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Press kit - Press release - From the Origins of Life to the Future of Cities: 11 New Speakers - C2 Montréal

From the Origins of Life to the Future of Cities: 11 New Speakers

Montréal, Canada

C2 Montréal

Montréal, Canada, 2017-03-21 -

C2 Montréal will be presenting its 6th edition on May 24 to 26, 2017, at Arsenal art gallery in Montréal. 11 new speakers will be exploring the ecosystems of talententertainmentmarketingcities and moonshots at the event. At C2 Montréal 2017, marvel alongside an astronomer who’s exploring the origins of life at NASA; get into the head of the woman who’s positioning GE at the vanguard of the digital industrial revolution; discover the doctor who’s reshaping real-life medicine with life-changing simulations; and let creators, inventors, researchers and authors regale you with their visions of a future brimming with possibility.


Linda Boff

Chief Marketing Officer, GE

This self-described digital explorer is helping to position GE as the 125-year-old startup that’s spearheading the digital industrial revolution.


Michelle Thaller

Deputy Director for Science Communication, NASA Headquarters

An omni-curious astronomer, Michelle observes the stars to better understand life on Earth. Her research universe encompasses everything from climate change to the evolution of stars.


Nicola Farinetti

CEO Eataly, USA

Passionate about gastronomy and culture, Nicola is creating a unique culinary experience that blurs the distinctions between restaurant and retail, and where guests share more than a meal.


Ben Boyd

President of Practices and Sectors & CEO for Canada and Latin America, Edelman

As an advocate for ethics in institutions, Ben gauges public confidence in government, brands and the media so that they remain drivers of positive innovation.


Monika Bielskyte

Creative Strategist & Founder, ALLFUTUREEVERYTHING

A futurist with an artist’s eye and an inventor’s vision, Monika combines science and imagination to prototype VR models of cities in the future.


Laura Henderson

SVP of Marketing, BuzzFeed

An international marketing prodigy, Laura leads brands to produce captivating content that’s of value to both consumer and provider.


Tim Kring

Screenwriter and Television Producer

The award-winning screenwriter behind Heroes and many other successful series, Tim uses gamification, multiplatform narratives and interconnectivity to take storytelling to a whole other experiential level.


Farah Ramzan Golant

CEO, Girl Effect

Former CEO of the UK’s biggest independent TV company and ad agency, Farah puts her experience to full use creating brands that empower girls living in poverty to gain better access to services and life opportunities.


The Honourable Mélanie Joly

Minister of Canadian Heritage

A lawyer and engaged citizen, Mélanie understands that the future is digital. Her objective: help the government offer digital services that correspond to the interests and expectations of citizens and businesses.


Dr Rajesh Aggarwal

Director, Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning at McGill University

A professor of surgery and a visionary, Rajesh is reinventing the way health care is provided by rethinking the technical, human and institutional aspects of medical practice using state-of-the-art simulations.


Chris Burch

CEO, Burch Creative Capital

Always attentive to the customer and well-attuned to consumer trends, Chris invests in those who know how to turn good ideas into great success.


About C2 Montréal  
C2 brings together commerce and creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon. Each year, in a collaborative environment specifically designed to provoke collisions and spark new ideas, C2 Montréal inspires 5,000 executives across continents and industries to challenge their biases, shift their perspective and explore completely new ways of doing business. Imagined by Sid Lee in collaboration with founding partner Cirque du Soleil, these three days of talks, workshops, extreme brainstorming sessions, meet ups, performances and festivities have been described as “challenging conventions” by The Economist, and “a business conference unlike any other” by Harvard Business Review. 

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The Lineup - Part 3
Photo credit: C2 Montréal