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Press kit - Press release - Zazz Boutique: An Iridescent Salon - Hatem+D 

Zazz Boutique: An Iridescent Salon

Ville de Québec, Canada


Ville de Québec, Canada, 2016-12-02 - The multidisciplinary and creative firm Hatem+D signs the entire concept of the first Boutique Zazz located in Quebec City.

Involved in the strategic positioning of this new banner, the team Hatem+D created a new concept, fully designed the branding and the web content in a complete and all inclusive design for the boutique. 

"Zazz was a project in which we could dare to have fun, both in the concept and its substance. It's uncommon to work on a project with a strong identity like this one. All designs and architectural decisions yield to an inspiring and feminine environment. For Zazz, we wanted an euphoric, girly and sparkling atmosphere" says architect Chloé Barabé.

The firm wanted to create a customer experience in which paths lead them through stations displaying different product arrays. The general concept is built around the linearity of hair. This vectorial concept is reinforced by custom-made chain curtains that divide different sections of products, thereby creating a distinctive feature. Those curtains are also used on the mezzanine to give privacy in an area reserved for hair and wig stylists. Every element is custom built, from furniture to Zazz's lighting and other unique signage for the boutique.

Every detail is analyzed: the white, the iridescence, the transparency, the linearity. Shapes, colours and textures are used to put emphasis on products and focal design points like the front desk and the stairwell.

The ceiling height was used to purify the space. Suspended and backlighted furnitures, displays that reach the ceiling, a creative ceiling finish, and many mirrors have been used in order to create a volume effect.

Because of ingenious lighting, an impression of effervescence is perceptible throughout the store. From the outside, the shinning and glamorous design of the mirror arch and the full-height window boutique invites the customer in. 

Feminine, strong, colourful, glamorous, creative and sparkling, the boutique keeps to its promises and distinguishes itself. Zazz speaks in synergie in every aspect. Inspiring and effervescent, the boutique Zazz incarnates the concept of architectural branding: a unique and recognizable space where the coherence of architectural aspects crystallizes the value of the brand.

About Hatem+D 

Hatem+D owes its renown to its creative force. Strategic thinking and creativity come together in a global communication approach. Hatem+D makes brands come alive. Their approach favours the integration of every media a brand will need to express itself. They offer “turnkey” solutions that include a complete coverage of the brand. Hatem+D call this approach “integrated creativity”.

The firm strongly believes that architecture is a part of corporate identity. Their unique creative approach consists of promoting the power of multidisciplinary conception by uniting architects and communication experts to create a brand supporting dynamic.

In doing so, architecture  - as we know it - gets completely reinvented.

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