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Press kit - Press release - WantedDesign participates in the inaugural "Outside the box" initiative with the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (To Do) - WantedDesign

Press Kit | no. 1602-01

Press release only in English

WantedDesign participates in the inaugural "Outside the box" initiative with the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (To Do)

Toronto, Canada


New York, United States, 2015-01-19 - 

The fifth edition of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO), Canada’s largest independent weeklong design festival, will be taking place January 19th - 25th, 2015 in Toronto, in conjunction with the Interior Design Show (IDS). This year, as a partner of the festival, WantedDesign is delighted to be the U.S. correspondent for a brand new TO DO initiative called “Outside the Box.”


Collaborating with local correspondents acting as curators for five U.S. cities, WantedDesign co-founders, Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, bring a series of American “design boxes” with specific creative vision from New York (partnering with WorkOf co-founders, Charlie Miner and John Neamonitis), Seattle (by Darin Montgomery), Detroit (by Matthew Clayson), Los Angeles (by Jaime Derringer and Eric Trine), and Chicago (by Steven Haulenbeek), through an unexpected selection of objects that fit in five unique boxes. 


The proposed theme, “Breaking the Ice” — interpreted by each curator in a literal sense with specific typology of products or materials, or figurative way with objects that either show or express the ideas of initiating social interaction, facilitating conversations, and making people more comfortable — unites the five boxes that will be exhibited at the Design Within Reach Toronto studio, 435 King Street West (at Spadina Avenue), Toronto, ON M5V 1K4, Phone: 416.977.4003.

Friday, January 23


PRESS/VIP EVENT, 10am-6pm: members of the press are invited to experience the “Outside the Box” presentation with the WantedDesign co-founders and TBD city correspondents. 


PUBLIC TALK, 6:30pm-9pm: The design loving public is invited to join us for a discussion with city correspondents. Powered by PechaKucha 20x20 and supported by PechaKucha Toronto, the five guest speakers will share insights on the design climate of their cities – Matthew Clayson, director of the Detroit Creative Corridor Center, Darin Montgomery, founder of Urbancase (Seattle), EricTrine, designer (Los Angeles), Charlie Miner, co-founder of WorkOf (New York), and designer Huy Bui. Each speaker will present 20 slides that are each shown for 20 seconds.


More about the five U.S. boxes for “Outside the Box”:


New York Outside the Box – curators: WantedDesign co-founders, Claire Pijoulat & Odile Hainaut, in partnership with WorkOf


In collaboration with Charlie Miner and John Neamonitis, co-founders of WorkOf, a marketplace for original furniture, lighting, and decor from independent, local makers, WantedDesign brings together original products from the New York design scene, reflecting what the city is all about: intense, creative and diverse. Everything is possible and anything can happen. Opportunities are endless, and everyday, new ideas and thoughts make this city a better place to live and learn.


Through a series of stack-able and intersecting volumes designed by Brooklyn based architect and Plant in City co-founder Hui Buy, the New York installation presents a selection of objects, sharply designed and meticulously made in New York. The New York Outside the Box features a few of the “hottest” up and coming designers based in the city that never sleeps including Calico, Bower, Fort Standard, Avandi, Chen and Kai and Fort Makers.


“We are enthusiastic about reinforcing our partnership with TO DO by being actively involved with the Toronto programming for 2015 and especially this new initiative,” said Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, WantedDesign co-founders.  “This gives us the opportunity to pursue our passion of promoting and supporting American design outside of the U.S.  We feel this is a great first step to cross promoting designs from our countries and know there are definitely more opportunities to develop and reinforce these collaborations.”


Chicago Outside the Box – curator Steven Haulenbeek

For 6 months per year, Chicago’s palette is grey and blue with lots of white. It is cold. Those designers that have not yet succumbed to the frigid temperatures and permanently escape to warmer climates use this time to their advantage. They barricade themselves indoors and find warmth within their studios. Because there is nothing like sub-zero temperatures, gale-force winds, and waist-deep snow to help keep one’s nose to the grindstone.


As Chicago prepares for another reportedly brutal winter, a selection of designers take refuge in their studios and “Break the Ice” with a collection of objects that find warmth in color, material and concept. Some of the work explores ideas of communication and conversation while others find warmth in the nature and tonal qualities of the materials themselves. Some even create objects by literally breaking ice.


Chicago presents the work of some of its brightest designers: Christopher Gentner, Felicia Ferrone, Leah Ball, Michael Dreeben, Ayush Kasliwal, Sung Jang, Yuna Baek, Chilab and Steven Haulenbeek.


Steven Haulenbeek is a Chicago based industrial designer and artist working in the fields of furniture, lighting, accessories, and objects for the home. In 2007 he founded his design practice, Steven Haulenbeek Design Concepts Inc. with the interest in experimental, material, and process based design work. His work has been exhibited and published internationally.


Detroit Outside the Box – Curator Matthew Clayson

The “Detroit Made” box explores the theme “Breaking the Ice” with a focus on metallics and metalwork. As a preview to the design culture in Detroit, this exhibit will showcase Detroit’s diverse legacy of making and showcasing designers of metal and metallic products doing business in Detroit today.


Historically, Detroit boasts a rich legacy of casting, rolling, and smelting metal ore into hundreds of different parts and components, from industrially fabricated products like stovetops and automotive parts. Metal also served as a source of inspiration for the local craft community, including Mary Chase Perry (Stratton), who experimented with copper glazes to develop Pewabic Pottery’s signature iridescent glaze in the early 20th century.


Deeply rooted in Detroit’s legacy, manufacturing and craft have continued to play a big role in Detroit’s revival as a center for design and innovation. From artisan makers like Pewabic, C.A.N. Art Handworks, Richard Bennett, and Smith Shop, to manufacturers like Detroit Bikes, Shinola, and The Floyd Leg, these modern day makers represent the diverse range of products that are preserving Detroit’s heritage of design and manufacturing.


Matt Clayson is Director of the Detroit Creative Corridor Center.  In this capacity, Matt works with numerous stakeholders, practitioners and community leaders to develop a series of strategies targeted towards growing Detroit’s creative economy.


Los Angeles Outside the Box – curators Jaime Derringer & Eric Trine

L.A. is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the nation, and the L.A. design community has embraced and internalized this city of industry, this spirit of making. Whether utilizing the local manufacturing industry as support or becoming its own “indie industry”, design studios in L.A. employ a craft-based approach that is influenced both by its rich and diverse culture as well as its unique climate and location. The L.A. design scene breeds design that is both rich in shape and color and yet equally full of natural texture and earthy roots. Often with function leading the way, L.A. design expresses itself without pretension with the utmost respect for the environment.


Jaime Derringer is founder and editor of modern design blog Design Milk, which has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Time Out New York, San Francisco Chronicle, Singapore Home & Decor magazine, and Real Simple magazine. Design Milk was one of the Google Engineers’ Staff Picks and is a Twitter influencer in Art & Design. In addition, Jaime has been noted as an expert on design trends, speaks on design, blogging and social media, and does some consulting.


Eric Trine is a craft-based studio designer from Long Beach, CA. His process combines a tactile hands-on approach to making, with a resourceful approach to the vast manufacturing capability of greater LA area. Which means he spends about the same time making as he does driving. His products fall in line with a traditional California approach to modernism – simple, casual, and playful.


Seattle Outside the Box – curator: Darin Montgomery

It may be the gray skies or the geographic location, but Seattle residents have become known for their chilly and somewhat anti-social disposition. However, given a nudge in the right direction they can be warm and friendly. In the spirit of “Breaking the Ice”, we’ve assembled a collection of objects from the Seattle design community that encourage social interaction in the form of having a meal or drink with others.


The selected products represent a range of the aesthetic styles and variety of materials utilized by design studios in Seattle. A machined solid brass bottle opener from Iacoli & McAllister is a nod to Seattle’s industrial and manufacturing history while Grain’s terra cotta bowl draws influence from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Other studios participating include, Ladies & Gentlemen, fruitsuper, urbancase, Graypants, Sarah Loertscher, Brian Beck Studios, and John Hogan.


Darin Montgomery is the founder and lead designer of urbancase as well as a founding partner of Standard Socket. Based in Seattle, WA, Darin is a self taught designer with a background in sculpture. He is an inaugural member of JOIN Design group and an associate member of AMDC.


About Outside the Box:

A first year initiative from TO DO, “Outside the Box” will exhibit design from across Canada and the U.S. by partnering with design correspondents in selected cities. Shipped across the country in Bankers boxes, TO DO will present distinct national showcases in Toronto: Montreal (curator, It’s them again), Calgary (curator,, Vancouver (curator, Dear Human) and the U.S. (curator, WantedDesign).

Participating Cities:

Calgary Outside the BoxChicago Outside the Box

Detroit Outside the BoxLos Angeles Outside the Box

Montreal Outside the Box: Flat Pack

New York Outside the Box

Seattle Outside the Box

Vancouver Outside the Box


Funding provided by the Government of Ontario.


About The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO):

TO DO is an annual citywide platform for the exhibition and engagement of independent design in Toronto, showcasing unexpected prototypes, immersive installations, and unique programming, January 19-25, 2015. The festival celebrates the unique diversity of Canada’s energetic design scene. TO DO provides exposure for the country’s most promising designers and introduces the public to the practice of design with events featuring great thinkers, practitioners and educators. The not-for-profit festival attracts the international community to Toronto for one design-filled week of discovery every January.


About WantedDesign:

With its marquee events during NYCxDESIGN, WantedDesign is a platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the international creative community at large throughout the year. Founded in New York City in 2011 by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, WantedDesign has established itself as a popular and inspiring meeting point for designers, manufacturers, buyers, artisans, students, design institutions, the media, and design lovers from around the world. Building on the momentum of years past, the 2014 edition during NYCxDESIGN attracted more than 11,000 visitors. In addition to highlighting U.S. based manufacturers, designers, and design institutions, WantedDesign collaborates with major names from Europe and has introduced designers from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Australia (to name a few), to the North American market. WantedDesign began as a design forum with the goal of reinforcing the existing creative community and helping establish New York as an attractive design destination. The vision of WantedDesign has evolved over the years and it has become an international and transdisciplinary design platform that focuses on fostering dialogues and establishing relationships and new collaborations throughout the year and across the globe.


 In May 2015, WantedDesign will return to the Terminal Stores in Chelsea to celebrate its fifth edition from May 15 until May 18. Also in May 2015, WantedDesign extends its vision by organizing a multidisciplinary design destination at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn (WantedDesign/Brooklyn, May 9th-19th), bridging art and design, involving design schools and bringing together the NYC creative and design community, to create an inspiring Brooklyn hub for the NYCxDESIGN 10 day celebration. 



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Press kit | 1602-01 - Press release | WantedDesign participates in the inaugural "Outside the box" initiative with the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (To Do) - WantedDesign - Event + Exhibition - Chicago Bean - Photo credit: Steven Haulenbeek
Chicago Bean
Photo credit: Steven Haulenbeek

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