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v2com directory Travel

2018-08-21 | Mexico

Entre Pinos

Taller Héctor Barroso

2018-07-11 | United Kingdom

Make Unveils New Monocoque Pavilion for City of London

Make Architects

2018-07-09 | France

Look Back on the Festival des Architectures Vives 2018

Association Champ Libre - Festival des Architectures Vives (FAV)

2018-07-06 | Canada

The International Garden Festival Opens Its 19th Edition

International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

2018-07-03 | United States

Official Opening of the Renewed and Expanded Museum at the Gateway Arch

James Carpenter Design Associates

2018-07-03 | Canada

Installation "Le rocher très percé"

Humà design + architecture

2018-06-19 | Canada

Nunavik's New Cultural Centre Opens Its Doors

Blouin Orzes architectes

2018-06-12 | Canada

Montreal Project Wins Major International Design Award

civiliti with Julie Margot design

2018-06-04 | Canada

Espace C2 wins at the AHEAD Americas Awards 2018

Sid Lee Architecture

2018-05-30 | Australia

Park House Food Merchants

Alexander &CO.

2018-05-28 | France

Yoshinori Restaurant

Alia Bengana + Atelier BEPG

2018-05-18 | United States

San Francisco Design Week 2018: Start Here

San Francisco Design Week

2018-05-16 | United States

Museum at the Gateway Arch Opening July 3, 2018

James Carpenter Design Associates

2018-05-11 | Russia

Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop

Monoloko design

2018-04-17 | United Arab Emirates

Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera

Alexander &CO. 

2018-03-07 | China

Jian Li Ju Theatre

More Design Office (MDO)

2018-03-05 | United States

Shock Therapy NYC

Eray Carbajo

2018-02-01 | Croatia

Forest of Eden


2018-01-05 | Canada

The "Centre de Services Le Bonnallie"

Anne Carrier architecture

2018-01-04 | Turkey

Tetusa Oasis Resort


2017-12-20 | Canada

Mount-Royal Kiosks – Moved by the Landscape

Atelier Urban Face

2017-12-11 | United States

International Surrealism Now 2017/18 Art Exhibition to be Held in Portugal

International Surrealism Now

2017-11-21 | France

Vertical Emotion 

ONA Architecture

2017-11-17 | Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Kennedy Town Swimming Pool


2017-11-13 | Croatia

New Passenger Terminal at Franjo Tuđman International Airport Zagreb

Kincl d.o.o., Neidhardt arhitekti d.o.o., IGH Projektiranje d.o.o.

2017-11-13 | Austria


BEHF Architects

2017-11-13 | Austria


Büro KLK

2017-11-10 | France

Printemps Haussmann Verticalité


2017-10-25 | China

Sanbaopeng Art Museum

DL Atelier

2017-10-24 | Canada

Restaurant "Perles et Paddock"

FX Studio by clairoux

2017-10-23 | Japan

WADA Sports, Flagship Store

Matsuya Art Works / KTX archiLAB

2017-10-19 | Japan

Private Resort XIV Toba Bettei


2017-10-18 | Mexico

Design Week Mexico 2017 Draws Record Attendance

Design Week Mexico

2017-10-13 | Brazil

A Mata Atlântica Forest in São Paulo

Balmori Associates

2017-10-12 | Canada

Exuberant Nights in the Land of the Morning Calm

Jean de Lessard, Designers Créatifs

2017-10-11 | United States

"As We Are"

Matthew Mohr Studios

2017-09-21 | Canada

Unveiling of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite 

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Sid Lee Architecture and MASSIVart

2017-09-21 | United States

Alaska Exhibition

GSM Project

2017-09-13 | Switzerland

Kossmann.dejong Designs New Permanent Exhibition for the Swiss Museum of Communication

Kossmann.dejong, exhibition architects

2017-09-06 | Greece

Opening House

Kipseli Architects

2017-09-05 | France

Installation "Jardins fantômes"

Baptiste Debombourg

2017-08-28 | Canada

Montréal’s Geodesic Dreams: Exhibition at UQAM Centre de Design

Centre de design de l'UQAM

2017-08-17 | Qatar

Oxygen Park, Education City, Doha

Qatar Foundation, AECOM

2017-08-02 | Canada

New Edition of "Passages Insolites" (Unusual Passages)

EXMURO arts publics

2017-07-03 | France

Festival des Architectures Vives 2017

Association Champ Libre - Festival des Architectures Vives (FAV)

2017-06-26 | France

Chalet Whymper

Chevallier Architectes

2017-05-17 | United States

XXX Times Square with Love

J.MAYER.H und Partner, Architekten

2017-05-15 | Canada

Besides, History: Go Hasegawa, Kersten Geers, David Van Severen

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

2017-02-09 | Spain

Superhouse 00/30

Superhouse Property Group Ltd.

2017-01-19 | Canada

International Garden Festival 2017 - Announcement of the Designers for its 18th Edition

International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

2017-01-19 | Spain

Puro Hotel


2017-01-06 | Tunisia

Mahmud Qabadu Mosque 

Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)

2016-12-21 | Turkey

Izmir Transportation Hub

Eray Carbajo

2016-12-12 | China


Martin Duplantier Architectes

2016-12-02 | Bangladesh

Dusai Resort & Spa

VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd.

2016-10-12 | Mexico

Design Week Mexico 2016 draws record attendance

Design Week Mexico

2016-10-10 | Portugal

The Form of Form - Fourth Edition of Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

2016-08-05 | United Kingdom

WIN Awards - Hospitality Shortlist Announced

World Interiors News

2016-07-12 | Canada

Opening of the 17th International Garden Festival

International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

2016-07-12 | Serbia

Piezoelectric Trolleybus Gardens

Margot Krasojević Architects

2016-07-01 | Switzerland

Incredible performance

Helvetica Brands SA - SWIZA

2016-06-08 | Canada

International artist Jaume Plensa creates a monumental artwork for Montréal

The City of Montréal’s Public Art Bureau

2016-06-01 | United Arab Emirates

Al Ain Oasis World Class Medical Clinic with Bungalows Residence

Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)

2016-05-20 | Spain

2016 ADI Awards Finalists 

ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design)

2016-05-19 | Nepal

Artificial Snow Cave Emergency Shelter

Margot Krasojević Architects

2016-05-10 | Switzerland

minipresso – The World’s Smallest Outdoor Espresso Maker 

Swiss Innovation Products GmbH

2016-05-08 | Canada

560 KM: A thousand logs on Sainte-Catherine Street

Quartier des spectacles Partnership

2016-04-27 | Italy

memobottle | A'Design Award Gold Winner


2016-04-25 | United Kingdom

The Harley Gallery

Hugh Broughton Architects

2016-04-24 | Italy

A’ Design Awards 2016 Winners Announced

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-04-04 | United Kingdom

Zaha Hadid 1950­-2016

Zaha Hadid Architects

2016-02-16 | Canada

Golf Welcome Pavilion at Maisonneuve Park

Ville de Montréal

2016-02-16 | United States

Altesi Ristorante

Arqmov Workshop

2016-02-12 | Canada

The International Garden Festival announces the designers for its 17th edition

International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

2016-02-04 | Canada

Univers Nuface

ADHOC Architects

2016-01-18 | Slovenia

SipaBoards Bring Fresh Air To Paddleboarding


2016-01-04 | Italy

World Design Rankings

A' Design Award and Competition

2016-01-04 | Italy

International Call for Design Nominations

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-11-13 | Canada

Fundraising Gala 2015

Emergency and Development Architects

2015-11-02 | Canada

"The Other Architect"

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

2015-10-19 | Canada

Launch of the new Faubourg 1792 project

Bromont Real Estate

2015-09-15 | Canada

Bota Bota Gardens

MU Architecture

2015-09-03 | Italy

Call for entries to the International A' Design Award & Competition 2016

A' Design Award and Competition

2015-09-03 | United Arab Emirates

Introducing a world-first: 'Global Grad Show' at Dubai Design Week 

Dubai Design Week

2015-08-17 | Austria

The first urban compact bike 

VELLO bike

2015-08-05 | Canada

Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all

v2com newswire

2015-08-03 | France


Baptiste Debombourg

2015-07-02 | Canada

Participatory Gardens for the 16th International Garden Festival

International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

2015-06-22 | United Kingdom

World Architecture Festival Awards: 2015 WAF and INSIDE Shortlists announced

World Architecture Festival (WAF)

2015-06-11 | United States

Coffee Bar Revitalizes Area

jones | haydu

2015-06-08 | Canada

v2com shows its true colours!

v2com newswire

2015-06-08 | Canada

Project ECOSPHERE at the TOHU on June 13-14th


2015-05-26 | Portugal

The best of Portugal


2015-05-14 | United Kingdom

Discover smart designs for international business at May Design Series

UBM EMEA Built Environment

2015-04-09 | United Kingdom

The SBID International Design Awards 2015 now open

The Society of British and International Design

2015-04-08 | Italy

Fuorisalone 2015: Project Formation Identity

Brera Design District

2015-03-19 | Canada

Alcoa Canada unveils design contest project winners!

Alcoa Canada Groupe Produits primaires

2015-03-17 | Slovenia


nanotourism international research team

2015-01-15 | Canada

Alcoa Canada unveils design contest project finalists

Alcoa Canada Primary Products Group

2015-01-14 | Canada

The Giants of Bigwin

MU Architecture

2015-01-08 | Canada

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival is back for its fifth edition

Toronto Design Offsite Festival

2015-01-07 | Canada

The International Garden Festival announces the designers for its 16th edition

International Garden Festival / Reford Gardens

2014-11-25 | France

Vincent van Gogh Foundation
Rehabilitation, extension. 

Fluor Architecture

2014-11-24 | France

The Marseille Grand Mosque

Bureau Architecture Méditerranée

2014-06-18 | Canada

A new glass envelope for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel


2013-06-10 | Taiwan

Taichung City Cultural Center Competition entry 

MU Architecture

2012-02-09 | Tunisia

Dar Hi

Matali Crasset