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v2com directory Institutional Interior Design

2019-06-10 | Canada

École Sainte-Anne - A new redesigned schoolyard

Taktik design

2019-04-05 | Canada

Ordre des architectes du Quebec Unveils the Winners of Its 2019 Awards of Excellence

Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ)

2019-03-26 | Canada

Maison de la littérature (House of Literature)

Chevalier Morales Architectes

2019-03-25 | Canada

Metis Beach Intermediate School

PROULXSAVARD + CCM2 architects

2019-03-19 | Hong Kong

f22 foto space

LAAB Architects

2019-03-15 | Canada

The OAQ Unveils the Finalist Projects for its 2019 Prix d'excellence en architecture

L'Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ)

2019-03-13 | Armenia

Ayb Middle School

Storaket Architectural Studio

2019-02-25 | Netherlands

Frame Awards 2019 Winners Announced


2019-01-30 | United Kingdom

Step Change in Building Design for the University of Nottingham

Make Architects

2019-01-23 | Japan

Muku Nursery School

Tezuka Architects

2018-12-17 | Canada

At Cégep Marie-Victorin, Art Serves Education

Cégep Marie-Victorin

2018-12-12 | Canada

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes Breathes New Life into the Dow Planetarium

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2018-12-03 | Canada

Rigaud City Hall

Affleck de la Riva architects

2018-11-30 | Netherlands

INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Announces Day Two Winners from RAI Amsterdam

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2018-11-29 | Netherlands

INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Announces Day One Winners from RAI Amsterdam

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2018-11-19 | Netherlands

Worlds of Wonder

Tinker imagineers

2018-11-15 | United States

The 2018 Architecture MasterPrize Winners Announced

The Architecture MasterPrize

2018-11-08 | Canada

Michel Lauzon to Lead Ædifica


2018-11-02 | Taiwan

KCI Group Headquarters

Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

2018-07-03 | United States

Official Opening of the Renewed and Expanded Museum at the Gateway Arch

James Carpenter Design Associates

2018-06-19 | Canada

Nunavik's New Cultural Centre Opens Its Doors

Blouin Orzes architectes

2018-06-11 | United States

11th Annual International Design Awards Winners Announced

International Design Awards

2018-06-04 | Canada

Studio 2nd Edition


2018-03-27 | Canada

Menkes Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architects Signs the New Webster Library at Concordia University

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2018-03-01 | France

9-9 bis
Transformation of a Former Mine Site Into a Cultural Complex

Hérault Arnod Architectures

2018-03-01 | France

Gymnasium of the Louis de Cormontaigne High School in Metz

agence ENGASSER & associés

2018-02-23 | Canada

Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus Phase 2

Moriyama & Teshima │ Montgomery Sisam, Architects in Joint Venture

2018-01-12 | France

The House of Sports in Bezons

agence ENGASSER & associés

2018-01-09 | Canada

The Greenwood College School Expansion

Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.

2018-01-01 | Canada

The Maison des étudiants de l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2017-12-20 | Canada

Mount-Royal Kiosks – Moved by the Landscape

Atelier Urban Face

2017-12-14 | Bulgaria

Architecture School


2017-11-17 | Germany

INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Announces Day Two Winners From Arena Berlin

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2017-11-17 | Portugal

Pastoral Center of Moscavide

Plano Humano Arquitectos

2017-11-16 | Germany

INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Announces Day One Winners From Arena Berlin

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2017-11-13 | Croatia

New Passenger Terminal at Franjo Tuđman International Airport Zagreb

Kincl d.o.o., Neidhardt arhitekti d.o.o., IGH Projektiranje d.o.o.

2017-11-08 | France

Headquarters of "Métropole Rouen Normandie"

Jacques Ferrier Architecture

2017-11-06 | France

A Multigenerational Space

CoCo architecture

2017-10-25 | China

Sanbaopeng Art Museum

DL Atelier

2017-10-25 | Canada

"Complexe sportif Saint-Laurent"

Saucier + Perrotte Architectes/HCMA

2017-10-18 | Mexico

Design Week Mexico 2017 Draws Record Attendance

Design Week Mexico

2017-10-13 | Canada

Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta

Lemay + Toker

2017-10-09 | United States

Winners of the 2017 Architecture MasterPrize Announced (formerly AAP)

Architecture MasterPrize

2017-09-21 | United States

Alaska Exhibition

GSM Project

2017-09-13 | Switzerland

Kossmann.dejong Designs New Permanent Exhibition for the Swiss Museum of Communication

Kossmann.dejong, exhibition architects

2017-08-07 | United States

Maple Street School

BFDO Architects & 4|MATIV

2017-07-27 | United States

Gemma Observatory

Anmahian Winton Architects

2017-07-13 | Denmark

TIRPITZ, a 'Hidden Museum' on Danish West Coast

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group and Tinker imagineers

2017-07-11 | France

International High School East of Paris

Ateliers 2/3/4/

2017-06-29 | Canada

Nedap Transforms Libraries with Intelligent Shelves

Nedap Library Solutions

2017-06-05 | Canada

Fire Station #5

STGM Architects + CCM2 Architects

2017-05-19 | Switzerland

Swiss Start-Up Embellishes the Lives of Dogs and Owners

Volentis GmbH

2017-05-17 | United States

Oprah Sponsored Performing Arts Center Wins Multiple Design Awards

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

2017-05-15 | United States

Center for Jewish Life at Drexel University

Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.

2017-05-15 | Sweden

Jigsaw Rug Wins Double Design Award

Ingrid Külper Design AB

2017-05-15 | United States

New York Public Library Stapleton Branch - Renovation and Expansion

Andrew Berman Architect

2017-05-15 | Canada

Besides, History: Go Hasegawa, Kersten Geers, David Van Severen

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

2017-04-11 | United States


ikon.5 architects

2017-03-27 | Australia

Ivanhoe Grammar Senior Years & Science Centre

McBride Charles Ryan

2017-03-24 | France

Sports Complex in Bussy Saint-Georges

Martin Duplantier Architectes

2017-03-22 | France

Conversion of the Former Hospital of Meursault

JUNG Architectures & Simon Buri

2017-03-21 | Canada

Centrexpo Cogeco Drummondville

CCM2 architects + Bilodeau Baril Leeming architects

2017-03-14 | France

Cité internationale Paul Ricœur

Hérault Arnod Architectures

2017-03-13 | Canada

Sous le grand arbre : racine, feuille et fleur

Elisabeth Picard

2017-03-10 | Canada

The CHU Sainte-Justine's “Growing Up Healthy” Project 

Provencher_Roy + Associés | Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes

2017-03-07 | United Kingdom

World Interiors News Awards Ceremony 2016

World Interiors News

2017-03-07 | France

2017 ArchiDesignclub Awards

ArchiDesignclub by Muuuz

2017-03-03 | United States

Restless Response: Emergency Medical Station 50 at Queens Hospital

Dean/Wolf Architects

2017-02-23 | Canada

NFOE / HCMA Awarded Complexe Aquatique de Laval

NFOE/ HCMA consortium

2017-02-06 | Sweden

Review - Stockholm Design Week 2017

Stockholm Design Week | Grand Relations

2017-01-25 | Canada

Applying Art to Education at Cégep Marie-Victorin

Cégep Marie-Victorin

2017-01-03 | Canada

Top 2017 Design Trends Forecasted by IDS17

Interior Design Show (IDS)

2016-12-12 | France

La Belle électrique

Hérault Arnod Architectures

2016-12-05 | Switzerland

Jazz Campus 


2016-11-25 | Germany

INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Announces Day Two Winners

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2016-11-21 | Canada

"Stade de soccer de Montréal" Awarded at AAP American Architecture Prize 2016

Saucier + Perrotte Architectes/HCMA

2016-11-16 | Australia

The Infinity Centre, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar Senior School

McBride Charles Ryan

2016-11-16 | Switzerland

World Trade Organization

wittfoht architekten

2016-11-14 | Canada

Toronto Design Offsite Festival Releases 2017 Festival Programming

Toronto Design Offsite Festival

2016-11-04 | United States

BE36 Receives 2016 LABC Los Angeles Architectural Award

Arshia Architects,ltd

2016-10-28 | Canada

A2DESIGN Reveals Its First Corporative Video

A2DESIGN Concepteurs stratégiques

2016-10-26 | Norway

Knarvik Community Church

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

2016-10-21 | United States

Spanish Architecture Takes Over Manhattan

Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism

2016-10-21 | Canada

Announcing DX Intersection: DISPATCH

Design Exchange, Canada's Design Museum

2016-10-19 | United Kingdom

LEAF Awards 2016 Winners

LEAF International

2016-10-19 | United Arab Emirates

Dubai Design Week 2016 Announces 'Iconic City: Cairo Now! City Incomplete' 

Dubai Design Week

2016-10-14 | Canada

A2DESIGN + SPATIUM: Joining Forces, Skyrocketing Creativity

A2DESIGN Concepteurs stratégiques

2016-10-13 | Canada

International design competition for the creation of worksite information modules

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2016-10-12 | Mexico

Design Week Mexico 2016 draws record attendance

Design Week Mexico

2016-10-10 | Portugal

The Form of Form - Fourth Edition of Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

2016-09-23 | Canada

Applying art to education at Cégep Marie-Victorin

Cégep Marie-Victorin

2016-08-12 | Spain

A Shelter for Life

Elsa Urquijo Architects

2016-08-11 | Canada

IDS Vancouver Goes Dutch on Design with Eindhoven

Interior Design Show Vancouver (IDS Vancouver)

2016-08-04 | United Arab Emirates

Global Grad Show Announces 2016 Exhibition

Dubai Design Week

2016-08-03 | United Arab Emirates

Announcing Dubai Design Week 2016

Dubai Design Week

2016-07-27 | United Kingdom

Winner announcements for the WAN Healthcare Award & Sustainable Buildings Award 2016

World Architecture News Awards (WAN AWARDS)

2016-07-20 | Canada

Joliette art Museum

Les architectes FABG

2016-07-08 | France

Evergreen campus reception pavilion

Arte Charpentier Architectes

2016-07-06 | Germany

World Architecture Festival announces 2016 Awards shortlist

World Architecture Festival (WAF)

2016-07-05 | Canada

A major asset for Sid Lee Architecture

Sid Lee Architecture

2016-07-05 | Canada

Opening of the Pierre Lassonde Pavilion, MNBAQ

OMA Architecture / Provencher_Roy

2016-07-03 | Spain

FAD Awards Winners 2016

FAD - Fostering Arts and Design

2016-07-01 | Switzerland

Dutch design for Nestlé’s open house in Switzerland

Tinker imagineers

2016-06-16 | United Kingdom

WIN Awards - Retail & Workspace Interiors Shortlist Announced

World Interiors News

2016-06-12 | France

The AccorHotels Arena

DVVD architecture, design and engineering agency

2016-06-03 | United States

2016 Core77 Design Awards Honoree Results Revealed

Core77 Design Awards

2016-05-26 | Spain

FADfest. The Barcelona Festival of All Design 

FAD - Fostering Arts and Design

2016-05-20 | Spain

2016 ADI Awards Finalists 

ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design)

2016-05-18 | United States

Windhover Contemplative Center selected as Architizer A+ Finalist

Aidlin Darling Design

2016-05-13 | Spain

FAD to Architecture and Interior Design Awards Finalists 2016

FAD - Fostering Arts and Design

2016-05-12 | United States

War Memorial Veterans Building Receives Design Award

San Francisco Public Works

2016-05-09 | United Kingdom

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Clerkenwell Design Week

2016-05-06 | United States

designjunction + Dwell on Design announce line-up for NYCxDesign 2016

designjunction + Dwell on Design

2016-04-25 | Canada

Henriquez Partners Architects Wins a Prestigious Architizer A+Award

Henriquez Partners Architects

2016-04-25 | United Kingdom

The Harley Gallery

Hugh Broughton Architects

2016-04-24 | Italy

A’ Design Awards 2016 Winners Announced

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-04-22 | Canada

M.E67 Chair – World Premiere

August D.

2016-04-21 | United States

AIASF Announces the Honorees of the 2016 Design Awards Program

American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter (AIA SF)

2016-04-21 | Canada

Outstanding Sports Facility Award: a First in Nearly 30 Years for Canada

Cibinel Architects Ltd + Batteriid Architects

2016-04-15 | United States

Architizer Announces 2016 A+Awards Winners 


2016-04-13 | Canada

Sainte-Anne Academy, the school of tomorrow

Taktik design

2016-03-31 | United Kingdom

Inspirational Contemporary Designs and New Product launches

Clerkenwell Design Week

2016-03-31 | Canada

Le Montréal du futur® 2016 biennale exhibition 

Le Montréal du futur

2016-03-31 | Canada

University of Montreal’s School of Design to represent Quebec and Canada at the Triennale di Milano

University of Montreal Faculty of Environmental Design

2016-03-30 | Canada

Old Post Office Idea Exchange

RDH Architects

2016-03-24 | United Arab Emirates

Design Days Dubai Completes It Fifth And Most Successful Edition To-Date 

Design Days Dubai

2016-03-23 | Canada

FGMDA Incorporates to Become EVOQ


2016-03-18 | United States

Titus Vineyards 

MH Architects

2016-03-18 | Canada

Rio and Havana: hot new colors from Mirage Hardwood Flooring

Mirage Hardwood Floors

2016-03-17 | Germany

World Architecture Festival heads to Berlin

World Architecture Festival (WAF)

2016-02-18 | Canada

New Mirage Floors 2016 — more magnificent than ever!

Mirage Hardwood Floors

2016-02-16 | Canada

Golf Welcome Pavilion at Maisonneuve Park

Ville de Montréal

2016-02-15 | Canada

Lambert et Fils + Coop Établi: Uniting Two Forces

Lambert et Fils + Coop Établi

2016-02-09 | Canada

The Atelier Collection


2016-02-02 | Canada

The Interior Design Show Wraps Its 18th Year 

Interior Design Show (IDS)

2016-02-01 | Sweden

Design news from Kasthall


2016-01-25 | United Arab Emirates

Design Days Dubai Announces 2016 Edition

Design Days Dubai

2016-01-18 | Canada

Sixteen Must-See Features at the Interior Design Show  

Interior Design Show (IDS)

2016-01-04 | Italy

World Design Rankings

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-01-04 | Italy

International Call for Design Nominations

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-12-21 | Netherlands

'Room On The Roof' by i29 interior architects

i29 | interior architects

2015-12-17 | Canada

The Bibliothèque du Boisé: Grand Prix d'excellence of OAQ 2015

Cardinal Hardy* / Labonté Marcil / Éric Pelletier* architectes in consortium (*Lemay)

2015-12-16 | United Kingdom

The SBID International Design Awards 2015 Revealed

SBID - The Society of British & International Design

2015-12-14 | United Kingdom

Winners Announced

World Interiors News

2015-11-18 | Canada

Le 1650, a modern facility, bold in design with a unique signature style

A2DESIGN Concepteurs stratégiques

2015-11-18 | Canada

Bronze tightrope walker… welcomes Park Extension schoolchildren

NFOE et associés architectes

2015-11-06 | Canada

The C401 stool
A strong formal presence


2015-11-02 | Canada

"The Other Architect"

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

2015-10-30 | Canada



2015-10-28 | France

Acceleration Field

Baptiste Debombourg

2015-10-21 | United Kingdom

LEAF Awards 2015: winners announced

LEAF International

2015-10-16 | Canada

Durham College Centre for Food

Gow Hastings Architects

2015-10-16 | Canada

Mont-Laurier multifunctional theater 

Les architectes FABG

2015-10-06 | France

Dark matter

Baptiste Debombourg

2015-09-30 | Canada

Ontario's top interior designers celebrated at the 2015 ARIDO Awards gala 

Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO)

2015-09-18 | Canada

Caisse Desjardins Sainte-Foy

Hatem+D Architecture

2015-09-18 | United Kingdom

The 2015 SBID Awards finalists revealed

SBID - The Society of British & International Design

2015-09-18 | Canada

« Ville de Montréal » launches the 8th edition of Phyllis Lambert Grant

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2015-09-16 | France

Jacou wedding room

NBJ architectes

2015-09-08 | Canada

Saul-Bellow Library

Chevalier Morales Architectes

2015-09-04 | Canada

Official inauguration of the Saul-Bellow library, in the Lachine district

Bureau du design - Ville de Montréal

2015-09-03 | Italy

Call for entries to the International A' Design Award & Competition 2016

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-09-03 | United Arab Emirates

Introducing a world-first: 'Global Grad Show' at Dubai Design Week 

Dubai Design Week

2015-08-27 | France

A light like a sky


2015-08-26 | United Kingdom

Shortlist announced for the World Interiors News Awards 2015

World Interiors News

2015-08-19 | United Kingdom

100% Design 2015 commissions design features

100% Design

2015-08-15 | Canada

LELIT news

Les importations EDIKA inc.

2015-08-05 | Canada

Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all

v2com newswire

2015-07-20 | United Kingdom

LEAF Awards 2015 announces official shortlist

Arena International Group

2015-07-20 | Russia

The Eurasian Prize 2015 winners announced

The Eurasian Prize

2015-07-03 | Canada

The new Flair collection by Mirage

Mirage Hardwood Floors

2015-07-02 | Austria

Luminaire manufacturer Zumtobel wins three Red Dot Design awards

Zumtobel Lighting GmbH

2015-06-29 | Germany

'Concretely more space!'

Baptiste Debombourg

2015-06-22 | United Kingdom

World Architecture Festival Awards: 2015 WAF and INSIDE Shortlists announced

World Architecture Festival (WAF)

2015-06-22 | France

The 'ZAC du Canal- Porte d'Aubervilliers'

Margot-Duclot architectes associés (MDaa)

2015-06-08 | Canada

v2com shows its true colours!

v2com newswire

2015-05-20 | Israel

The Sketch collection

Studio Beam

2015-05-19 | United States

Announcing AIA San Francisco 2015 Design Awards winners

American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter (AIA SF)

2015-05-19 | France

Cultural and Social Center of Valence

Bureau Architecture Méditerranée

2015-05-15 | United Kingdom

World Interiors News Awards 2015 jury announced 

World Interiors News

2015-05-14 | United Kingdom

Discover smart designs for international business at May Design Series

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-05-11 | Canada

DESIGN SHOW : Seminars and VIP Evening

Agence PID

2015-05-08 | Canada

Second episode of Batimag!


2015-05-06 | United Kingdom

Jo Malone announced as keynote speaker at May Design Series

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-05-04 | Russia

The Eurasian Prize 2015 public voting open

The Eurasian Prize

2015-04-30 | Canada

Exhibition of the graduating students from the Faculty of Planning of the Université de Montréal

Pavillon de la faculté d'aménagement de l'Université de Montréal

2015-04-27 | United States

QC Design at WantedDesign, May 15-18th 2015

QC Design

2015-04-09 | United Kingdom

The SBID International Design Awards 2015 now open

The Society of British and International Design

2015-04-07 | Canada

Welcome to our home!

1282 rue de la maison

2015-04-02 | United Kingdom

May Design Series 2015: Show Preview

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-03-03 | Canada

The Architect of conceptual audacy


2015-02-24 | Canada

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2015 announces Best in Festival winners

Toronto Design Offsite Festival

2015-02-16 | China

The Pinch, library and community center

The University of Hong Kong, Olivier Ottevaere and John Lin

2015-02-12 | United Kingdom

The World Interiors News Awards 2015 are open for entry 

World Interiors News

2015-01-26 | Canada

Meet Eric Jourdan, Industrial designer


2015-01-26 | Netherlands

Archello presents How It’s Made


2015-01-26 | Israel

Winter breeze: The Mariner collection

Studio Beam

2015-01-15 | Canada

What not to miss at IDS15 January 22-25, 2015

Interior Design Show (IDS)

2015-01-09 | Canada

2015 AZ Awards now open for entries

Azure Magazine

2015-01-08 | Canada

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival is back for its fifth edition

Toronto Design Offsite Festival

2014-12-15 | Canada

Offer a design evening as a gift!

Agence PID

2014-12-01 | Canada

Luc Laporte, architecte. Réalisations & inédits

1700 La Poste

2014-11-25 | France

Vincent van Gogh Foundation
Rehabilitation, extension. 

Fluor Architecture

2014-11-24 | France

The Marseille Grand Mosque

Bureau Architecture Méditerranée

2014-11-17 | Canada

Julia Gersovitz receives the Harley J. McKee Award

Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet et associés architectes (FGMDA)

2014-10-24 | Russia

The Eurasian Prize 2015 now open for entries

The Eurasian Prize

2014-10-14 | Algeria

New Algerian Parliament

Bureau Architecture Méditerranée

2014-09-10 | France

Daycare Nursery and collective housing Quai de la Charente

Margot-Duclot architectes associés (MDaa)

2014-08-28 | United States

Announcing 2014 Architecture and the City Festival

American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter (AIA SF)

2014-08-24 | Canada

Saint Roch-de-l’Achigan City Hall

Affleck de la Riva architects

2014-08-12 | Italy

A’ Design Awards 2014
Winners Announced

A' Design Award and Competition

2014-08-05 | Canada

Edison Residence


2014-07-30 | United Kingdom

Shortlist announced for the World Interiors News Annual Awards 2014

World Interiors News

2014-07-23 | Poland

Blood Center

FAAB Architektura

2014-06-25 | Canada

Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute

Rubin & Rotman Architects

2014-05-22 | Algeria

Bardo Cultural Distric

Lemay + Altrapco

2014-05-13 | Poland

Monumental Modernity

FAAB Architektura

2014-04-22 | Canada

St. Thomas Courthouse Rehabilitation

Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet et associés architectes (FGMDA)

2014-03-06 | United Kingdom

The WIN Awards 2014 open for entries

World Interiors News

2014-02-06 | Canada

Allez-Up – Montreal’s First Rock Climbing Gym

Smith Vigeant architectes

2013-11-12 | Canada

Expansion of the campus of Rouyn-Noranda of the UQAT

Les architectes du Pavillon des Sciences (Consortium TRAME, CCM² + BGLA)

2013-10-23 | Canada

L’écho des éléments

Yechel Gagnon

2013-10-01 | Singapore

First set of winners announced at Inside Festival

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2013-07-15 | Australia

UJA Federation Community Complex


2013-07-07 | Singapore

International Awards shortlist announced

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2013-06-10 | Taiwan

Taichung City Cultural Center Competition entry 

MU Architecture

2013-06-03 | Canada

The Carmelite Chapel of Montreal

Éclairage Public

2013-05-30 | Singapore

Inside Awards 2013 – Deadline for entries extended until 10 june

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors

2013-03-26 | Canada

The Mississauga Public Library Project

RDH Architects

2013-02-28 | France

School complex Pasteur

r2k architectes

2013-02-25 | Romania

GIS 2013 International Architecture Expo Conference, with Arch. Giorgio Borruso

ABplus Events & the Order of Architects of Romania

2013-01-20 | France



2012-12-13 | Canada

Architectural competition for the construction of the fifth Pavilion

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA)

2012-12-12 | France

Delivery of the Véolia environnement Centre-Est training Campus

Arte Charpentier Architectes

2012-11-23 | The Netherlands

Spiral Shaped Library

Studio Dave Keune

2012-11-05 | Canada

A Canadian Museum in a Church


2012-10-18 | France

Private hospital in Villeneuve d’Ascq

Jean-Philippe Pargade

2012-09-23 | United Kingdom

Winning projects announced at the 2012 Emirates Glass Leaf Awards

The Emirates Glass LEAF Awards

2012-08-21 | United Kingdom

2012 Shortlist Revealed!

The Emirates Glass LEAF Awards

2012-07-19 | France


a+ samueldelmas

2012-06-17 | France



2012-06-12 | France

School complex Lamoricière


2012-06-04 | France

School complex Lucie Aubrac

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

2012-06-04 | Canada

CANEVAS –  Exhibition of the graduates of the Planning Faculty of UdeM

Faculté d'aménagement de l'Université de Montréal

2012-05-24 | Finland

JOKI Bench and DOM·I·NO Candle Holder


2012-05-22 | France

Kindergarten, Dalle des Olympiades, Paris 13th arrondissement

Eva Samuel architecte urbaniste et associés

2012-05-12 | Spain

Parish Church of Solace, Cordoba

Vicens + Ramos

2012-05-03 | Portugal

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Secondary School


2012-04-25 | Canada

Art Gallery of Ontario, The Weston Family Learning Centre

Hariri Pontarini Architects

2012-04-25 | Spain

Municipal auditorium of Teulada

Francisco Mangado

2012-04-16 | Portugal

Cliníca T

Pedra Silva Arquitectos

2012-04-11 | France

Institute of marine genomics

Barré-Lambot Architectes

2012-04-10 | France

Family creche in Drulingen

Fluor Architecture

2012-03-28 | China

Shanghai Museum of Glass


2012-03-28 | Canada

McMaster Children's Hospital (“MCH”)

Parkin Architects limited

2012-03-21 | France

A small school in the Grand Paris

Hubert & Roy architectes et associés

2012-03-20 | Canada

A first building certified LEED for the Old-Montreal

Gestion Georges Coulombe

2012-03-15 | United Kingdom

Transforming King’s Cross

John McAslan + Partners

2012-03-14 | United States

Brockman Hall for Physics, Rice University


2012-03-08 | Switzerland

Coverage of archaeological ruins of the abbey of St. Maurice

savioz fabrizzi architectes

2012-02-23 | France


Bang Architectes

2012-02-19 | Canada

On february 25th, welcome abroad the Architecture en lumière buses!

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

2012-02-13 | China

The Shanxi Grand Theater, in Taiyuan (China)

Arte Charpentier Architectes

2012-02-01 | Canada

Athletica Physio

Martha Franco

2012-01-26 | United States

2012 AIA Institute Honor Awards recognize excellence in Architecture, Interiors and Urban Design

The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

2012-01-08 | Canada

Second Annual now open for entries

Azure Magazine

2011-11-22 | Canada

2011 Winners National Design Exchange Awards

Design Exchange, Canada's Design Museum

2011-11-07 | Canada

To obtain the title « Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ® »

L'Association professionnelle des designers d'intérieur du Québec (APDIQ)

2011-09-19 | Canada

Community Science Centre at the Centre d’études nordiques

Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet et associés architectes (FGMDA)

2011-08-24 | Canada

Refurbishment and extension of the CRÉVHSL head quarters

BGLA | Architecture + Design urbain

2011-04-11 | Canada

The New Multiclinique Parc santé opens its doors

Multiclinique Parc santé

2011-03-08 | Australia

Ecosciences Precinct


2011-02-13 | Canada

Theatre Denise Pelletier

Saia Barbarese Topouzanov Architectes

2011-02-10 | Canada

2011 AZ Awards for Design Excellence

Azure Magazine

2011-01-17 | Canada

Théâtre la Licorne

Les architectes FABG

2011-01-13 | Canada

2011 Awards of Excellence in Architecture

L'Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ)

2010-11-14 | Canada

Winners of the CAHP Awards

Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet et associés architectes (FGMDA)

2010-10-27 | Canada

Durham Consolidated Courthouse

WZMH Architects

2010-09-02 | Canada

Cartierville Y Centre - A community beacon

Daoust Lestage inc.

2010-05-30 | Canada

Exposing the Intangible: Going Beyond White Blindness

Chevalier Morales Architectes

2010-03-31 | Canada

The Montarville - Boucher De la Bruère Public Library

BGLA | Architecture + Design urbain