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Press kit - Press release - Exuberant Nights in the Land of the Morning Calm - Jean de Lessard - Designers Créatifs
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Exuberant Nights in the Land of the Morning Calm

Montréal, Canada

Jean de Lessard - Designers Créatifs

The new Ganadara located on St. Catherine Street serves as a surprising bridge between the enjoyment of Korean fusion food and the irreverent style of the K-hip hop.

Montréal, Canada, 2017-10-12 -

The transformation by the design firm JEAN DE LESSARD—DESIGNERS CRÉATIFS of a vast space abandoned for six years gave birth to the Ganadara Bar, last June. The design successfully modulates conflicting needs right from the start: to create a warm and comfortable environment, but in a place dictated by the aesthetics of Korean rap. The designers opted for the solid simplicity of wood, surrounded by a rougher shell of concrete and steel.


Starting from their main premise, they developed the notion of a collective space in a noisy nocturnal place, using the repetitive circular shape, particularly the central positioning of the functions and the peripheral walking area. The notion of “staged performance” is heightened, especially since lighting and its arrangement in space create vantage points with varied atmospheres.


The place is designed in such a way that people are gathering at the bar counter. This geometry focuses energy inside the building”, explains Jean de Lessard.


The central island, which also serves as a kitchen, acts as a centripetal force. Decorative elements help turn the eyes back to the heart of the space: thick window curtains close in the place; then, a second layer and a third, respectively, a bamboo forest and a frosted glass partition, also form a barrier from the outside.


Another ingenious way to structure the space is the use of a suspended sculptural construction above the bar counter. These 2,700 pieces of timber of different lengths take up a fluid movement downward, thus having the eyes focusing again where it matters in a bar. Is it an allegory of the famous bamboo forest in Damyang or an aesthetic ploy to conceal the bulky HVAC system? One thing is certain, such a sculptural piece reinforces the ambient feeling of confinement. The theatricality of the place is exacerbated by the muted tones of burgundy and anthracite, while keeping pace with the rogue and sophisticated image of K-hip hop.

 The last architectural gesture to tie up the space with humour is the angular shape of the bar counter. It represents a stylized adaptation of the Korean writing, referring to this dimension of hyper-sexualization hip hop calls its own…


Client: Ganadara


Project coordinator: Claire McKenzie

Team: Steve Charlebois, Alexa Adam

Architects: Janson Wong

Engineers: Dallaire Consultants

Materials: Steel, concrete, spruce for the suspended sculptural construction and hemlock for the bar counter

General contractor: Castle Reno. Paul Cantwell

Steel: Ornements St-Michel

Curtains: Draperies commerciales A.N.

Bamboo: Alpha Plantes

Parameters: floor surface of 3,000 square feet

Room capacity: seating for approximately 100


Under the direction of principal designer Jean de Lessard, who’s combining more than 25 years of design practice in various sectors, the firm Jean de Lessard—Designers Créatifs is designing a diversity of vocational spaces, including restaurants, hotels, offices and boutiques. The firm’s approach is intuitive and relies on singular deconstruction principles that are breaking usual codes and freeing spaces and their occupants from trivial concepts.

The firm is a laureate of Las Vegas A.R.E Gold Award, of the Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards in New York, of the Iconic Award in Munich and a finalist of the Restaurant & Bar Design Award in London. The firm’s projects have also won many times at the Grands Prix du Design in Montreal. Their work is widely published internationally.

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Press kit | 760-15 - Press release | Exuberant Nights in the Land of the Morning Calm - Jean de Lessard - Designers Créatifs - Commercial Interior Design - Floor Plan - Photo credit: JEAN DE LESSARD - DESIGNERS CRÉATIFS
Floor Plan
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