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Press kit - Press release - Live Art-Multimedia-Interaction - La Fondation BBCM

Live Art-Multimedia-Interaction

Montreal, Canada

La Fondation BBCM

Dates: October 12th to October 14th
Venue: ARSENAL, 2020 William Street, Montreal

Montreal, Canada, 2013-09-22 - The BBCM Foundation presents, for the first time at Arsenal, a large art exhibition called "LIVE ART-MULTIMEDIA-INTERACTION." For this interactive event, we invited more than thirty painters, sculptors and multimedia artists to create works on site during the weekend of Black & Blue Festival. This new official key activity will be presented in a spectacular environment where DJs and "live" musicians will also perform, amongst others, Edward aka X-X, Steve Stevens and Benny K.

A silent auction will enable participants to acquire the artworks produced during the event. The BBCM Foundation is proud to host "LIVE" as part of its fundraising to support people living with HIV / AIDS, as well as gay and lesbian community groups, where the needs are still urgent.

Come out and visit the exhibition, watch performance artists, enjoy the atmosphere created by all this creativity and interaction, and especially focus on the various works included in the auction!

Admission is free Saturday, October 12 from 6 pm to 10 pm and Sunday, October 13 from 1 pm to 6 pm. Those who participate in paying activities at the Arsenal (WAREHOUSE PARTY Saturday, Sunday WARM-UP AND MAIN EVENT) will also be able to access the LIVE show and bid on the many artworks.

BBCM Foundation history

In 1991, a group of friends decided that they wanted to create a party, a big party, and invite all their friends and associates to join them. The reason to celebrate, but also to give the proceeds to a good cause.

That year, 800 people attended the party, an event they called the "Black & Blue". The party is now a full-fledged festival of social, cultural, sports and party events that lasts for 7 days. In 2002, more than 80,000 people from all over Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Australia, South America and New Zealand attended the events.

The initial group of friends has grown and evolved to what is now a registered non-profit foundation. A very proud foundation that has been able to create an internationally renowned project, nurture its growth to what is now the largest event of its type in the world. A foundation that has been able to attract tourists from all over the world to come to Montreal in the most effective way. A foundation that is a community leader in donating $1,400,000 so far. A foundation that, as a result of its annual events, has been able to generate more than $450 million in tourism spin-offs for the Montreal economy. A foundation that has received accolades and rave reviews for its creativity, ingenuity and uniqueness, from media and entertainment industry representatives around the world. A fo undation that has big events, big ideas, a big future, but most importantly, a big heart.

Web site: www.bbcm.org
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LiveBBCM
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events

Dates: October 12th to October 14th
Venue: ARSENAL, 2020 William Street, Montreal

Artists: Ashley L Wiermaa, Barbara Tolloczko, Bruce Stanfield, Cesarr S.T., Charles Richard (Charlo), Claude Lépine, Daniel-Claude Gendron, Danielle Halford, Detlef "Dego" Gotzens, Diana Polizeno, Ela Brunel Hawes, Emmanuel Bernardoux ,Emmanuel Laflamme, Fabienne Rhein, Jesse Morris, IAMBATMAN, Julie Paré, Kevin Pinvidic, Lateef Martin, Marie Kavadias, Mette Agerbo, Michelle Thibault, Nicole Fournier, Nucy "Noémi Takacs", Rosalie Levi, Roula Chreim, X aka Edward-X (Weatherly), Yan D. Soloh, Yanick Bertrand, JB Groves, En Masse Project, Véronique Poirier, Miss Wüna

President: Robert J. Vézina
Artistic Director: Penny Lebrun
Curator: Edward Weatherly
Coordination: Touria Zahi

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