architectural projects and the parties involved are presented and documented. Archello has a rich database with over 25,000 connected companies which published more than 100,000 project and product stories. A large increase of companies from all disciplines are adding thousands of new stories each month presented by various professionals - from contractors, floor designers, kitchen manufacturers, interior architects, photographers to technical engineers.


Archello is the platform that connects the architecture and design industry.


Discover How It’s Made


Discover the products, stories and building teams behind amazing buildings such as the Heydar Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid, Museo Soumaya in Mexico, Torre Agbar by b720 Fermin Vazquez Arcquitectos , De Rotterdam by OMA, Marina Bay Sands by Safdie, where architects, manufacturers and engineers compile together.


To explore other How It’s Made stories, please visit


Martijn Postmus 


Gabriela Venkova


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Press kit | 1169-02 - Press release | Archello presents How It’s Made - Archello - Commercial Architecture - Photo credit: Archello<br>
Photo credit: Archello

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