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Press kit - Press release - Omvivo presents Thomas Coward - Omvivo

Omvivo presents Thomas Coward

Melbourne, Australia


Omvivo - A leader in innovative bathroom products

Melbourne, Australia, 2012-06-14 - Omvivo has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing luxury bathroom products since the early 90’s. A division of top 200 private Australian company Schiavello, Omvivo strive to be at the forefront of the Australian and International bathroom design markets.

Each Omvivo piece is created using superior materials such as natural stone, solid surface and glass, and the latest manufacturing technologies. The result of this combination is a bathroom collection of the finest quality, designed for everyday use and produced for longevity, with a genuine consideration and appreciation for the environment.

The collection includes an extensive range of basins, bathroom furniture, baths and accessories as well as the celebrated Washplane®. Much of the collection is proudly manufactured in Australia.
The Omvivo collection is available internationally with showrooms across the globe representing the Omvivo brand.

By Thomas Coward

A Fusion of Nature and Function

Dune, the latest product from Omvivo, is inspired by the omnipresent ever-changing undulations of sand dunes. This pure sculptured form is a direct reaction against the rigid structure of typical sanitary ware available today.
Dunes imitation of the landscape brings a natural element into the bathroom environment which is both elegant and unique. While visually a work of art, Dune also has a discreet yet functional bowl and a practical side ledge.

Made in Australia using Corian®, Dune has a polished finish creating reflection and enhancement of the form. Dune is available with a left or right hand bowl and provides a unique point of difference with uncompromising quality ideal for both residential and commercial environments.

"Dune challenges the perception of what a functional basin can be, enhancing user experiences rather than confronting and changing them. The fluid form is dynamic, current and adaptable to various environments, both commercial and residential. My aim is to design beautiful, sensitive products that consider progress and manufacturing possibilities. By fusing the traditional artisan approach of production with modern methodologies we have created a unique, premium experience that offers true quality." Thomas Coward - Designer

Dune basin materials: Corian® Glacier white and Night Sky. Corian® is an extremely durable acrylic based solid surface which can even be repaired if damaged, making it ideal for both commercial and residential areas.

Manufacture: The Dune wall basin is made in Australia.

By Thomas Coward

The luxurious and sculptural new bathroom collection from Omvivo

Latis, the latest bathroom creation from Omvivo, is inspired by the fundamentals of tradition and quality. Uncomplicated, elegant forms combine with superior materials such as natural stone to create a luxurious contemporary range with eternal appeal.

The intention was to create a complete suite of luxury pieces that combine beautiful yet simple aesthetics with flexible design, suitable for a varied range of bathroom environments. The result is Latis, an opulent and sculptural range of bathroom products that will compliment both modern and traditional spaces.

Named after the Celtic Goddess of Water, the Latis range includes basins, the trestle vanity and a remarkable bath. The basins are available in round and rectangular designs with soft curves, in a variety of finishes. The deep bath features an optional timber end with practical open shelves. The bath and trestle vanity both have clean angled lines that contrast and compliment the sculptural form of the basins.

"The Latis forms borrow from the crafts… from spinning clay on a wheel to the traditional nature of the trestle. The material relationships create a sentiment of history whilst maintaining a contemporary sensitivity"
Thomas Coward

Latis basin materials: Natural stone and Italian made solid surface in white.

Latis trestle table materials: American Oak with matching timber, natural stone and solid surface shelf options.

Latis bath materials: Solid surface and the optional storage end is created from American Oak.

Manufacture: A combination of products made in Australia and Italy.

By Thomas Coward.
Omvivo launches Motif, a subtle way to introduce pattern into your bathroom with striking hand-etched designs

Born from experiments with material, pattern and light, Motif is created from a combination of solid surface and glass. The materials fuse with the distinct deep etching by a glass artisan, elevating the product to a hand crafted, functional art piece.

Made in Australia, each Motif basin begins with the piece of beautiful hand-etched glass. The glass is formed in a kiln creating fall to the waste, then fitted with the solid surface surround. Supplied with a polished chrome pop up plug and matching spacer, the basin floats above the bench top accentuating the pattern and creating stunning reflections on the vanity.

Each of the three patterns are aesthetically significant, giving scope for adaptability. Motif can initiate the approach to a bathroom design or enhance the style of an existing bathroom.

Motif is inspired by the idea of polyculturism – an assertion that all the worlds’ cultures are interrelated – and how multiple symbols can transform the significance and appearance of a product.

Motif Materials and Finishes: Solid surface and hand etched glass, available in three patterns, Pebble, Forest and Kaleidoscope.

Motif furniture materials: Finished timber with internal storage with Solid Surface shelf

Designer: Thomas Coward

by Thomas Coward

Mono, created by renowned Australian bathroom designer and manufacturer Omvivo, is a contemporary interpretation of a classic profile. The clean lines and elegant shallow vessel show a restrained aesthetic that still retains a powerful presence, ideal for the modern bathroom.

The Mono basin can be partnered with the chic cylindrical pedestal or installed on bathroom furniture. Offering a luxurious alternative to the standard ceramic basin, the Mono is perfect for small powder rooms or larger more opulent bathrooms.

The Mono range will bring a luxurious element to any residential bathroom or commercial project including restaurants, cafes, hotels or office amenities.

Collection: Mono basin and matching Mono pedestal.

Mono basin materials: A range of natural stones and white Satine. Natural stone gives any environment a truly luxurious feel, with every piece being unique. Satine is a matt white marble and acrylic composite material that is extremely durable and can even be repaired if damaged, making it ideal for both commercial and residential areas.

Mono pedestal materials: A range of timber veneers and white Satine. The timber veneers selected by Omvivo are environmentally friendly and have been chosen for their striking texture and depth of colour.

Manufacture: The Mono vessel in natural stone and the Mono pedestal in veneer are manufactured in Australia, while the Mono vessel and pedestal in Satine are made in Italy to Omvivo’s strict manufacturing requirements.

Thomas Coward (1978)

Originally from the UK, Coward is currently based in Melbourne and is an internationally awarded designer who has become highly regarded in his field.
He is being recognised for his considered aesthetic and approach.

An instinctive designer, his work is informed by the premise that the design process is not solely about solving physical problems. It is about exploring the ongoing relationships between products and people, and eliciting an emotional response. This can create unique outcomes, with often hidden qualities that reveal themselves over time.

As well as designing for production, Coward has designed products for exclusive private residences in the Europe,USA, Middle East, Canada, Gold Class Village Cinemas in Asia, and for large commercial projects such as The Science and Technology Park in Qatar.

He has been commissioned by Royalty, and his products are being sought after all over the world.

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Press kit | 1004-01 - Press release | Omvivo presents Thomas Coward - Omvivo - Industrial Design - DUNE<br> - Photo credit:          Omvivo
Photo credit: Omvivo
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Press kit | 1004-01 - Press release | Omvivo presents Thomas Coward - Omvivo - Industrial Design - LATIS - Photo credit:          Omvivo
Photo credit: Omvivo
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Press kit | 1004-01 - Press release | Omvivo presents Thomas Coward - Omvivo - Industrial Design - LATIS - Photo credit:          Omvivo
Photo credit: Omvivo
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Press kit | 1004-01 - Press release | Omvivo presents Thomas Coward - Omvivo - Industrial Design - LATIS - Photo credit:          Omvivo
Photo credit: Omvivo
Low-resolution image
Press kit | 1004-01 - Press release | Omvivo presents Thomas Coward - Omvivo - Industrial Design - LATIS - Photo credit:          Omvivo
Photo credit: Omvivo
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