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Press kit - Press release - THQ - Work at play - id+s Design Solutions

THQ - Work at play

Montreal, Canada

id+s Design Solutions

Montreal, Canada, 2012-01-30 - Montreal design firm id+s Design Solutions has won the Grands Prix du Design award 2011 for Office Design excellence across Quebec ( for 20,000 square feet and over) , for the offices of THQ, an American developer and publisher of video games located at 250 St-Antoine West, Montreal, Quebec. Id+s Design has also won this year for the executive offices of Astral Media for the category of Office Design category 5,000 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft.

THQ, a multi-national video games company, opened their largest development studio in Montreal in 2010, occupying 57,000 sq. ft. on 2 floors in a historic building: the former headquarters and printing press of the Montréal Gazette newspaper.

This massive studio with a 400–person capacity includes all sorts of disciplines that serve as THQ’s creative engine. The client’s objective was to maximize the number of people in a collaborative workplace setting and social zones.

The large floor plates were divided into 2 distinctive zones: a darker atmosphere was designated for the artists, a brighter outdoor setting in honeycomb-shaped workstations and wooden “skate park” platforms, for the other disciplines.

Over-sized metal poles, feed the electrical and communication cabling, and create an abstraction of trees or lampposts. Connecting these 2 zones is a giant-sized white tunnel incorporating social gathering spaces and offices.

Complimentary rooms took on a theme of their own; the lunchroom turns into an outdoor rest stop, the screening room exposes its theatrical side and conference room tables transform themselves into ping-pong tables.

The space emulates the very nature of the organization, each zone plays out as series of screen shots underscoring the culture of the multi-media industry, work at play.

About id+s Design

id+s design solutions inc., founded in the year 2000, brings together more than 50 years combined design experience of its principals, Susan Silveri and Joanne Imperatori.

Their vision for the company, based on their well honed industry experience was and remains above all an exemplary service and design quality. At the heart of this service is their own involvement in all aspects of their projects.

Today id+s is a multi-disciplinary team of 12 designers and technicians of acknowledged merit. Successful from day one, their exhaustive list of projects encompasses office design of all types of businesses, as well as the design of public and commercial spaces.

Services range from consultation through to managing all aspects of projects from planning through design to moving coordination.

Efficiency, creativity, functionality, intelligence, resourcefulness and simplicity are the principles which guide the organization and its design philosophy. Clients are their best testimony.

Id+s design has won the Shaw Contract Group “Design is …” award in 2010 for the law firm of Heenan Blaikie in Toronto and in 2011 for the offices of Astral Media in Montreal.

Official name of project: THQ Studio
Location: 250 rue St-Antoine Ouest, Montréal
Designers: id+s Design Solutions Inc.
Project leader: Susie Silveri
Design team Stefania Pasto, Pascale Fouchard
Architect: Réal Paul
Engineers: Bouthillette Parizeau
Surface area: 57 000 sq. ft
Project ending date: 2011
Photographer: Claude-Simon Langlois

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